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Fulbright Teacher Exchange Candidates Attend Orientation Meeting

Posted: October 18, 2004

Authorities from the National Administration of Public Education (Administración Nacional de Enseñanza Pública - ANEP), along with teachers and principals from Uruguayan full time schools, attended an orientation meeting at the Best Western Palladium in Montevideo last Friday.

U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission, James Williard delivered the opening remarks welcoming the candidates and expressing the significance of this program. Mercedes Jimenez de Arechaga, Executive Director of Fulbright in Uruguay and Sonia Scaffo, General Director of Planning and Educational Management for ANEP, also welcomed the participants.

Fulbright Educational Advisor Fanny del Río explained how the program works and what experiences the candidates will encounter during their stay in the United States.

Under the program, a total of twenty Uruguayan teachers and administrators (17 from the Teacher Exchange program and 3 from the Alumni Initiative program) will travel to the U.S. in February 2005 to visit schools and work with U.S. teachers sharing valuable experiences in school administration and management.

The Teachers Exchange Program’s goal is to give Uruguayan teachers and administrators the opportunity to visit leading schools of the U.S. while living with a U.S. family during their visit. Upon their return home they will begin an exchange project between their school and the host school in the U.S.

This program has the support of the Fulbright Commission and the U.S. Embassy in Uruguay, and it is endorsed by ANEP.

Alumni Initiative

This Program is designed to give previous participants of Teacher Exchange a new opportunity to further the cultural exchange project they initiated between their school in Uruguay and their host school in the U.S. This program is also made possible due to the co-share of Fulbright Commission and the U.S. Embassy in Uruguay, and it is also endorsed by ANEP (National Administration of Public Education). This year, three former Fulbrighters from the Teacher Exchange program were selected to participate in Alumni Initiative.

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