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Sustainable Management of National Parks workshop held in Rocha
U.S. National Park Service experts conducted the training sessions

Posted: October 25, 2004

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The Embassy of the United States of America and Uruguay’s National Environment Office (DINAMA) organized a three-day Workshop on Sustainable Park Management in order to contribute to local capacity-building in this issue. The workshop was held at the Hostería Fortín de San Miguel in Rocha, on October 20-22.

The training sessions were conducted by two experts from the US National Park Service: Shawn Norton, NPS Environmental Leadership Program Leader, Shawn Norton, and the Deputy Superintendent of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Lorenza Fong.

National Environment Director Andrés Saizar attended the opening ceremony. More than 30 representatives from a wide range of Uruguayan organizations participated in this event including representatives from the Protected Areas Division of the National Environment Office; Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries; Army Park Service of the Ministry of National Defense; municipalities; non-government organizations; Uruguayan Network of Environmental NGOs; Historic Patrimony Commission of the Ministry of Education and Culture; Environmental Network of the University of the Republic; park rangers; and representatives from the private sector.

The workshop covered issues related to the management of national parks such as planning, development of management plans, transportation inside parks, facilities planning and construction, facilities operation and maintenance, concessions, visitor management, marketing, and fundraising. The participants were able to apply those principles in a case study aimed at developing a management plan for the Fortín de San Miguel National Park.

This training workshop is part of a new era in the history of cooperation between the United States and Uruguay. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas about principles and practices related to sustainable park management. The general consensus was -in the United States as well as in any other country in the world- it is extremely important to have parks to allow preservation of natural and cultural values for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

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