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"Chicago" celebrates overwhelming success in Uruguay

15,000 attended the musical's local production since its opening in August

Posted: November 26, 2004  

Montevideo, like New York, London, Madrid and other world entertainment capitals is enjoying one the most popular musical events on stage. "Chicago, El Musical" is a local production presented by the School of Musical Comedy and directed by Luis Trochon. The cast includes 18 alumni and invited artists, and 17 musicians from the "Estacion Central Big Band" directed by Santiago Gutierrez.

It is based on the original play "Chicago" by Maurine Dallas Watkins. The original script by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse, has been translated into Spanish for this production, as well as all the lyrics. The music was composed by John Kander.

Only a few weeks after its opening in Montevideo on August 20th, the musical has reached a record 15.000 spectators which indicates the high level of success it is having with the Uruguayan public.

In marking such event, the cast and sponsors met at the Moviecenter theater to celebrate.

This production is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo, the Bank Boston Foundation, and Entertainment Maroñas, and is expected to run well into the new year.

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