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U.S. Senators visit Uruguay

Senator Cochran leads group in Punta del Este, Montevideo and Colonia

January 8, 2004

A congressional delegation led by Senator Thad Cochran (Missouri), the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture committee visited Uruguay from January 6-7.

Sen. Cochran, four other senators, spouses and staff spent two days in Punta del Este, Montevideo and Colonia, meeting with Uruguayan officials, participatants in a U.S.- sponsored agriculture program, artist Carlos Paez and touring the cities.

Senators Patrick Leahy (Vermont), Pat Roberts (Kansas), Mike De Wine (Ohio) and Norm Coleman (Minnesota) accompanied Sen. Cochran during the visit. They met with President Jorge Batlle, Agriculture Minister Aguirrezabala, Deputy Foreign Minister Valles. They joined a second Congressional delegation, led by House of Representatives Speaker Hastert for a dinner reception at Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein's residence. Numerous other Uruguayan political and business leaders attended the dinner.

During their wide-ranging discussions with the President and others, they touched on several themes of common interest between the US and Uruguay. These included agricultural and trade issues, human rights, terrorism and drugs, the Uruguayan and US economies and issues related to regional, political and economic development.

Senator Cochran also had the opportunity to greet Uruguayan scholars who participated in the Cochran Fellowship Program, a program that began its inception in 1984 under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Cochran Fellows were able to share their learning experiences with Sen. Cochran first-hand.

The Congressional delegation’s South American tour included visits to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein greets Senator Thad Cochran at airport in Punta del Este. Ambassador Silverstein with Senate delegation.
Agriculture officials including Minister of Agriculture Martin Aquirrezabala (third from left) meet with delegation in Punta del Este. Ambassador Silverstein, Sen. Cochran meet Ricardo Romero and Dr. Theresa Boyle of APHIS office, U.S. Embassy, Montevideo, at Casa Pueblo.
Acting Foreign Minister Guillermo Valles receives gift from Sen. Mike Dewine (left), while Ambassador Silverstein looks on. Sen. Norm Coleman with artist Carlos Paez.
Sen. Cochran and Ambassador Silverstein show prints from Paez. Sen. Cochran gives gift to Paez.
Mrs.Audrey Silverstein leads group of spouses on tour of Parque de la Percepcion in Punta del Este. Spouse group at Hotel Las cumbres Restaurant in Punta. From left: Renee Savastuk, Community Liaison Office Coordinator of the U.S. Embassy, Mrs. Silverstein, Las Cumbres owner Roberto Mulieri, Mrs. DeWine, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Webber, Mrs. Leahy and Mrs. Williard, wife of James Williard, Deputy Chief of Mission.
Delegation with the Silversteins and Paez and his wife, Annette, at Casa Pueblo. Sen. Cochran (center) arrives in Colonia. Consular Officer Steve Barneby is at left.
President Batlle and Sen. Cochran at Anchorena. President Batlle speaks with Senators at Anchorena.
Mrs. Batlle leads tour of Anchorena with Mrs. Silverstein and delegation spouses.
From left: Mrs. Silverstein, Senator Pablo Millor (of Uruguay) , Sen. Cochran, Ambassador Silverstein at a dinner reception hosted by the Silversteins.

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