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Airport Security Training Aimed at Increased Public Safety

U.S. federal agents conduct training session at local international airport

Posted: October 3, 2005

Representatives of the U.S. Embassy’s Regional Security Office as well as officials from the Department of Homeland Security participated in an airport security measures training workshop held at Montevideo's Carrasco Airport on September 28, 2005. Airport personnel and members of the various Uruguayan government agencies tasked with keeping the traveling public safe were in attendance, including representatives of the various airlines as well as the concessions that operate at the airport.

The training was a cooperative effort aimed at recognizing and responding to potential threats early. This is part of an ongoing effort at exchanging ideas and developing coordination to protect all citizens and visitors to Uruguay from the dangers posed by terrorism.

U.S. Federal Agent Jeremy Yamin (DSS) discusses airport security measures with airport personnel and members of various
Uruguayan government agencies during a training session at Montevideo's Carrasco Airport, September 28, 2005.




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