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Visits to the Interior


Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein toured the interior of Uruguay to meet representatives from various organizations, find out what issues are important to them and see how the U.S. Embassy can help.


March 26, 2004

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On March 25, US Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein visited the department of Florida. The purpose of this new visit to the interior was for the Ambassador and his wife to meet with representatives from various organizations in the province, to find out what issues were important to them and to see how the US Embassy could be of assistance.

Ambassador Silverstein's schedule included meetings with the Mayor of Florida, the Chief of Police, the Bishop of Florida and a local industry, Curtiembre “El Aguila” (leather factory).

Ambassador Silverstein began the morning with a visit to the Intendente Municipal of Florida, Andrés Arocena. In the City Hall, Ambassador Silverstein and Mayor Arocena discussed different issues related to the economic situation of the province, investments and the importance of agriculture, dairy production, honey and forestry in this area of the country.

Also discussed was a donation of four large earth-moving vehicles to the Intendencia de Florida from US Southern Command. the machines are expected to arrive in Uruguay in a few months.

After a private meeting, Ambassador Silverstein and Mayor Arocena moved to the Salon de Honor where the Mayor introduced his staff and other local authorities. Ambassador Silverstein briefly underscored his satisfaction with being in Florida and his interest in learning more about this province.

Following the meeting, Ambassador Silverstein participated in a press conference with local media representatives. Topics such as US investments in Florida and the donation of vehicles to Haiti were on the table.

The agenda included also a meeting with the Bishop of Florida, Monsignor Roberto Scarrone, who provided a fascinating history of the cathedral of Florida. They also discussed the Catholic Church's efforts to assist the people of Florida.

The morning activities continued with a visit to Florida Police Headquarters, where Ambassador Silverstein met with the Assistant Chief of Police, Inspector Sergio Guarteche. The Ambassador concluded this part of his agenda with a short tour of downtown Florida, including a crafts school.

The morning activities came to a close with a visit to Curtiembre El Aguila, a leather factory currently exporting to the US. The Ambassador visited the plant and observed the production process.

After a lunch hosted by Mayor Arocena in his own winery, Ambassador Silverstein visited the area of “Piedra Alta,” where Uruguayan Independence was declared on Aug. 25, 1825.

Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein visits the Curtiembre El Aguila leather factory with one of the owners, Ricardo Wallenstein (right). Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein view leather samples at the factory.
Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein in Piedra Alta, the site of Uruguay's declaration of independence in 1825. Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein meet Bishop of Florida, Monsignor Roberto Scarrone at the cathedral in Florida.
Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein speak with Assistant Chief of Police Inspector Sergio Guarteche (far right), with Florida Mayor Arocena.

Dancers from the Piedra Alta school.


Ambassador Silverstein and Mayor Arocena during the press conference. Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein with the directors of the New Alianza of Florida at Salon de Honor in Florida City Hall.


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