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Summit of the Americas In Focus: live webcast on Friday, March 25

Overseas participants will be able to watch real time video of the event online and submit questions to the panelists

Posted: March 22, 2005

Friday, March 25 from 8:30-10:00am (EST)
*** 11:30am to 1:00pm in Uruguay ***

Creating Good Jobs for the Americas:
Business and Government Perspectives

Presentations by

Amb. John Maisto, U.S. National Summit Coordinator

Jane Richards, Bureau of International Labor Affairs,
U.S. Department of Labor

Adam Greene, Vice President,
Labor Affairs & Corporate Responsibility,
U.S. Council for International Business

Job creation is the focus for this year's Summit of the Americas, to be held in Argentina in November 2005. Governments have agreed with the host government’s proposal to focus on job creation in light of the historic opportunity for our region. In 2004, economic growth was the highest in a quarter century; the challenge now is to sustain that growth and to ensure that the benefits of growth reach all segments of our societies.

At the Summit of the Americas, the democratic leaders of our hemisphere will share ideas on how to meet this challenge. Leaders will consider tangible, specific commitments to combat poverty, improve education and training services, protect fundamental labor rights, and meet other important goals. Civil society consultations play an important role in developing these commitments.

In November 2004, the Summit of the Americas in Focus series focused on job creation from the perspectives of labor unions and international organizations. This time, the series will look at the views of employers and governments, and how civil society organizations can best contribute to this discussion. U.S. National Summit Coordinator Amb. Maisto will also report on the recent preparations for the Summit of the Americas and on the road ahead.

The Summit of the Americas In Focus is a bi-monthly series intended to provide a space for civil society organizations to engage U.S. Government officials on the range of topics covered by the Summit of the Americas, on implementation of Summit commitments, and on priorities for future Summits of the Americas.

This month's Summit in Focus event will be presented live over the Internet. Overseas participants will be able to watch real time video of the event online and submit questions to the panelists from any computer connected to the Internet and equipped with Windows Media Player.

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