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U.S. Embassy speaker helps Alianza students find their creative side

Amateur artist Ruthe Fonfrias shares secrets of “seeing like an artist.”

May 28, 2004


Ruthe FonfriasCan you draw? Ruthe Fonfrias, an Office Management Specialist at the U.S. Embassy, asked a class at the Alianza this question and wasn’t surprised that most answered no.

But Fonfrias sought to convince the class that anyone can draw. Fonfrias, an amateur artist, spoke to about 30 students in an English class as part of the Embassy’s U.S. Speakers Program.

Pointing to the book, “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards, Fonfrias showed the group techniques that allow artist wannabes to see differently.

“A friend of mine got me started on it by having me draw a figure of Mickey Mouse upside down,” she said. A week later, she used this technique and drew an impressive still life.

Fonfrias compared the functions of the left side of the brain – analytical and logical – with the right side – creative and artistic.

“How do you shift from one side of the brain to the other? There is no formula, but there are exercises that help you make that transition to be able to see like an artist sees,” Fonfrias said.

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