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National Training Workshop on Globe Program

August 4, 2004


A National Training Workshop on the Globe Program will take place August 4-6 at School No. 89 “Alfredo Nobel” in Canelones. The workshop is part of the implementation of the Globe Program in Uruguay, which started in 1995 as a result of an agreement between Uruguay and the United States. Fourteen new schools will join the 12 schools, which have already implemented the Program as part of a project carried out by Fundación Ciudad de Montevideo under the auspices of the Fund for the Americas.

The opening ceremony of the workshop was held on August 4 at 9:00 pm. at the Colonia de Vacaciones of the National Council of Primary Education. US Embassy officials as well as representatives from the Minister of Housing, Land Use, Planning and Environment, National Council of Primary Education, ANTEL and participant schools attended this event. During the ceremony the Embassy delivered laboratory supplies and equipment as well as the computer needed to carry out the project at schools.

GLOBE is an inter-institutional program of the NASA, the National Foundation of Science and the Department of State, and works together with schools, universities and non-governmental organizations.

The Program is designed for pre-school to secondary school students who measure environmental parameters and send them to a vast database in the Internet (<http://www.globe.gov>). This allows interaction between environmental and technological aspects. Globe’s ultimate objective is to contribute to the study and observation of world environment, therefore, fostering environmental awareness. Students in more than 14,000 schools in 106 countries participate in the Globe Program.

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