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The Embassy celebrates Women’s History Month

A panel discussion on the role of women in society and an exposition of women’s art is held at the Galeria Aurea

March 22, 2004


The U.S. Embassy, Montevideo and the Galeria Aurea sponsored a conference and exposition: "Women and Art" on Thursday (March 18) to commemorate Women's History Month.

Five panelists from Uruguay and the United States gave presentations on the role of the women in society in each of their fields:

- Janet Fish, a professor at California State University, who is working with associates at the Universidad de Catolica in Montevideo, gave a dissertation on “Little Investigators with Big Ideas: Art as a Medium of Communication.”
-Professor Rhonda Collier, of Lipscombe University, Tennessee, discussed "Women and Education.”
-Dr. Rosario Garcia y Santos, technical coordinator of the Association of Rural women in Uruguay, spoke on “A Process of Collective Integrated Development, a Work Experience, a Common Framework.”
-Sibila Foong, renowned mural painter, spoke about art.
-Dr. Graciela Sabini, of the Uruguayan Commission in the Fight Against Cancer, and professor of oncology of the Medical Faculty, gave a presentation: “Preventative Aspects of Breast Cancer.”

Following the panel discussion, there was an exposition of the works of 21 female artists: ana Poggi, Aida Socolovski, Silvia Arin, Silvia Villagran, Carmen Montero, Belcha Argul, Hilda Moiana, Ruth Diaz, Olga Bettas, Madeleine Noel, Raquel Fossatti, Monica Mascolo, Lidia Fallabrino, Magela Olivera, Alma Werner, Angela Duarte, Sonia Chiazzaro, Ivonne Prennoll, Sibila Foong, Lacy Duarte, Graziella Basso, Paula Mazzucchelli.

From left: Sibila Foong, Prof. Rhonda Collier, Dr. Graciela Sabini, Dr. Rosario Garcia y Santos, Prof. Janet Fish and Assistant Public Affairs Officer Melissa Martinez. The audience listens to the panelists at the Galeria Aurea.



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