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U.S. Attorney Prof. Carlos Martinez Presents Course at University of Montevideo

Posted: April 4, 2005

Professor Carlos Martinez teaching a class at University of Montevideo. [U.S. Embassy photo by Vince Alongi]
Professor Martinez teaching a class at University of Montevideo (above), and meeting with U.S. Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein (below)
Professor Carlos Martinez and U.S. Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein. [U.S. Embassy photo by Vince Alongi]

U.S. attorney and professor Carlos Martinez presented a course at the University of Montevideo on "Raising Capital in the World Financial Marekts: Introduction to Financial and Legal Considerations." The course was co-sponsorsed by the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo and the University of Montevideo.

Attorney Martinez is an expert in Latin American cross-border transactions and has participated in numerous securities offerings by Latin American issuers, representing issuers, selling stockholders and underwriters. He handles both equity and debt transactions, including high-yield debt offerings.

Attorney Martinez has also represented creditors and borrowers in a wide range of other financial transactions, including credit facilities, project finance, merger and acquisition financings, sovereign debt restructurings, privatizations, accounts receivable financings and securitizations. In addition, he has represented acquirers, investors and target companies in several direct foreign investment transactions. More recently, he has advised Latin American companies in the restructuring of their debt.

Professor. Martinez obtained his B.A. in political science at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1984, and his law degree at Harvard Law School in 1987. He has written articles on privatization and capital markets i Latin America and on the North American Free Trade Agreement. He has also lectured on the legal aspects of international finance at several symposia and universities.


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