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Fund of the Americas awards donation contracts to 21 organizations

U.S. Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein joins Uruguayan officials in signing contracts for 21 projects aimed at improving the environment, education and the lives of children and families in Uruguay


March 10, 2004

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U.S. Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein joined officials from the Fund of the Americas and Uruguay to sign contracts with 21 non-government organizations Tuesday (March 9).

More than 120 representatives from the NGOs attended the signing ceremony, held in the “Lucia Clavier” room of the Colegio San Francisco de Sales.

“Average citizens are often in the best position to solve the social and environmental problems their local communities face, “ Ambassador Silverstein said during the ceremony. “The people of the United States of America are proud to support the people in Uruguay in this pursuit of a better life for their children and grandchildren.”

The president of the organization, Dr. Alba Peralta Doglio, thanked the U.S. government for its support of social and environmental projects in Uruguay as well as the school for hosting the ceremony.

“I’d like to…mention especially the resources that the government of the US has always given to our affiliates, and the advice and support that they have provided us,” she said.

The contracts, totaling U$S 571,162, were given to organizations selected in a competition organized by the Fund of the Americas. Among the 21 projects selected this year, 10 are aimed at improving or protecting the environment and 11 others are related to improving lives of children and families.

The director of the Office of Budget and Planning, Accountant Ariel Davrieux said, “Twenty-one projects have been effectively approved all dealing with the environment and childhood. One can see the breadth of themes covered in the titles of the various organizations…There was no discrimination made on the basis of beliefs, not a single exclusion made by the approving governments.”

The Fund of the Americas was created June 25, 2003, by an agreement between the governments of Uruguay and the United States of America in order to promote activities for the conservation, protection, or administration of Uruguay’s natural and biological resources in a sustainable and ecologically safe manner, while at the same time promoting improvements in child development and education.

To date, the Fund of the Americas has financed 81 projects worth some five million dollars throughout the country.

The non-government organizations and their projects funded this year are as follows:

- The Uruguayan Group for the Study and Conservation of Birds – effective conservation of the ‘important bird conservation areas” in the departments
- The Civil Association “Montevideo Capital” – Green Light for Maracaná
- The Eco-Family for Familiar Integration – Mission Possible: Experimental Project
- Solidarity for Homeless Families – Eco-neighborhood
- Society for the Rural Promotion of Colonia Antonio Rubio – plan for environmental betterment
- The Rotary Club: La Paz – A ‘Rotary Environment’ La Paz
- Uruguayan League Against Tuberculosis – education and prevention of tuberculosis, in both schools and communities
- City Foundation Montevideo – promotion of an environmental culture in the public schools of Uruguay
- The Association for Civil Solidarity – experimental center for the development of social ecology
- The Association of Progressive Teachers in Environmental Education – Native Plants, Trees, and Bushes of Uruguay: Their Uses and Conservation
- San Antonio de Padua Foundation – Hopscotch
- The Civil Association: The Child’s House – The Child: Art and Sharing
- The Civil Association: Providence – A Different Proposal: To Educate for Life, a Responsibility
- Hope: The Association for Social Security and Culture – construction of a Kid’s Club: “Hope”
- Foundation of the Institution of Man – Rural Tools for the Strength and Development of Youth in the Community
- Center for the Promotion of Human Dignity – integrated center for the promotion of street/homeless families
- Civil Association: Home “the Footprint” – Children: Friends to the Earth
- Civil Association: Friends and Parents of Tacuarembo’s Handicapped – hydrotherapy service
- The Civil Association: the Organization of San Vincente – park project
- Institute for the Socio-Economic Promotion of Uruguay – Regional North Littoral – Towards a Better Integration of Boys and Girls
- The Civil Association: The Green Munchkins – Stimulating the Potential of Children and Their Families

Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein (third from left) speaks during Fund of the Americas ceremony. Others, from left: Omar J. Sellanes, secretary of the Fund; Dr. Alba Peralta Doglio, Fund president, and Ariel Davrieux, director of the Office of Budget and Planning. Officials sign donation contracts with 21 NGOs.
Ambassador Silverstein congratulates a representative from a Civil Association, Green Munchkins, one of the NGOs awarded a contract. From left: Mrs. Audrey Silverstein, Ce.Pro.Di.H Director Adriana Abraham, Ambassador Silverstein


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