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U.S. expert speaks on "Business Intelligence"

Dr. Howard Spielman tells Uruguayan businessmen about cutting-edge technology and data.

May 25, 2004

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Dr. Howard Spielman Dr. Howard Spielman, a U.S. consultant, brought cutting-edge practices to Uruguay with his presentation on “business intelligence.”

Dr. Spielman, speaking at a working breakfast at the Hotel NH Columbia Tuesday (May 25), told a group of more than 60 businessmen and woman about the use of modern data and analysis to enhance their businesses.

Charting the use of data through history, Dr. Spielman used his personal collection of antique charts and graphs, some used by King George III of England in the 18th century. He explained that while data analysis has been around for more than 200 years, simple charts and graphs using three dimensions have progressed to modern data, which can encompass more than 15 dimensions in a single presentation.

“Technology lets us do all kinds of things today,” he said. “The question is, what will help us present the information in the best way to get a clear picture of reality.”

Using actual case studies, Spielman also showed examples of charts that skewed data and others using the same data to paint clearer pictures.

Spielman said it’s important for organizations to have trained technology experts who can gather, present and analyze data to be used effectively by decision makers in the companies.

As president of International Management Semiotics, Dr. Spielman works with companies in the areas of “business intelligence” and “business performance management” to optimize the impact of their technology in decision-making.

Dr. Spielman has a master’s degree from the University of Rochester and an MBA and doctorate from Boston College, where he pioneered his doctoral dissertation on “The Impact of Computer Graphics on Decision-Making.” He has lectured and consulted in the U.S, Europe, Japan and China.

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