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Harlem Gospel Choir raise voices in song in Montevideo

The group ended their South American tour in Uruguay with a concert and a visit to schoolchildren.

June 4, 2004

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The Harlem Gospel Choir ended their tour of South America with a concert in Uruguay Thursday night (June 3), where they had the audience up on their feet, clapping and singing.

The choir performed traditional gospel music as well as putting their own style to a medley of songs by the Beatles.

On Friday (June 4), four of the singers visited the Martin Luther King School in Montevideo, where they performed a few songs and spoke about their music careers to children.

The concert and school program were sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, Montevideo.


The Harlem Gospel Choir performs at Cine Teatro. A choir member invites audience to sing along.
Choir members take turns leading the group. Ambassador Martin J. and Audrey Silverstein pose with the choir backstage.
Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein chat with choir member. Choir members visit Martin Luther King School.
Singers perform for the students. Assistant Public Affairs Officer Melissa Martinez (left) poses with choir members and MLK School Director Carmen Lopez (center). Ms. Lopez holds a book on MLK donated by the U.S. Embassy.



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