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U.S.  Ambassador Silverstein awarded Uruguay's top medal by President Batlle 12/2/2004
U.S. Ambassador Silverstein awarded Uruguay's top medal by President Batlle
United States, Uruguay sign Bilateral Investment Treaty 10/25/2004
United States, Uruguay sign Bilateral Investment Treaty
Open Skies bilateral agreement signed 10/20/2004
Open Skies bilateral agreement signed
December 2004
12/17/2004 Nominations sought from around the world for the 2005 Courage in Journalism Awards and Lifetime Achievement Award
12/15/2004 United States welcomes more students from Latin America
12/13/2004 Maria Moors Cabot Prizes in journalism calling for nominations
12/13/2004 IWMF Announces Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship for women journalists
12/13/2004 Florida law enforcement instructors work with Uruguayan police on specialized training program
12/13/2004 The Alianza Binational Center wins two Florencio awards
12/08/2004 Uruguayan Army General Angel Bertolotti awarded the Legion of Merit
12/07/2004 500 wheel chairs donated to local institutions for the handicapped
12/07/2004 The American food festival is on at the Sheraton Hotel
12/07/2004 Inter-Embassies soccer: a 2 - 1 win against Italy puts USA team on a sounder footing
12/02/2004 U.S. Ambassador Silverstein awarded Uruguay's top medal by President Batlle
12/01/2004 Third Congress on Meat Production and Trade: From Field to Table
12/01/2004 Humanitarian assistance activities by U.S. Military published on new eJournal
November 2004
11/30/2004 President Bush nominates Cuban immigrant Carlos Gutierrez for Commerce Secretary
11/29/2004 President Batlle awards the "Medalla de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay" to U.S. Ambassador Silverstein
11/29/2004 NOAA and the Uruguayan Meteorological Service enter cooperative project on data rescue
11/29/2004 Inter-Embassies Soccer Tournament under way
11/26/2004 The U.S. Embassy sponsors high caliber jazz by the Oliver Griffith quartet
11/26/2004 "Chicago" celebrates overwhelming success in Uruguay
11/26/2004 Allgeier praises growth of bilateral trade between Uruguay and the U.S.
11/22/2004 Embassy staff support for McDia Feliz was a huge success
11/22/2004 UNITAS show band delights schoolchildren with its ample musical repertoire
11/22/2004 Over 10,000 dollars worth of computer equipment donated to local public schools
11/18/2004 International Education Week: U.S. Embassy donates computers and teaching material
11/16/2004 Bush nominates Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State
11/15/2004 Secretary of State Colin Powell resigns from Cabinet
11/15/2004 Marines celebrate their 229th birthday
11/15/2004 USDA confirms soybean rust in the U.S.
11/15/2004 Judge Al Gonzales, first hispanic to be nominated as Attorney General
11/15/2004 Boy Scouts perform maintenance work at gravesites to honor our fallen vets
11/12/2004 U.S. Ambassador meets with Uruguayan President-elect Tabare Vazquez
11/12/2004 War veterans honored: "Thank you for your Sacrifice"
11/11/2004 On Veterans Day we honor all who served the cause of freedom
11/10/2004 The U.S. Embassy sponsors symposium on neurosciences and computer vision
11/9/2004 Unitas sailors team up for a worthy cause
11/9/2004 Unitas Maritime Interdiction Operations Training in the Port of Montevideo
11/8/2004 2006 Diversity Visa Lottery Registration Begins
11/5/2004 Cochran Fellowship Program participants share their U.S. experience with local media
11/3/2004 Bush wins 2004 U.S. Presidential Election
11/1/2004 United States congratulates Uruguay's President-elect Tabare Vazquez
October 2004
10/29/2004 Monsters and goblins invade the Embassy. Trick, or treat?
10/28/2004 U.S.-backed NGO using sports for job training in Uruguay and other countries in the region
10/27/2004 EU citizens will need visas or machine-readable passports to enter the U.S.
10/25/2004 Judge Michael Chertoff visits Uruguay to liaise with local jurists
10/25/2004 Sustainable Management of National Parks workshop held in Rocha
10/25/2004 United States, Uruguay sign Bilateral Investment Treaty
10/22/2004 Book donation helps local school stock up on English reading material
10/20/2004 Uruguay, U.S. sign Open Skies bilateral agreement
10/18/2004 Powell marks upcoming International Education Week, Nov. 15-19
10/18/2004 Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program candidates attend orientation meeting
10/15/2004 New online publication on U.S. elections
10/15/2004 New BNC classrooms sponsored by U.S. businesses
10/14/2004 Dr. Freeman holds conference in Fray Bentos on MSE development and exporting to the U.S.
10/14/2004 Theatre performances for public school children sponsored by the U.S. Embassy
10/14/2004 Dr. Sharon Freeman visits Uruguay to hold conferences on strategies to promote MSE development and entrepreneurship among women
10/13/2004 Cancer treatment medicine donated to local public hospitals
10/07/2004 Reception held at Ambassador's Residence in support of Center for the Promotion of Human Dignity (CeProDiH)
10/05/2004 Uruguayan ethics experts participate in a multinational videoconference on illicit enrichment
10/05/2004 Medical supplies sent by Physicians for Peace delivered to the public hospital in Rivera
10/05/2004 Drug interdiction equipment donated by U.S. Embassy helps enforcement officers in Rivera
10/04/2004 Adair Margo, Chairman of the President's Council on the Arts and the Humanities completes extensive visit to Uruguay
10/01/2004 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery announced
September 2004
09/30/2004 Remarks by President Bush and Senator Kerry in first 2004 presidential debate
09/29/2004 Uruguay and the U.S. sign commitment to bi-national cultural cooperation
09/28/2004 President Batlle meets with U.S. Department Of State officials during visit to Washington
09/23/2004 Regional Conference on Trafficking in Children and Child Pornography on the Internet takes place in Montevideo
09/22/2004 U.S. Embassy sponsors training of public school teachers for English immersion program
09/21/2004 New American Indian Museum an ongoing tribute to native cultures
09/20/2004 EPA's Office of Compliance Director Michael M. Stahl visits Uruguay
09/17/2004 International Women’s Media Foundation 2005 Fellowship Program for international women journalists
09/17/2004 Law enforcement officers from Uruguay and other countries will partcipate in Marijuana Intelligence Exchange Meeting
09/15/2004 Heavy machinery donated to aid Uruguay's national emergency system
09/15/2004 Fellowships at the National Endowment for Democracy
09/14/2004 Safer, smarter, more secure $50 note to begin circulating September 28
09/13/2004 The Oliver Griffith Jazz Quintet at main stage on closing day of the Prado Rural Fair
09/13/2004 A tribute in light: the embassy commemorates 9/11 tragedy
09/11/2004 President Bush, in radio address, promises victory against terror
09/10/2004 Poster display features 9/11 headlines from around the world
09/09/2004 Forestry companies donated 500 computers to public schools in Rivera, Tacuarembó and Paysandú
09/08/2004 Winners of journalism contest launched by the U.S. Embassy and the House of Representatives receive prizes
09/07/2004 Mountain Heart delights audiences at Prado fairgrounds
09/03/2004 U.S. Embassy stand opened at Prado Rural Fair
09/01/2004 U.S. District Court Judge Lourdes Baird visits Uruguay to participate in IPR seminar
09/01/2004 Tennessee bluegrass band Mountain Heart on stage at Prado Fairgrounds
August 2004
08/30/2004 Center for the Promotion of Human Dignity (Ce.Pro.Di.H) receives donation
08/31/2004 Local armed forces and police dogs trained in detection of explosives
08/30/2004 Uruguayan journalists to attend U.S. party conventions
08/26/2004 Uruguay receives USDA accreditation for meat products exported to the U.S.
08/27/2004 Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Professor Eduardo Glandt, visits Uruguay
08/27/2004 Department of State launches new Spanish-Language web site
08/26/2004 Puerto Rico's Secretary of Economic Development and Trade outlines growth opportunities for bilateral trade
08/25/2004 Ceremonies in Piedra Alta commemorating Uruguay’s Independence
08/25/2004 American tenor John Matz, sang at opening of new Solis Theater
08/24/2004 New webmaster in charge of Embassy website
08/20/04 Ambassador Silverstein visited M’Bopicua Terminal
08/19/04 Ambassador Silverstein visits Salto and Paysandú
08/15/04 Professor of Electrical Engineering, Jorge Santiago-Aviles visits Uruguay
08/13/04 U.S. Academic talks about the myths of globalization at the University of the Republic School of Economic Sciences
08/11/04 Chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council Fred Zeidman visits Uruguay
08/10/04 As part of the series "Uruguay, Charting the Road Ahead" the University of Montevideo organized a Seminar on Securities and Capital Markets Regulation
08/09/04 Dr. Rafael Porrata-Doria, Professor of International and Comparative Law of Temple University, visited Uruguay
08/06/04 General Alberto Castillo and Colonel Washington Martinez of the Uruguayan Air Force attended a Regional Air Force Counterdrug Conference 3-6 August in Key West, Florida
08/04/04 Ambassador Silverstein Lectures to Leaders in Philadelphia
08/04/04 National Training Workshop on Globe Program
08/01/04 Uruguayan Army Officers conduct professional orientation visit to the U.S.
July 2004
07/30/04 Cuban dissident talks about the importance of freedom of expression and intellectual freedom in his project
07/28/04 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Western Hemisphere Affairs James M. Derham visited Montevideo
07/23/04 Uruguayan Legislators Attend Democratic Party Convention
07/16/04 Uruguayan Journalists Attend US Party Conventions
07/16/04 Young Uruguayan Politicians Highlight Excellency of US Exchange Program
07/13/04 U.S. Embassy Officer speaks at UNESCO/Uruguayan Foreign Ministry Event
07/04/04 United States' Assistance to Uruguay 2003
07/04/04 American Conductor Leads Montevideo Philharmonic
07/04/04 Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program

U.S. Southcom Sponsors Orientation Visit For The Naval War College of Uruguay

07/03/04 President Bush's Fourth of July Message
07/03/04 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein´s Fourth of July Statement
07/02/04 Fourth of July in Uruguay
07/01/04 Ambassador Hosts Uruguayan President and Cabinet
07/01/04 Poster Show on the“Bill of rights”
June 2004
06/30/04 Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair
06/25/04 Ambassador Silverstein honors musician Diego Torres
06/25/04 Uruguayan Civil Aviation Chief Attends Air Traffic Control Conference
06/24/04 US Veterinarian visits Uruguay
06/23/04 US Professor speaks to students, faculty at Universidad de la Republica
06/18/04 U.S. Embassy gives prizes in Independence Day drawing and essay contest
06/17/04 Ambassador Silverstein, President Batlle visit USS Ronald Reagan
06/17/04 Ambassador Otto Reich, special envoy for Western Hemisphere initiatives, resigns
06/16/04 U.S. sailors do community service in Maldonado
06/16/04 Political officer gives insights on US elections
06/10/04 U.S. Embassy, Montevideo, remembers President Reagan
06/08/04 El Hogar de los Ancianos y Niños Ecilda Paullier expresses thanks for donations from U.S.
06/04/04 Harlem Gospel Choir raise voices in song in Montevideo
06/03/04 U.S. Embassy commemorates Memorial Day in Montevideo: Flag raising in embassy courtyard
06/03/04 U.S. Embassy commemorates Memorial Day in Montevideo: Ceremony at the British Cemetery.
06/02/04 US Embassy, Fund of the Americas organize workshop for NGOs
May 2004
05/28/04 President George W. Bush proclaims day of remembrance
05/28/04 Jesse Helms Center Foundation teaches good business practices to students in Uruguay
05/28/04 U.S. Embassy speaker helps Alianza students find their creative side
05/27/04 Marine Detachment Commander lectures on American football to teams from Uruguay, Argentina
05/27/04 Gregory Lagana, White House global communications director gives interview on Iraq
05/25/04 U.S. expert speaks on "Business Intelligence"
05/25/04 Five officers of Uruguayan Coast Guard visit U.S. Coast Guard stations
05/24/04 Officials and cadets of the Uruguayan military academy visit the U.S.
05/21/04 Inter-American Foundation approves grants for grassroots development in Uruguay
05/20/04 US Embassy sponsors program at Apiculture Expo Fair in Sarandi Grande, Florida
05/20/04 Director of U.S. Copyright Office gives lecture on “Copyright in the Information Age”
05/19/04 Visit of Southern U.S. Trade Association Mission to Uruguay's wineries
05/18/04 New Computers for the Alianzas in the Interior
05/14/04 U.S. Professor gives seminar at the engineering college in Montevideo.
05/12/04 US Embassy, University of Montevideo present conference on intellectual property rights
05/11/04 Uruguay, U.S. to begin Bilateral Investment Treaty negotiations
05/11/04 U.S. Embassy speaker gives basic computer lesson to school children
05/06/04 The challenges of journalism are globalized
April 2004
04/25/04 U.S. Embassy, APHIS attend EXPOACTIVA Fair in Mercedes, Soriano
04/22/04 U.S. Embassy hosts Earth Day 2004 digital video conference
04/21/04 U.S. Embassy sponsors Science Fellow to review Uruguay’s cheese industry
04/14/04 Secretary of State Colin L. Powell offers condolences on death of U.S. Ambassador Richard C. Brown
04/13/04 Ambassador Silverstein joins Rotary Club of Montevideo in inauguration of FDR statue
04/02/04 Ambassador Silverstein, new Minister of the Interior Borrelli meet
04/02/04 President Bush: Strengthening America's economy and creating jobs
March 2004
03/31/04 U.S. Army Reserve Major honored
03/31/04 "Arriba la Celeste!"
03/30/04 APHIS, U.S. Embassy support course on handling post-harvest crops
03/30/04 US Navy Southern Command Admiral visits Uruguay
03/26/04 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein visits Florida
03/26/04 Dr. Guy's MusiQology connects with Uruguayan culture through music
03/22/04 U.S. Embassy, Inter-American Children’s Institute open workshop for specialists from institutions for the protection of children.
03/22/04 U.S. Embassy celebrates Women’s History Month
03/19/04 Remarks by President Bush on Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
03/19/04 White Water to Blue Water: A Partnership to Link Freshwater and Oceans
03/19/04 White Remarks by President Bush on Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
03/16/04 US Southern Command sponsors Uruguay Naval Academy orientation visit
03/15/04 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein visits Maldonado
03/12/04 Remarks by President Bush to Spanish and American press on Madrid bombing
03/11/04 Remarks by President Bush on Madrid bombing
03/11/04 Remarks by Secretary Powell on Madrid bombing
03/10/04 Fund of the Americas awards donation contracts to 21 organizations.
03/09/04 U.S. Embassy and Economic Financial Matters Advisory Group present seminar on anti-corruption
03/05/04 Fulbright Teacher Exchange participants recount successful U.S. experiences
03/05/04 U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell speaks on Haiti
03/05/04 Excerpt from Asst. Secretary Noriega's interview on Nightline with Ted Koppel, ABC TV
03/05/04 Excerpt from Secretary Powell's press conference
03/03/04 Narcotics and Money Laundering Report on Uruguay
03/03/04 U.S. Embassy APHIS and Commercial officials tour sorghum farm in Colonia
February 2004
02/26/04 U.S. Embassy, Montevideo, recognizes extraordinary performances by its employees
02/26/04 Embassy officials tour meat and soybean farms in Uruguay.
02/19/04 Professor Rhonda Collier, Lipscombe University, Tennessee, joins local performers and scholars for an Evening of Poetry and Candombe.
02/11/04 USTR chief agricultural negotiator says US wants progress in WTO negotiations in 2004
02/03/04 20 Uruguayan public school directors and teachers head to U.S. in Fulbright Exchange Program
January 2004
01/28/04 US Representaive to OAS, Ambassador John Maisto, meets Uruguayan Political Leaders
01/28/04 OAS CICTE Fourth Regular Session Montevideo, Uruguay: “Building an Effective Hemispheric Counterterrorism Strategy”
01/28/04 U.S. Providing $1.6 Million Voluntary Contribution to Inter-American Commitee Against Terrorism (CICTE)
01/28/04 Ambassador Black's Press Conference
01/28/04 President of Uruguay inaugurates CICTE conference
01/24/04 Peter H. Chase, US Special Negotiator for Agricultural Biotechnology, visits Uruguay on January 22-24, 2004
01/23/04 U.S. Embassy awards prize in Municipal Arts Salon
01/22/04 The U.S. Embassy sponsors a play by an Uruguayan writer honoring the American poet Emily Dickinson.
01/20/04 Transcript: President Bush's State of the Union Address
01/14/04 U.S. Embassy, Inter-American Children’s Institute collaborate to combat trafficking children, child pornography on the Internet
01/12/04 U.S. Congressman Collin Peterson visits Uruguay
01/09/04 Asado held at the official residence in honor of visiting delegations
01/09/04 Speaker of the House Hastert leads delegation in Uruguay
01/09/04 U.S. Senators visit Uruguay




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