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Ambassador Silverstein joins Rotary Club of Montevideo in inauguration of FDR statue

U.S. Embassy, Rotary Club commission new bust of the 32nd US president on Avenida de las Americas

April 13, 2004


Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein and Hector Rubio Sica, president of the Rotary Club of Montevideo, laid flowers at the base of a monument and unveiled a new bust of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Monday (April 12).

The statue of Roosevelt, the 32nd U.S. president, had been destroyed with dynamite by terrorists in 1979. The bust of the late president was replaced by the Rotary Club in 1997, only to be stolen in 2002. This latest work, by Uruguayan sculptor Velarde Gil Perez, was funded through a donation from the Roosevelt Foundation of New York, with the support of the Rotary Club and U.S. Embassy, Montevideo.

In a ceremony in Roosevelt Park, attended by the Ambassador, U.S. Embassy representatives, Rotary Club members and the media, the new bust was revealed. Monday was the 59th anniversary of President Roosevelt’s death.

Speaking before the small crowd, Rubio Sica said the Rotary Club’s work in this project, “demonstrates that there is no specific reason for men to hate each other; that because of differences in cultures and races or for different reasons or bad interpretations, we have not reached a liberal understanding. We should find the precise formula to work successfully for universal peace. If we succeed in accomplishing this, the highest Rotarian aspirations will come true.”

After the ceremony, Ambassador Silverstein spoke to the media.

“It’s important to recognize the positive activities of the Rotary and the excellent job they do in making certain we know about history and also the present day in recognizing the needs of those less fortunate than us in the world, especially children,” he said.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a great president, a war time president,” the Ambassador added. “Today marks the anniversary of his death so it’s a fitting day to recognize him.”

Ambassador Silverstein's Remarks

Rotary Club President Hector Rubio Sica greets Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein. Rubio Sica and Ambassador Silverstein unveil the new bust of FDR.
Rubio Sica speaks to small crowd as Ambassador Silverstein look on. Rotary Club members and Ambassador Silverstein pose in front of new FDR bust.
Flowers decorate the newly unveiled FDR monument. "April 12, 2004: Reinstallation of the bust by the Rotary Club of Montevideo."


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