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U.S. Southern Command invites five officers of Uruguayan Coast Guard to visit U.S. Coast Guard stations

Uruguayan officers observed training and procedures used in the U.S.

May 25, 2004

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Five Coast Guard officers (Prefecture) visited three U.S. Coast Guard Stations May 1 to 8, to observe the training and procedures used in conducting foreign and domestic vessel inspections; marine casualty investigations; port safety and security; homeland defense; water ways management and marine environmental protection.

During May 3 and 4 they went to the US Coast Guard Gulf Strike Team in Mobile, Alabama. There the five officers observed the procedures on how the U.S. Coast Guard detects hazardous material and oil spill containment. On 6 May, they visited the Marine Safety Office Hampton Roads in Norfolk Virginia where they were briefed on the boarding of domestic and foreign vessels in search of contraband and they visited a Vessel Traffic Station. The Vessel Traffic Station tracks all vessels that enter and exit the harbor.

The Uruguayan officers went to US Coast Guard Training Center on May 7 and saw, first-hand, the training on
how to enter, search, and exit foreign and domestic vessels safely.

The trip was sponsored by U.S. Southern Command to share current information about hazardous material detection, oil spill containment/clean up, and law enforcement boarding of foreign and domestic vessels. The officers that attended were CDR Fernando Garcia, LCDR Jorge Urrutia, LT Marcelo Damasco, LT Nicolas Scarlatto, and LTJG Diego Vera.

Uruguayan Coast Guard officers work with U.S. Coast Guard officer. Petty Officer 1st Class Taylor from the Marine Safety Office in Virginia.

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