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President Batlle meets with U.S. Department Of State officials in Washington

September 28, 2004

Uruguayan President, Dr. Jorge Batlle, was in Washington and New York last week to address the U.N National Assembly and to meet with representatives from the U.S. government.

He was accompanied by Uruguayan Foreign Minister Didier Opertti, President Batlle's Chief of Staff Dr. Raul Lago, and U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay Martin J. Silverstein.

At breakfast meeting in Uruguay's Embassy in D.C., from left to right: Uruguayan Ambassador to the U.S., Fernandez-Faingold;
Ambassador Roger Noriega; Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director Executive, Office of
the President Western Hemisphere Affairs ; Uruguayan President, Jorge Batlle; U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay, Martin J. Silverstein;
Uruguayan Foreign Minister, Didier Opertti; President Batlle's Chief of Staff, Raul Lago; Michael A. Matera, Director, U.S. Department of
State Office of Brazilian and Southern Cone Affairs ; and Michael Dempsey Director Executive Office of the President Western Hemisphere Affairs.

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