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July 9, 2004




During calendar year 2003, the United States Embassy, working with the U.S. public and private sectors, provided assistance in money, goods and services to Uruguay valued at over $US12.3 million. The United States government supplied more than $US6 million of this amount, while American corporations, NGOs, and religious groups donated the balance. The majority of this assistance benefited the public health sector, which was hurt by Uruguay’s long-term recession. Medical supplies and services, including prescription drugs and vaccines, made up nearly $US8 million in donations.

Following the Uruguayan financial crisis in 2002, the U.S. Embassy looked for ways to assist the Uruguayan people in their time of need. These efforts continued into 2003 and beyond. Under the Ambassador's leadership, embassy officials solicited help from U.S. government agencies, the private and non-governmental sectors. The response was overwhelming. The United States military searched for excess property that could be donated, finding hospital beds and medical supplies, including a fully equipped ambulance, and quickly sent these items to Uruguay. The military also provided transport for school supplies, medicines and vaccines donated by American businesses and NGOs.

Funds donated by the U.S. government under a debt relief agreement with the government of Uruguay allowed twenty-one Uruguayan NGOs access to $US650,000 for valuable environmental and social service programs. These social service programs benefited Uruguay’s most vulnerable population, its children. The United States Congress, through its funding of the Inter-American Foundation allocated more than $US620,000 to local NGO programs encouraging the development of small businesses, assisting the Afro-Uruguayan community and supporting a Uruguayan based foundation that will fund other local NGOs.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources, National Institute of Health funded over $US400,000 in medical research projects in Uruguay, giving opportunities to highly trained Uruguayan scientists. The Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section provided more than $US300,000 for cultural programs, language training, books and visits by Uruguayans to the United States.

These efforts to solicit assistance for Uruguay continue in 2004.


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