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Ambassador Silverstein Visits Salto and Paysandú

August 19-20, 2004


The Ambassador of the United States of America, Martin J. Silverstein, visited Salto and Paysandú on August 19-20.

Mayor of Salto, Esc. Eduardo Malaquina and the Mayor of Paysandu, Esc. Alvaro Lamas, received the US diplomat who covered an extensive agenda during his two-day stay.

In Salto, Ambassador Silverstein met with Mayor Eduardo Malaquina at the Municipality headquarters to discuss topics of mutual interest; they also visited the new municipal offices that will be inaugurated shortly. The Mayor briefed the Ambassador about the department’s major aspects, recent investments and development projects. During his stay the Ambassador also met with the Chief of Police, Inspector Principal Julián Rodriguez, the local Bishop Daniel Gil and the Chief of 3rd Army Brigade and of Mechanized Infantry Batallion Col. Milton Ituarte. Ambassador Silverstein’s agenda also included a visit to the Alianza Salto, where he spoke with students and had the opportunity to see for what purposes they are using the computer that was recently donated by the Embassy. The day concluded to a visit to the Instituto de Promoción Económico Social where a project of assistance to primary school students is carried out with the support of the Fund for the Americas. One of the highlights of this agenda was the visit to Frigorífico La Caballada which, after ten years, was recently reopened with US investment.

On the other hand, in Paysandú, Ambassador Silverstein met with Mayor Alvaro Lamas with whom he discussed topics of bilateral interest. Together with Lamas, he visited one of the most important projects of the department: a plant of biodiesel made with sunflower.

In addition, he met with other official authorities such as the Chief of Police, Inspector Principal Jorge Santos, the 8th Batallion Commander VIII, LTC Walter Menoni and the director of local newspaper El Telegrafo, Fernando Baccaro.
In the capital of Paysandú, Ambassador Silverstein visited the local synagogues
where he spoke with representatives of the Jewish community and the Alianza Paysandú (the Embassy donated a computer for students of this center too).

Ambassador Silverstein held a press conference in both cities upon conclusion of his visit.


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