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New Computers for the Alianzas in the Interior

U.S. Embassy officials deliver modern technology to centers chosen to receive donations

May 18 , 2004


Many of Uruguay’s bi-national centers that make up the network of Cultural Alliance Centers in the interior of the country recently received new computers.

This initiative of Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein will allow several of the bi-national centers to utilize modern technology to teach English.

Public Affairs Officer Brian Penn and Press Section Chief Rubek Orlando traveled to the northern part of the country to personally deliver the new computers to three of the centers that had been selected.

The Embassy representatives visited Alianzas in the cities of Salto, Paysandú and Bella Unión, where they were welcomed by directors, students and alumni of these institutions as well as local authorities and the media.

The first stop was the Alianza in Salto, a city located 500 km from Montevideo. In addition to the presentation of the computer, several new classrooms, built in response to the significant growth of the institution in recent months, were inaugurated. Ana Bareto, the center's director, thanked the Embassy representatives and reiterated the importance of the diplomatic institution’s continuous support.

The scene was repeated in the city of Bella Unión, located near the borders of Argentina and Brazil. Director Marisa Pesce and the students received the computer enthusiastically. Representatives of the local press covered the event.

Finally, in the city of Paysandú, Teresa Mendiburu, director of the Alianza, emphasized her appreciation for the continuing support from the Embassy, saying it is especially important for an institution that opened its doors just this year.

In each of the centers, Embassy representatives chatted with students eager to demonstrate their advanced level of English. At the same time, they promoted the drawing and essay contest on “Common Values” that the Embassy is organizing and sponsoring as part of its celebration of the 228th anniversary of American independence this Fourth of July. The contest has attracted the attention of the press and the students of the public institutions in each city.

Taking advantage of the stop in Paysandú, the agenda also included a visit to the School of Tiempo Completo, whose director had traveled several months ago to the United States as part of an exchange program. The visit presented a perfect opportunity for students to ask questions about the United States and to confirm enthusiastically that they were hard at work on their drawings and essays on “Common Values.”

Students in Salto wait for representatives from the U.S. Embassy. Students look at the new computer at Alianza in Bella Union.
Public Affairs Officer Brian Penn speaks with students at Alianza in Salto. PAO Penn presents a new computer to the students at the Alianza in Paysandu.


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