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U.S. sailors perform community service in Maldonado

Uruguayan media tour USS Thomas Gates in Punta del Este

June 16, 2004


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Thirty-five sailors from the USS Thomas Gates spent their leave hours sprucing up Public School No. 95 in Maldonado Monday (June 14).

The sailors were bussed from their ship to the school, where they painted walls in the hallways, cafeteria and classrooms. Some of the crew fixed plumbing problems in the bathrooms.

The community service project was coordinated by SFC Raymond Addarich of the Defense Attache’s Office in the U.S. Embassy, Montevideo. Materials were provided by US Southern Command.

On Tuesday (June 15) 15 representatives of the Uruguayan media were given a tour of the ship, anchored off the coast of Punta del Este. Journalists were allowed to visit the Central Information Center, the bridge and decks of the cruiser. Lt. Junior Grade Omar Garcia, Electrical Technician 3rd Class Daniel Grimaldo and Store Keeper 2nd Class Ruinol Flores led the tour in English and Spanish.

The Gates is in port as the escort ship for the USS Ronald Reagan, which is passing Uruguay further off shore.

The crew from the Gates also brought supplies such as shampoo, soap, first aid, diapers and skateboards and books for Maldonado Public Hospital, Public Schools Nos. 56 and 10, Club del Nino Diomsisio Diat de Maldonado Nuevo, INAME (Hogar Femenino) and the Church of Maldonado Nuevo.

During a brief ceremony on the dock, Cdr. Vincent Lambert of the Office of Defense Cooperation of the U.S. Embassy thanked the crew of the USS Thomas Gates for their donations and community service, the Uruguayan Navy and customs for help in arranging the delivery of the supplies. Operational Specialist Chief of the USS Gates Kevin Duncan thanked Maldonado officials for allowing the crew to participate in worthwhile community service projects.

A sailor from the USS Thomas Gates plays soccer with children at Public School No. 95 in Maldonado. SFC Raymond Addarich (left) supervises crew members painting the school.
Crew member repairs plumbing at School No. 95. Sailors painting school No. 95.
The USS Thomas Gates off the shore of Punta del Este. Uruguayan media meet Lt. Junior Grade Omar Garcia on board the USS Gates.
Garcia speaks to the media on deck. Operational Specialist Chief of the USS Gates Kevin Duncan (center) organizes donations with Veronica Perez-Urioste (left) and Sarina Penn of the U.S. Embassy's Community Liaison Office.
Duncan poses with embassy representatives and a group from Club del Nino Representatives from Public School No. 56 arrive for the ceremony.
Donation recipients meet some of the USS Thomas Gates crew. Children help sailors load donations onto trucks.




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