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Marine Detachment Commander lectures on American football to teams from Uruguay, Argentina

Teams from US Embassy, Uruguay’s Xtreme Football and Flag Football league and two teams from Argentina played a tournament at the Uruguayan American School

May 27, 2004


The Marine Detachment Commander, Gunnery Sergeant Wesley Moran opened a four-team football tournament Saturday (May 22) with a brief lecture on the history of American football.

The teams, two from Argentina, the Mercenarios and the Pretorianos, one from Uruguay Xtreme Football and Flag Football league (UXFFF) and the US Patriots, employees of the U.S. Embassy, gather occasionly to share their appreciation of American football in a country where soccer overshadows all other sports.

Moran traced the development of the sport, from soccer to rugby to football. He gave a brief explanation of the rules of the game, highlighted several of the great players and explained the structure of the Super Bowl, the final tournament.

“Baseball is referred to as America’s pastime, but football is America’s passion,” he said.

To the amusement of the players, Moran pointed out that last year’s Super Bowl was won by the New England Patriots against the Carolina Panthers. Despite the precedent, the US Embassy Patriots placed last in the tournament, winning one game, losing one and tying the third.

A barbeque was held at the U.S. Marines' house Sunday (May 23), where the tournament winners, the Mercenarios, were presented a trophy.

Football players learn about the U.S. game.

Gny Sgt. Wesley Moran talks about U.S. football and the Super Bowl.

Football players in action.

Getting ready for the next play.

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