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Grants for grassroots development in Uruguay

Zona América, Mundo Afro, Endeavor receive support

May 21, 2004



From left: Gabriela Boyer, IAF, Francisco Ravecca, Endeavor Uruguay, Nestor Silva, Mundo Afro, Fernando Castellanos, Zona América, and Oliver Griffith, Political Economic Officer. Assistant PAO Melissa Martinez opens the press conference.


The Inter-American Foundation held a press conference Friday (May 21) in Montevideo to announce grants approved for three organizations in Uruguay: Endeavor Uruguay, Mundo Afro, and Fundacion Zona América.

“The IAF funds innovative, sustainable self-help programs proposed by groups that support them,” said Gabriela Boyer, an IAF representative who spoke at the press conference.

Speaking alongside representatives of the three Uruguayan grassroots organizations, Boyer added, “IAF is funding three different programs with three different objectives but who all have fulfilled the spirit of the IAF.”

Endeavor Uruguay was awarded a two-year grant to expand its program of identifying, selecting and supporting entrepreneurs to include low-income and marginalized producers. Endeavor will also take the lead in fostering corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Uruguayan business community through a series of conferences.

Mundo Afro received a two-year grant to develop a regional network among communities of African descent in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The network will pioneer social development programs focused on education, micro-enterprise development, cultural preservation and project planning. Mundo Afro will also inaugurate the Instituto Superior de Formacion Afro, which will design curricula for pilot programs as well as research, evaluate and disseminate best practices for social development among communities of African descent.

Fundacion Zonamerica, founded in 2002 by Zonamerica Limited y Bonacqua S.A., will, under a three-year cooperative agreement with the IAF, match IAF's funding for self-help projects involving information technology, as well as for research, development, technology transfer, training and job creation, for the benefit of low-income communities throughout Uruguay.
IAF grants to Uruguayan organizations now number 130; the IAF's investment in Uruguay has totaled $17,051,000 over three decades.

The Inter-American Foundation (IAF) awarded $15,972,000 last year toward grassroots development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Selecting from more than 1,000 responses to its call for proposals, the IAF selected 64 for grants lasting from one to five years.

The Inter-American Foundation, a foreign assistance agency of the United States government, responds to innovative, participatory and sustainable self-help development projects proposed by grassroots groups in Latin America and the Caribbean and the organizations that support them. Since beginning operations in 1972, the IAF has made 4,464 grants for more than $557 million. Together, the IAF and its grantees have worked to better the conditions of hundreds of thousands of poor families in communities throughout the hemisphere.

For more on the IAF, log onto http://www.iaf.gov/index/index_en.asp



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