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The Embassy sponsors symposium on neurosciences and computer vision

"Representation of Reality by Brain and Machines" – From 8th to 12th of November 2004

Posted: November 10, 2004

A symposium aimed at providing a high quality exchange of ideas between scientists and students of both neurobiology and engineering is being held at the Institute of Bilogical Investigations Clemente Estable in Montevideo. Its main purpose is to strengthen research in both fields.

The general idea is to compare how brains and machines process images including strategies, circuits, different operator's characteristics (their roles and their implementations by different hardware), learning rules and their applications in dynamic image filtering. In addition, to discuss how brains and machines reconstruct their enviroment and why they do it (movement control, creating new images, or describing it in some kind of language, decision making, controlling behavior, etc).

The symposium pretends to be very open thematic to gather people from neurobiology and engineering building a suitable environment of interaction.

Speakers from three universties in the U.S. have been invited to attend: Dr. Michael A. Arbib from University of Southern California, Dr. Michel Black from Brown University, and Dr. Guillermo Sapiro, a native Uruguayan from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Michael Arbib addressing symposium on neurosciences and computer vision Institute of Bilogical Investigations Clemente Estable in Montevideo, November 10, 2004. [U.S. Embassy photo by Vince Alongi]
Dr. Michael Arbib addressing the symposium

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