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U.S. Embassy, Inter-American Children’s Institute sign agreement to develop a project to combat trafficking children, child pornography on the Internet

The document, signed by Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein and the Institute’s General Director Alejandro Bonasso, will enable the countries of MERCOSUR, Brazil and Chile to confront the problem

Jan. 14, 2004

Bonasso, SilversteinU.S. Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein and the Director General of the Inter-American Children’s Institute Alejandro Bonasso signed an agreement Tuesday (Jan. 13) that will initiate a joint project to combat and prevent sexual exploitation of children in MERCOSUR, Bolivia and Chile.

This project, funded by the U.S. government, will address serious crimes such as trafficking of children and child pornography on the Internet, which are flagrant violations of human rights. The U.S. Embassy and the Inter-American Children’s Institute expect to study these problems and propose reforms in the context of current regulations in the participating countries.

Bonassa said that while the problem was not specific to this country, "Uruguayans have a great concern for this issue. We want to prevent this sort of irreversible damage to our children."

The project will begin with the first regional workshop in Montevideo, scheduled for March 22 and 23. The objective of the workshop is to establish a forum of information exchange between the countries of MERCOSUR, Bolivia and Chile. At the same time the workshop will provide a blueprint for the development of national investigations and legislation on trafficking children and child pornography on the Internet. After this first workshop is completed, a training course will be held March 24 and 25, with specialists from the U.S., on how to stop child pornography on the Internet.




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