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U.S. Embassy speaker gives basic computer lesson

Pete Adame of the Office of Homeland Security, visits sixth graders at Martin Luther King School

May 11, 2004

Pete Adame of the Office of Homeland Security of the U.S. Embassy, Montevideo, spoke on using the Internet to sixth graders Tuesday (May 11) at the Martin Luther King Elementary School.

Adame shared ideas with the students about using the Internet for research and communication and explained that many of the pages on the Internet can be found in many languages, including Spanish.

In November 2003, the Martin Luther King School received eight computers donated by Citibank. Representatives from the U.S. Embassy, along with sailors from the visiting ship, the USS Bradley, built a computer lab at the school.

Pete Adame speaks to children at the Martin Luther King School. Jose Luis Gallego of the information center of the U.S. Embassy helps children work the computers.
Sixth graders work in the computer lab. Adame demonstrates computers to students.



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