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Office of Defense Cooperation Hosts U.S. Visits

U.S. delegations meet with Uruguayan Army representatives

Posted: September 6, 2005

From August 28 through September 1, the U.S. Army Reserve Component and National Guard Bureau conducted orientation visits and held meetings with the Uruguayan Army and Uruguayan Reserve Officer's Association.

The meetings signalled the fourth in a series of visits to Uruguay sponsored by the United States Army South, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The theme of this week's visit was to discuss U.S. and Uruguayan force modernization trends and employment of reserve forces as well as National Guard service members.

A second delegation from the U.S. Southern Command visited Uruguay from August 29 - 31 and conducted preliminary coordination meetings with the Uruguayan Army. These were the first meetings to coordinate a scheduled communications conference in Montevideo for allied armies in early 2006.

Both delegations visits were hosted by the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation, U.S. Embassy Montevideo, and received by General Dardo Grossi, the Uruguayan Army Chief of Staff, before conducting their respective coordination meetings.

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