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El Hogar de los Ancianos y Ninos Ecilda Paullier expresses thanks for donations from U.S.

The orphage recognizes Operation Mobilization and the U.S. Embassy for assistance in collection and clearance of household goods and medical supplies into Uruguay.

June 8, 2004


El Hogar de los Ancianos y Ninos Ecilda Paullier hosted a ceremony Thursday (June 1) to thank Operation Mobilization and the US Embassy in Montevideo for their assistance in providing a container of household goods, medical supplies, quilts and bicycles to El Hogar. Westgate Chappell in Seattle, Washington, collected and donated the goods. The Embassy assisted with the customs clearance process and provided tax-free entry of the products into Uruguay.

El Hogar was founded in 1966 and provides a home for 13 children and five senior citizens in neighboring facilities. El Hogar operates without government support and gives the children in its care a home for as long as they need, beyond age 18, if necessary. The senior citizens at the Hogar were homeless and now act as grandparents for the children. All were pleased with the beautiful handmade quilts donated; they're needed especially as winter approaches.

Community Liaison Office Coordinator Sarina Penn (second from right) with the Duecks and children residing in Hogar de los Ancianos y Ninos Ecilda Paullier. Media interviews Ernie Dueck, a spokesman for the Hogar and Sigfried Klassen of Operation Mobilization.

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