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Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein visits Maldonado

Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein toured the interior of Uruguay to meet representatives from various organizations, find out what issues are important to them and see how the U.S. Embassy can help

March 15, 2004

On March 12, US Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein visited the department of Maldonado, in the interior of Uruguay to meet representatives from various organizations in and around the province, to find out what issues are important to them and to see how the US Embassy can help.

Ambassador Silverstein's schedule included visits to the Bishop of Maldonado and Rocha, the local Alianza Cultural, the local Hospital, the Church of Maldonado Nuevo and a local industry, Yellostowne-King B. He also visited the Mayor of Maldonado and the Chief of Police.

Ambassador Silverstein, accompanied by his wife, Audrey Silverstein, and U.S. Embassy representatives, began the morning with a visit to Maldonaldo Mayor Enrique Antía. At City Hall, Ambassador Silverstein and Mayor Antía discussed issues related with the economic situation of the province, investments and the importance of tourism for this department.

After the meeting with Mayor Antía, Ambassador Silverstein participated in a press conference with local and national media representatives. Topics such as US investments in Maldonado, the Visa Waiver Program, the money laundering report, terrorist attacks in Madrid, Iraq and Haiti were discussed.

The agenda also included a meeting with the Bishop of Rocha, Monsignor Rodolfo Writz, who detailed the history of the church of Maldonado. They also discussed the terrorist attacks in Madrid and the Catholic Church's efforts to assist Maldonado residents.

The morning activities continued with a visit to Maldonado Police Headquarters, where Ambassador Silverstein met the Chief of Police, Principal Inspector Mario San Pedro. The Ambassador concluded this part of his agenda with a short tour of Maldonado's business district.

The American delegation then visited the Alianza Cultural of Maldonado, where Ambassador Silverstein addressed a group of students. In a lively session, the Ambassador discussed his role in Uruguay and his views on the war on terrorism. Ambassador Silverstein presented a new computer for the center to the Alianza Director Patricia Altamirano.

Also, the Ambassador visited Yellowstone-King B ( part of the Ball Enterprises Inc., group of companies in the USA) , a local industry established in Uruguay in 1993, to produce beef jerky from top-quality, range-fed beef.

After a lunch hosted by Alternate Mayor, Juan José Real, Ambassador Silverstein visited the Hospital of Maldonado, which received medical supplies from the US in 2003. Ambassador Silverstein visited the pediatric area and listened to requests from the hospital's director.

The visit to Maldonado ended with a visit to the church of Maldonado Nuevo, the site of a charity project for 150 children, sponsored by Mrs. Shirley Serna and the Conrad Hotel. Ambassador Silverstein presented school supplies for the children. In an emotional show of appreciation, the children gathered around the Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein.

After his meeting with Mayor Antía, Ambassador Silverstein participates in a press conference with national and local press. From left: Bishop of Maldonado and Rocha, Monsignor Rodolfo Writz, Mrs. Audrey Silverstein, and Ambassador Silverstein admire the beautiful architecture of the cathedral in Maldonado.
Ambassador Silverstein signs the Book of Honor of the Maldonado Police Chief. In the commercial section of Maldonado, Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein show their admiration for Uruguayan soccer, buying gym bags, sporting the traditional colors of Uruguayan soccer teams, Nacional and Peñarol.
During a visit to the Alianza Cultural of Maldonado, the Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein meet Alianza Director Patricia Altamirano and present a computer for the center. Ambassador Silverstein's agenda includes a visit to Yellowstone - King B, a company that exports to the U.S.
Ambassador Silverstein visits the hospital in Maldonado, which received medical supplies from the U.S. several months ago. Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein visit children in the charity program Maldonado Nuevo.
Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein with the children and staff of Maldonado Nuevo.


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