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20 Uruguayan public school directors and teachers head to U.S. in Fulbright Exchange Program

Educators to share academic and cultural experiences with counterparts in 13 states.

February 3, 2004


20 Uruguayan educators with Fulbright, ANEP, Embassy officialsTwenty educators from Uruguayan public schools are packing up their books as well as plenty of photos and cultural information about Uruguay as they head to the U.S. on an exchange program.

The teachers and administrators, who hail from 12 departments of Uruguay, are participating in the Fulbright Director and Teacher Exchange Program, sponsored by Fulbright, the U.S. Embassy, Montevideo, and Uruguay’s National Administration of Public Schools (ANEP).

During a reception Monday (Feb. 2) at the Best Western Hotel, Montevideo, the educators were brought together for a luncheon and congratulatory speeches by ANEP Director Javier Bonilla, officials from the U.S. Embassy – Public Affairs Officer Brian Penn and Assistant Public Affairs Officer Melissa Martinez -- and the Fulbright Commission.

Martinez reminded the Uruguayan participants of the valuable cultural and academic experience they shared in July, when they hosted U.S. educators to their schools as part of the exchange program.

“You were able to teach U.S. teachers how the Uruguayan education system functions, share your curricula, exchange teaching techniques and build friendships,” she said. “Now it will be your turn to be hosted by your counterparts and will continue in the tradition of solidifying the relationships that have been established between the U.S. and Uruguayan school administrators.”

Bonilla said, ¨The teachers return to Uruguay, maintain contact with the other schools and carry out projects together on diverse subjects that are in the interest of both schools. In that sense, they are knitting an important educational web that the U.S. has the capacity to continue to support.

The educators departed Montevideo Feb. 3 for the three-week program in the U.S. Directors and teachers from public schools in Artigas, Canelones, Cerro Largo, Colonia, Durazno, Maldonado, Montevideo, Rocha, Salto, Soriano and Treinta y Tres will share academic programs and techniques with their counterparts in U.S. public schools in Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Arizona, Washington, Kansas and Virginia.

“I hope to exchange ideas with teachers in the US to see how they develop second language programs in the upper grades,” said Anabella Haller, an English immersion teacher at Public School 35 in Montevideo, who is going to visit schools in Chicago, Ill. “I’m also bringing information from Uruguay about our departments and also about the schools and students here. “

Cecilia de Nava, who will also visit a Chicago school, said she was bringing along plenty of photos of Uruguay to share information about the culture of her country.

“The teacher I’m working with is studying Spanish and she also asked me to speak to her class about Uruguay,” said de Nava, an English immersion program teacher at Public School 361 in Montevideo.

Participating Uruguayan public school directors and teachers are:

1. Eduardo Rodríguez, Escuela 132, Cerra Largo
2. Cecilia de Nava, Escuela 361, Montevideo
3. Delia Fraigola, Escuela 326, Montevideo
4. Ana Lujambio, Escuela 364, Montevideo
5. Gladis Mansilla, Escuela 269, Vista Linda, Canelones
6. Anabella Haller, Escuela 35, Montevideo
7. Nancy Llanes, Escuela 65, Durazno
8. Nelly Arballo, Chacras de Dolores, Soriano
9. Julia Martínez, Escuela 85, Lascano, Rocha
10. María Gonella, Escuela 274, Pando, Canelones
11. María Rodríguez Ibarra, Escuela 142, Montevideo
12. Estela Rivero, Escuela 85, Treinta y Tres
13. Natalia Carro, Escuela 56, Maldonado
14. María Gutierrez, Escuela 114, Salto
15. Ana Hernandez, Escuela 65, Montevideo
16. María Malvarez, Escuela 364, Montevideo
17. Julia Arrestia, Escuela 1, Salto
18. Ana Recoba, Escuela 36, Pintadito, Artigas
19. Mabel Leguisamo, Escuela 19, Maldonado
20. María Bonzalez, Escuela 9, Colonia Piamontesa, Colonia


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