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Law enforcement officers from Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to participate in Marijuana Intelligence Exchange Meeting

September 17, 2004


A Marijuana Intelligence Exchange Meeting will be held in Paraguay from September 27th through to October 1st. Representatives of law enforcement agencies from Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay have been invited by the DEA to participate.

The first two days will be in Asuncion and will consist of round table discussions, multimedia presentations from each country regarding their marijuana situation, and networking. On the third day, the attendees will be transported to Pedro Juan Caballero where they will participate in helicopter fly overs to see the marijuana plantations first hand.

Paraguay is a major producer of high-quality marijuana and a transit country for drugs destined for Argentina, Brazil, the U.S., Europe, and Africa. The meeting is aimed at increasing awareness and dialoge amongst law enforcement agents and improving their countries' efforts in the fight against drug trade around the region.


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