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U.S. Publication Welcomes New Immigrants

Guide offers newcomers information on daily life, responsibilities

Posted: August 9, 2005

Washington – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has released a guide designed to help new immigrants to the United States settle into their new lives.

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants is designed for permanent residents and the organizations that serve them in resettlement. It provides an array of information on meeting the ordinary needs of life, such as finding a job, paying taxes, minding money and getting health care.

The guide also offers information about the responsibilities of being a permanent resident. These include carrying proof of status (known as the “green card”) at all times, informing the Department of Homeland Security of changes of address, paying taxes and, for young men, registering with the selective service.

This document is welcoming to newcomers but also candid in informing non-native residents of the consequence of misdeeds.

“Being a permanent resident is a ‘privilege’ and not a ‘right.’ The U.S. government can take away your permanent resident status under certain conditions,” the guide says.

Those conditions include committing serious crimes – such as murder, rape, terrorism and drug trafficking. The guide also notes consequences for lesser offenses like lying, drunkenness and failure to pay taxes or support a family.

With all those warnings made clear, the guide also encourages engagement in civic activity, and provides educational material about U.S. history and government and some instruction on how an individual can become a U.S. citizen with full rights to vote, serve in public office and carry a U.S. passport.







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