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Dr. Sharon Freeman visits Uruguay to hold conferences on strategies to promote MSE development and entrepreneurship among women

October 14, 2004

Dr. Sharon T. Freeman, Director of the Washington, DC Government's International Business Development Office at the DC Chamber of Commerce and the Chair of the DC Chamber's International Committee, is visiting Uruguay to hold a series of conferences on Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Development and Entrepreneurship among Women.

Sponsored by the United States Embassy in Montevideo, the Uruguayan National Chamber of Commerce and Services, the Municipal Government of Rio Negro, and the Exporters' Association of Uruguay, Dr. Freeman spoke yesterday on her first of two conferences at the Stock Exchange building (Bolsa de Comercio) about the role of MSE's and Women in business, strategies for success, winning experiences, and export orientation.

Dr. Sharon Freeman lecturing at the Stock Exchange building in Montevideo, October 13, 2004. [U.S. Embassy photo by Vince Alongi]

Dr. Freeman shared her global experience of more than 25 years in over 100 countries, which has enabled her to draw on global best-practices in addressing frontier issues pertaining to entrepreneurship development, particularly in the field of women's entrepreneurship and the inclusion of minorities in business development initiatives.

The second conference will be held today in the same venue, where she will speak on the subject of Exporting to the United States, giving exporters a hint on how to penetrate the highly competitive U.S. market, where locals have to compete with more than 250,000 importing firms. She will also explain some of the services provided by the Commercial Office of the United States Embassy to exporters in Uruguay.

These two conferences are free, however seating is limited, therefore it is suggested that those interested should confirm their attendance by email to: arbelbidelx@state.gov. The conferences are in English with simultaneous translation available.


The last conference of this series will be held on Friday at the Convention Center Las Cañas in Fray Bentos, where Dr. Freeman will again speak on strategies for micro and small businesses aimed at penetrating the U.S. market.


Dr. Freeman is an expert on the economies of more than 100 countries in which she has worked, and specializes in strategy for Private Sector Development. She founded the All American Small Business Exporters Association (AASBEA) in 1998.

A successful entrepreneur, owner and manager of Lark-Horton Global Consulting Limited and the All American Small Business Exporters Association (AASBEA), Dr. Freeman has lived and worked in Hong Kong for twelve years, where she started her flagship Lark-Horton consulting practice in 1985. Since 1985, Dr. Freeman has been retained by clients all over the world.

She is the Director of the Washington, DC Government's International Business Development Office at the DC Chamber of Commerce and the Chair of the DC Chamber's International Committee. She is an advisor to the Secretary of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative on Small and Minority Business (since 1991) and is a member of the National Press Club's Forums Committee. She is the winner of the DC Chamber's Crystal Monument Entrepreneurship Award (2002) and Carnegie-Mellon University's alumni award for Entrepreneurial Excellence (2001).

Dr. Freeman holds a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University, a Master of Science from Carnegie-Mellon in management, and two undergraduate degrees in Cognitive Psychology and History from Carnegie-Mellon University. She is the author of six books; four of which have been self-published through AASBEA, and two that have been authored on behalf of U.S. Government agencies on the subjects of exporting and e-commerce.


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