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Embassy Team Participates in Commemorative Run

The quarter marathon celebrates the 81st. anniversary of the Uruguayan Metropolitan Guard

Posted: April 29, 2005

A team of runners from the U.S. Embassy Montevideo participated in the April 10 quarter marathon commemorating the 81st. anniversary of the Metropolitan Guard, a special branch of the Uruguayan police services.

Over 3,000 runners competed in the 10.5 k marathon which started at 10 am in front of the Metropolitan Guard HQ and ran through several streets of Montevideo. Competing for the U.S. Embassy team were LTC Mathew Anderson (U.S. Army), and Embassy Guards G. Paz and G. Vallarino.

U.S. Embassy team: G. Vallarino, G. Paz, M. Manvajas (coach),
and M. Anderson.

Paz and Anderson hydrating.

Anderson reaches the finish line.

Vallarino crossing the finish line.

Guards Navajas and Paz, Deputy Chief Britos, Lt. Suarez, LTC Anderson, and Guard Vallarino.

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