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New BNC Classrooms Sponsored By U.S. Businesses

The mission of the ALIANZA Binational Center (BNC) is to encourage the relationship between the people of Uruguay and the United States of America. In 2002, the ALIANZA inaugurated five new classrooms. Each classroom is sponsored by an American company and reflects the industry and service of that company. The five companies are: Herman-Miller, Sheraton Hotel, TGI Fridays, Coca-Cola, and United Airlines. Each room looks JUST like their business and provides an exciting atmosphere for the students to practice real life situations using English. This innovative idea will definitely enhance the learning experience for the students. Please take a look at each room to get a sense of this outstanding idea! Thank you to the American companies for supporting this effort!

United Airlines United Airlines
TGI Fridays Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Sheraton Hotel
Sheraton Hotel Herman-Miller

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