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Marshall Plan: Vision of a Family of Nations

Exhibition of the United States Diplomacy Center on display in Paris

Posted: July 26, 2005
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In June 1947, U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall delivered a commencement address at Harvard University that would change the course of European history. Marshall emphasized Europe's failing economies, proposed U.S. assistance and challenged war-torn nations to work together. Inspired by his vision, seventeen Western European countries set aside old rivalries to cooperate and rebuild.

"The recovery of Europe has been far slower than had been expected. Disintegrating forces are becoming evident. The patient is sinking while the doctors deliberate", stated Secretary Marshall during his radio speech to the nation April 28, 1947.

The Marshall Plan: Vision of a Family of Nations, is an exhibit produced by The United States Department of State Diplomacy Center, in conjunction with the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations. The exhibition is on permanent display at the historic Hôtel de Talleyrand in Paris, European headquarters of the Marshall Plan.

The exhibit is part of the United States Diplomacy Center’s mission to create a new museum dedicated to the history, practice and challenges of American diplomacy. The Museum will meet the need for a deeper understanding of how diplomacy shaped our nation and affects every person every day.

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Acknowledgments: Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations; United States Diplomacy Center; and Amy Garrett, Ph.D., Office of the Historian: United States Department of State; Christenson Associates: Researchers and Authors; Profs. Emanuel Wexler and Sherrill B. Wells, Scholarly Advisors; Silvia Thompson.


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