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December 2003
12/24/03 Toys for Tots
12/23/03 Bush sends greetings to those celebrating Christmas
12/18/03 Winner named in "Quality in Economics Reporting" contest
12/18/03 U.S. politicians learn about Uruguay’s culture and politics
12/15/03 U.S. police share information, training and equipment with Uruguayan counterparts
12/15/03 Iraq's "Dark and Painful Era" Is Over, Bush Says
12/12/03 U.S. Customs inspector visits Uruguay
12/08/03 Opening ceremony of Fulbright Western Hemisphere conference
12/08/03 Reception kicks off American Food Festival at Sheraton Hotel
12/08/03 U.S. Surgeon General caps busy week in Uruguay
12/08/03 Digital Video Conference allows academics in Montevideo to connect with Washington on anti-corruption
12/10/03 Uruguayan elementary school students complete course in economics
12/03/03 U.S. Embassy participates in AUPI fair
12/01/03 President praises troops, assures Iraqis, U.S. "will stay until the job is done"
November 2003
11/25/03 Frank Calzon, executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba, meets with media, academics and government representatives
11/24/03 U.S. South Com presents Crisis Management workshops in Uruguay
11/21/03 U.S. Embassy representatives dish out Big Macs for McDia Feliz
11/19/03 APHIS active in seminars on post harvest technology, citrus and veterinary accreditation
11/19/03 U.S. Embassy participates in career fair at Uruguayan American School
11/18/03 Remarks by Ambassador Roger F. Noriega at FTAA Luncheon, Miami, Fla.
11/18/03 FTAA-Related articles and web sites
11/13/03 Classical music comes to life for Montevideo public school students
11/13/03 Ribbon-cutting ceremony held to open first computer lab at Martin Luther King School
11/12/03 Lone U.S. Marine in British Cemetery honored on U.S. Marine Corps birthday
11/07/03 Conference on South American migration
11/06/03 Journalism award 2003 to promote quality economic reporting
11/05/03 Charlotte Ponticelli says assuring the rights of women and their participation in politics is a matter of human rights
11/03/03 Terrorism expert speaks at C.A.L.E.N. conference
11/01/03 U.S. Ambassador and Uruguayan officials visit USS Stump
11/01/03 Sailors from USS Bradley perform community service projects in Montevideo
October 2003
10/31/03 U.S. Specialist Stephen Jordan conducts conference: “The Value of Ethics and Transparency in Business Management – Lessons Learned.”
10/28/03 U.S. Embassy hosts satellite broadcast to provide information on law against bioterrorism
10/28/03 Tea at the Ambassador´s residence kicks off AUPI preparations
10/27/03 U.S. analyst stresses importance of small businesses
10/23/03 Dinner held at Ambassador’s residence to raise money for Peluffo Giguens Cancer Center
10/23/03 Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Peter F. Allgeier briefs media at U.S. Embassy
10/21/03 Uruguayan Navy officer receives meritorious service medal
10/16/03 New Commander of the U.S. Southern Command, Gen. James T. Hill, visits Uruguay
10/16/03 John Maisto: "The U.S. objective is the FTAA in 2005"
10/15/03 Amabassadors' Meeting in Punta del Este
10/10/03 Political/Economic Counselor Oliver Griffith speaks at Chamber of Industries
10/09/03 More secure, colorful $20 bill makes its debut
10/09/03 University of Pennsylvania admissions official visits Uruguay during world tour.
10/08/03 Barney visits Pereira Rossell Hospital
10/06/03 U.S. Embassy Political/Economic Counselor participates in ALADI conference
10/07/03 Mary Wilson: Reception at Ambassador Silverstein's residence
10/07/03 Mary Wilson: Workshop at the Alianza
10/06/03 Mary Wilson: "Dare to Dream" inspirational speech
10/04,5/03 Mary Wilson: Concerts in Montevideo, Punta del Este
10/01/03 Uruguayan dairy industry seeks leads on “niche” markets in the U.S.
September 2003
09/29/03 U.S. honey bee expert conducts conferences in Uruguay
09/25/03 U.S. Department of Defense, Uruguay's National Emergency System conduct exercise in multi-casualty accident
09/25/03 Confrontations doomed WTO Cancun meeting, Zoellick says
09/18/03 Six Uruguayan Journalists cover 9/11 Commemoration
09/18/03 U.S. Embassy connects Uruguayan schools with the world through GLOBE
09/15/03 Dr. Khosrow Fatemi Lectures on Economics
09/12/03 Two beams of light shine from US Embassy to commemorate Sept. 11, 2001
09/12/03 9/11 Posters exhibited
August 2003
08/27/03 Deliver of diapers and clothing to the Center for the Promotion of Human Dignity (Ce.Pro.Di.H)
08/26/03 Economist Richard Stein conducts two conferences
08/26/03 University of Penn expert conducts veterinarian seminar
08/16/03 US Assistant Secretary for Western Hemispheric Affairs Roger F. Noriega concludes visit to Uruguay
08/11/03 PAO Brian Penn presents copies of William Faulkner's "Absalon, Absalon!" to Dr. Beatriz Vegh
08/08/03 US Embassy Political Economic Counselor Oliver Griffith speaks on FTAA at IX meeting of The Forum of Mercosur Women
08/04/03 Youth Orchestra of the Americas performs in Montevideo
08/04/03 Uruguyan American School Inauguration
July 2003

U.S. Embassy seeks to repair FDR statue


Fulbright Teachers Visit U.S. Embassy, Montevideo

June 2003
06/24/03 U.S. Embassy Renewal Effort Inaugurated
06/23/03 Seminar on Dickens in Latin America
06/12/03 Ambassador Silverstein presents the Legion of Merit award to General Tomas Medina
06/06/03 Under Secretary Phillip J. Bond of the U.S. Department of Commerce visited Uruguay
06/03/03 Ambulance delivered to the Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health
May 2003
05/28/03 U.S. opens its market to fresh beef from Uruguay
05/15/03 Civil-Military Environmental Conference
April 2003
04/23/03 Uruguayan President Jorge Batlle visits the United States and meets with President George W. Bush at the White House
04/9/03 Ambassador Silverstein's press interview with print media
March 2003
03/19/03 House of Representatives and U.S. Embassy sign agreement for English study
03/10/03 George P. Bush in Uruguay
03/10/03 George P. Bush, son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, visits Uruguay
January 2003
01/14/03 The ALIANZA launched their program schedule and new English course offerings
01/06/03 The Uruguayan President Jorge Batlle and U.S. Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein attend inauguration of Florida Governor Jeb Bush
06/10/02 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein visits Rivera and Tacuarembo
04/11/02 Agreement to establish the United States - Uruguay Joint Commission on Trade Investment




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