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Uruguayan Army Parachute Team Places First in International Competition

The Rhode Island Army National Guard hosted the event

Posted: August 31, 2005

The Uruguayan Army's parachute team, part of the 14th Special Forces Battalion in Toledo, Uruguay, placed first in the annual "Leapfest" international parachute competition in Rhode Island, August 8 - 14, 2005.

The Uruguayan team finished in first place, beating 52 other international parachute teams including teams for the U.S. airborne and special forces units. This is an extremely competetive grouping of U.S. and foreign military free-fall parachute jumpers.

The Uruguayan Army has recognized their team's accomplishments with the award of the prestigious "Medalla 18 Mayo de 1811" in a ceremony August 29, at the 14th Battalion Headquarters. Lieutenant general Angel Bertolotti presided over the ceremony.

Photos courtesy of Uruguayan Army Public Affairs Office 

LT General Angel Bertolotti, left, awards the "18 de Mayo de 1811" medal to Major Arturo R. Merello, 1st SGT Pedro B. Saucedo, SGT Eduardo F. Núñez, SGT Alfredo D. Guerra, and SGT Jaime D. García, right, for their accomplishments at the international parachute competition in Rhode Island. (Photos courtesy of Uruguayan Army Public Affairs Office)






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