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U.S. Embassy and Economic Financial Matters Advisory Group present seminar on anti-corruption

U.S. Specialists present tools and strategies for combating corruption


March 9, 2004


Assistant Minister of Education and Culture speaks during the opening of the Anti-corruption seminar; US. specialists Angel Cortinas and Alicia Valle and Political/Economic Officer Oliver Griffith. Participants in the Anti-corruption seminar.


Specialists from the U.S. Justice Department joined Uruguayan and U.S. Embassy officials Tuesday (March 9) in opening the educational seminar “Combating Public Corruption,” held at the Caja Policial in Montevideo.

The educational seminar, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and the Economic Financial Matters Advisory Group, continues through March 11. The seminar is intended to provide Uruguayan officials and police with tools and strategies for combating corruption in the private sector.

Assistant Minister of Culture and Education, Dr. Daniel Bervejillo, opened the seminar, along with the President of the Economic Financial Matters Advisory Group, Jorge Sambarino and Political and Economic Officer of the U.S. Embassy Oliver Griffith.

“We want Uruguay to remain a country with very little corruption…and that it remains an example to the rest of Latin America as a country that works,” Griffith said in his opening statement.

About 30 members of the Uruguayan police force and other officials attended the opening day.

The seminar covers topics such as how to organize a public corruption unit, investigations of corruption cases in the U.S. and investigative strategies, interviewing and reporting techniques in corruption cases. Participants also were able to view and discuss videos of corruption cases.

Specialist Alicia Valle of the Justice Department said, “In countries like Uruguay, where they’ve had an economic crisis, that can have an adverse effect on corruption. It’s our goal to show them methods and technology we use in the U.S. in hope that they can use these tools and continue the way they’ve been going.”



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