U.S. Embassy Montevideo - Archives

Remarks by the President to the Spanish and American press pools

March 12, 2004

Embassy of Spain
Washington, D.C.

1:08 P.M. EST

President Bush: Mr. Ambassador, thank you for having Laura and me here during this solemn occasion. The United States of America sends our prayers and sympathies to the Spanish people, who mourn the loss of life, who today weep for their loved ones, who wonder about their future now that there's been such tragedy.

The bombings in Spain are a grim reminder that there are evil people in the world who are willing to kill innocent life. I appreciate so very much your government's strong stand against terrorism and terrorist organizations like ETA. The United States of America stands firmly with you as we work to make the world more peaceful and more free.

Killers try to shake our will, they try to shake our confidence in the future. Spanish people will stand firm against this type of killing, and they'll have a friend with the American people. So Mr. Ambassador, we ask for God's blessings for the people of your great country.

Thank you very much for having Laura and me here.




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