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OPIC Small Business Center Manager Visits Uruguay

The fact-finding mission aimed at promoting U.S. private investment

Posted: May 24, 2005

On May 16 and 17, OPICís (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) Small Business Center Manager, Mr. Juan Carlos Rivera-Montes visited Montevideo on a fact-finding mission, and to present OPICís finance and insurance programs to the local business community.

OPICís core mission is to support economic development by promoting U.S. private investment in developing countries and transition economies. In support of that mission, OPIC evaluates all projects it may support for their contribution to development in 25 areas, and measures the organization's performance on the basis of the contribution of projects OPIC supports to development.

OPIC has recently undertaken several initiatives to increase its support for U.S. small businesses in their efforts to invest in emerging markets overseas. The new Small and Medium Enterprise Department and OPIC's Small Business Center (SBC) were established specifically to address the needs of small and medium-sized American companies in order to ease their entry into new markets.

During his visit to Montevideo, Mr. Rivera Montes held private meetings with several prominent local companies that wish to increase their presence in the United States, gave a 90-minute long workshop to an audience of bankers and businesspeople, and met with Uruguayan Government officials that could take advantage of OPICs programs to fulfill their infrastructure and/or development needs.




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