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December 2005
12/31/2005 Times Square a Focus of New Year's Eve Festivities
12/29/2005 Rice, Education Secretary to host international education summit
12/28/2005 Uruguayan Congress passes investment treaty with United States
12/27/2005 Toys distributed to needy children
12/24/2005 President Bush calls on Americans to volunteer in 2006
12/23/2005 The U.S. Embassy Montevideo wishes everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season
12/23/2005 Americans celebrate Christmas in diverse ways
12/23/2005 USTDA Promoting Energy, Transport Projects in the Americas
12/19/2005 The Embassy participates in end of school term celebration
12/15/2005 The Embassy celebrates holiday season to the rhythm of Candombe
12/13/2005 Rice launches Partnership for International Journalism Program
12/13/2005 Embassy delegation visits the city of Minas
12/09/2005 Human Rights Day Celebrated on December 10
12/09/2005 State's Wayne hails economic growth in Latin America
12/07/2005 President Bush lights Hanukkah Menorah
12/07/2005 CNN reporter participates in embassy-sponsored entrepreneurship conference
12/07/2005 Photo feature: Flag over U.S. Embassy Montevideo at half-staff to honor Pearl Harbor Anniversary
12/06/2005 U.S. Treasury issues updated Guidelines to help protect charitable giving from illicit abuse
12/06/2005 U.S. Judges attend 48th Annual Meeting of Magistrates in Montevideo
12/05/2005 American basketball players from Uruguayan teams visit the Embassy
12/05/2005 President Bush welcomes Kennedy Center Honorees to the White House
12/05/2005 Pearl Harbor Anniversary commemorates struggle against fascism
12/05/2005 United States Government does not authorize or condone torture of detainees
12/05/2005 Uruguayan professionals participate in the 2005 Holocaust Program
12/03/2005 Rice's trip to Europe will highlight importance of trans-Atlantic relations
12/02/2005 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
12/02/2005 President Bush lights National Christmas Tree at Pageant of Peace
12/02/2005 Rosa Parks to be memorialized in U.S. Congress' Statuary Hall
12/02/2005 Top military official calls white phosphorous "legitimate tool"
12/02/2005 Bush announces treatment numbers, new initiative on World AIDS Day
November 2005
11/30/2005 "Keep the Promise" is this year's World AIDS Day theme
11/30/2005 $25,000 award announced for best Latin American journalism report on corruption
11/30/2005 U.S. Embassy maintains firm commitment to education
11/30/2005 Marines celebrate 230th Anniversary of their founding
11/29/2005 White House outlines president's immigration reform proposal
11/29/2005 Local school kids say "No" to cigarettes
11/29/2005 U.S. Government views on intellectual property expressed at local seminar
11/28/2005 Bush seeks tougher immigration policy, temporary worker program
11/26/2005 Bush calls for continued aid to South Asian earthquake victims
11/25/2005 IPR theft, trade in fakes threaten innovative and creative economies around the world
11/25/2005 USDA FSIS to audit Uruguayan Slaughter Inspection System
11/25/2005 APHIS attends meeting for screwworm eradication in Uruguay
11/25/2005 New project aims to fight money laundering in Latin America
11/23/2005 Storybook reading continues to get high grades in local schools
11/23/2005 President Bush Proclaims National Day of Thanksgiving
11/22/2005 Embassy-sponsored Full Fat Dance dazzles Uruguay
11/22/2005 "Martin Luther King" elementary school celebrates naming anniversary
11/21/2005 Seminar for the Uruguayan Army's family support program held in Montevideo
11/21/2005 Western Hemisphere praised for fight against human trafficking
11/21/2005 No new oversight for Internet management, summit agrees
11/19/2005 Homeless shelter receives mini bus donation
11/18/2005 International Education Week 2005: Recognizing Youth and Undergraduate Exchange Program Participants
11/17/2005 International Education Week 2005: English Language Learning Worldwide
11/17/2005 Recent Summit of the Americas a success, Maisto says
11/16/2005 International Education Week 2005: The Fulbright Program
11/16/2005 Storybook Reading Kicks Off Education Week Celebration in Montevideo
11/15/2005 International Education Week 2005: International Visitor Leadership Program
11/15/2005 International Education Week 2005: Recognizing Exchange Program Alumni
11/15/2005 Sub-regional Conference on Transnational Security inaugurated in Montevideo
11/14/2005 New deadline for the 2005-2006 Nieman Fellowship Program for journalists
11/13/2005 Veterans Day activities in Montevideo
11/11/2005 Boy Scouts Troop 908 paid tribute to fallen U.S. service personnel
11/10/2005 On Veterans Day we honor all who served the cause of freedom
11/10/2005 United Nations extends multinational force in Iraq for one year
11/10/2005 United States extends Visa Waiver for 25 nations
11/10/2005 Cuba trade embargo a bilateral issue, U.S. Ambassador says
11/09/2005 United States did NOT use chemical weapons in Iraq
11/09/2005 Religious Freedom a "Universal Human Right," says Rice
11/09/2005 International Education Week 2005 announced
11/09/2005 United States releases 2005 International Religious Freedom Report
11/08/2005 Alianza Binational Center in Montevideo holds reception for sponsors
11/06/2005 Summit of the Americas concludes in Argentina
11/05/2005 State's Hughes outlines public diplomacy vision
11/05/2005 Fact sheet: The Americas Capital Initiative: Priming the Engines of Growth in Latin America
11/05/2005 United States and Uruguay sign Bilateral Investment Treaty
11/04/2005 President Bush meets with President Kirchner of Argentina
11/04/2005 National American Indian Heritage Month proclaimed
11/04/2005 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
11/04/2005 President Bush issues Veterans Day Proclamation
11/04/2005 Public school in Montevideo unveils George Washington bust
11/04/2005 U.S. Embassy delegation visits Alianza Binational Center in Colonia
11/03/2005 Shannon discusses President's trip to Latin America
11/03/2005 Chertoff offers multiyear plan to secure U.S. borders
11/03/2005 Uruguay-U.S. to sign Bilateral Investment Treaty
11/01/2005 Colonia governor Walter Zimmer welcomes U.S. Embassy delegation
11/01/2005 Bush outlines strategy to combat bird flu
11/01/2005 America pays respects to civil rights leader Rosa Parks
October 2005
10/31/2005 Ghosts and goblins scare up treats from Embassy staff
10/31/2005 Bush nominates Samuel Alito to U.S. Supreme Court
10/31/2005 Rosa Parks lying in honor at Capitol Rotunda
10/29/2005 Inter Embassy Soccer Tournament kicks off
10/29/2005 Global bird flu strategy being developed
10/27/2005 Miers withdraws nomination to U.S. Supreme Court
10/26/2005 Bestseller author Matthew Pearl visits Uruguay
10/26/2005 Civil rights catalyst Rosa Parks dead at 92
10/26/2005 Valuable coin collection unveiled in Uruguay traces American history
10/25/2005 Bush, Rice, U.N.'s Annan welcome passage of Iraqi Constitution Draft
10/24/2005 Bush nominates Ben Bernanke as 14th Federal Reserve Chairman
10/24/2005 Uruguay celebrates Silver Bowl win
10/22/2005 Bush touts border protection, immigration reform
10/21/2005 President Bush proclaims October 24 United Nations Day
10/21/2005 U.S. sponsors training on hazardous materials for Uruguayan emergency workers
10/21/2005 U.S. opposes "deeply flawed" U.N. Cultural Diversity Convention
10/20/2005 State Department issues update on U.S. aid to earthquake victims
10/20/2005 State Department alerts Americans to pandemic threat
10/19/2005 Passport upgrade deadline October 26, Homeland Security says
10/19/2005 U.S. Embassy official attends Uruguayan National Prisons 72nd Anniversary celebration
10/19/2005 Rice lays out success strategy for Iraq
10/19/2005 U.S. officials outline efforts to curb illegal immigration
10/18/2005 Immigrants from the Americas to send $50 billion home in 2005
10/18/2005 Positive economic outlook projected for Latin America, Caribbean
10/18/2005 President Bush hosts Iftar dinner at White House
10/17/2005 State Department announces “Doors to Diplomacy” 2006 web project competition for middle school and high school students
10/17/2005 U.N.'s Annan praises Latin America for promoting peace in Haiti
10/17/2005 Commerce Secretary Gutierrez says U.S. committed to trade agenda
10/14/2005 Nations recognize urgency of bird flu, pandemic risks
10/13/2005 U.S. Senate approves Inter-American Convention Against Terrorism
10/12/2005 U.S. Chargé D'Affaires Nealon visits Uruguay's interior regions
10/12/2005 Defense secretary sends top commander to assess Guatemalan relief efforts
10/12/2005 Secretary Rice promises more U.S. aid for Pakistan
10/11/2005 State Department issues update on U.S. aid to earthquake victims
10/11/2005 President Bush celebrates Hispanic heritage, honors volunteer service
10/10/2005 United States sends help to South Asia earthquake-ravaged region
10/09/2005 Columbus Day, Monday October 10
10/09/2005 Bush, Rice send condolences, offer aid after Pakistan earthquake
10/07/2005 Photo feature: "Spring forward. Time in Uruguay advances one hour"
10/07/2005 Veterans of the 526th Armored Infantry Battalion honored
10/07/2005 Fulbright candidates attend teachers exchange program orientation
10/07/2005 "The hatred of the radicals existed before Iraq was an issue, and it will exist after Iraq is no longer an excuse," Bush said
10/05/2005 President Bush to attend Summit of the Americas in Argentina
10/05/2005 U.S. Engagement in the Western Hemisphere
10/04/2005 State Department worldwide Business Visa Center now online
10/04/2005 U.S. Chargé D'Affaires hosts lunch with members of the local press
10/03/2005 Bush nominates Harriet Miers to U.S. Supreme Court
10/03/2005 Local airport security training aimed at increased public safety
September 2005
09/30/2005 Ambassador Maisto outlines goals for Fourth Summit of the Americas
09/30/2005 U.N. cites benefits of ending child labor in Latin America
09/30/2005 U.S. regulation requires registration of food and feed companies
09/30/2005 U.S. official assesses challenges to democracy in the Americas
09/30/2005 U.S. Marines and Embassy staff lend a helping hand
09/30/2005 Uruguayan pilots visit U.S. Army Aviation Training Center
09/29/2005 U.S. Supreme Court to begin new term
09/29/2005 Senate confirms John Roberts as Chief Justice of United States
09/28/2005 Newly designed $10 note unveiled
09/28/2005 Uruguay's progressive return to international capital markets is an important achievement, cites IMF official
09/26/2005 U.S. unveils new measures to protect intellectual property
09/26/2005 Labor ministries can help create prosperity and improved standards of living for workers in the Americas, Chao says
09/26/2005 Photo feature: "A view of the embassy on a spring morning"
09/24/2005 Creativity contest for a Drug-Free Uruguay
09/24/2005 IMF notes high rates of growth for the region
09/24/2005 U.S. to deny aid to five countries under anti-trafficking law
09/23/2005 Uruguay, U.S. sign narcotics control agreement
09/23/2005 Spread of democracy will make world safer, historian says
09/22/2005 Statement by nominee to Assistant Secretary of State (WHA) Thomas A. Shannon
09/22/2005 Getting beyond public debt and banking system fragilities are Uruguay's critical issues says IMF
09/22/2005 U.S. Secretary of Commerce says free trade will boost regional prosperity
09/21/2005 Chinese engagement in Latin America should enhance U.S. ties to the region
09/20/2005 2007 Diversity Visa Lottery Registration Begins
09/19/2005 Passport Services will no longer amend valid passports
09/17/2005 White House issues Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation
09/17/2005 World Summit concludes with Declaration of U.N. Goals
09/16/2005 President Vazquez addresses the UN Plenary Meeting
09/16/2005 Presidential Determination on Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for Fiscal Year 2006
09/16/2005 State Department Ranked No. 2 in e-Government Study
09/15/2005 Young political leaders from the U.S. visit Uruguay
09/15/2005 Attorney General Gonzales Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
09/14/2005 President Bush addresses United Nations Plenary
09/14/2005 Uruguayan President Vazquez interviewed in Washington by VOA
09/14/2005 Uruguayan Air Force Major Receives "Alas de las Americas" Award
09/13/2005 Uruguay-born soccer star's goal: setting Latin American youth on right course
09/12/2005 U.S. Department of State Launches Podcasting Services
09/12/2005 Uruguay, United States sign funding agreement for electrical interconnection project with Brazil
09/10/2005 Fourth anniversary of September 11, 2001, a somber remembrance
09/09/2005 U.S. seeks public comment on Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative
09/08/2005 Nearly 100 countries send money, assistance to U.S. hurricane victims
09/07/2005 U.S. seeks stronger democracy, open trade in the Americas
09/06/2005 Photo Op: Uruguayan vice president Nin Novoa meets secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
09/06/2005 U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation hosts visits
09/06/2005 Uruguay and United States exchange humanitarian assistance
09/03/2005 Dr. Helena Curtain, expert in English immersion, visits Uruguay
09/03/2005 President addresses nation, vows to overcome Hurricane Katrina disaster
09/01/2005 U.S. launches massive response to aid Hurricane Katrina victims
09/01/2005 United States indicts four for planning terrorists attacks
09/01/2005 World Bank urges more spending on infrastructure in the Americas
August 2005
08/31/2005 Uruguayan Army parachute team places first in international competition
08/31/2005 Valuable pieces of American history go on display in Uruguay
08/31/2005 U.S. Army officer awarded the Uruguayan '18 de Mayo de 1811' medal
08/30/2005 Local prison staff and inmates receive donation from U.S. NGO
08/28/2005 Monument in Washington to honor Martin Luther King Jr.
08/26/2005 Uruguayan firm to receive award for microenterprise development
08/24/2005 U.S. Congressional Delegation visits Montevideo
08/23/2005 IDB to award $50,000 prize for Excellence in Research on economic and social development
08/23/2005 IDB approves $250 million to Uruguay for social sector program
08/23/2005 U.N. recommends steps to improve health care in Americas
08/23/2005 Iraq Reconstruction - Videos
08/19/2005 U.S. speaker Dr. McDermott makes opening presentation at local business congress
08/17/2005 Chargé D'Affaires Nealon visits CEPRODIH daycare center for the needy
08/17/2005 Iraq rebuilding projects continue to progress
08/17/2005 United States to provide extra food to Africa, aid agency says
08/16/2005 Uruguayan Army Command and General Staff College students visit the U.S.
08/16/2005 Internet stability, security must be maintained, U.S. says
08/15/2005 Photo Op: Councilmember Jim Graham visits U.S. Embassy Montevideo
08/15/2005 DESEM program to encourage youthful entrepreneurship expands
08/15/2005 USDA's Merlyn Carlson visits Uruguay to promote sustainable development
08/15/2005 Child soldiering, a global problem
08/13/2005 Reception held to welcome James Nealon as Chargé D'Affaires
08/13/2005 Venezuela announces suspension of bilateral anti-drug efforts
08/11/2005 U.S. Army National Guardsmen on exchange visit to Uruguay
08/11/2005 U.S. supports IAEA efforts to curb Iran's nuclear program
08/10/2005 American Indian museum sponsors celebration of dance, music and culture
08/09/2005 Department of State to begin issuance of electronic passport
08/09/2005 Regional education ministers to meet in Trinidad and Tobago
08/09/2005 U.S. publication welcomes new immigrants
08/08/2005 U.N. says Latin America, Caribbean continuing economic upswing
08/05/2005 Professor William Smith explains globalization and its discontents
08/04/2005 Professor Porzecanski spreads open market message
08/04/2005 U.S. Immigration agents dismantle human trafficking ring
08/04/2005 U.S. hails United Nations anti-terrorist resolution
08/03/2005 DOC Deputy Assistant Secretary, Walter Bastian, visits Uruguay
08/03/2005 Bolton: the United States wants a stronger United Nations
08/01/2005 Violence prompts U.S. to close consulate in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
08/01/2005 James D. Nealon, new Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy Montevideo, assumes post
July 2005
07/29/2005 State Department reorganizing to match today's priorities
07/29/2005 Muslim-American scholars issue fatwa condemning terrorism
07/28/2005 Ambassador Maisto outlines U.S. multilateral diplomacy efforts throughout the Americas
07/28/2005 Noriega cites recent economic diplomacy in Uruguay
07/28/2005 Increased violence prompts new warning on travel to Mexico
07/28/2005 Noriega outlines U.S. diplomacy in Latin America
07/27/2005 U.S. Treasury Secretary hails election of new IDB president
07/26/2005 Marshall Plan: Vision of a Family of Nations
07/25/2005 President Bush visits Egyptian Embassy, signs condolence book
07/23/2005 United States condemns terrorist bombings in Egyptian resort
07/22/2005 Public Diplomacy chief-designate Karen Hughes seeks dialogue and advocacy
07/22/2005 U.S. exchange program teachers visit their Uruguayan counterparts
07/21/2005 U.S. Immigration arrests more than 6,000 predators in two-year operation
07/21/2005 Latin America to benefit from U.S. "Emerging Markets Program"
07/19/2005 Noriega highlights value of international exchange programs
07/19/2005 IMF report highlights Uruguay's strong economic recovery
07/18/2005 Updated Counternarcotics and Law Enforcement Country Program fact sheet for Uruguay
07/15/2005 U.S. agents meet with Uruguayan banking officials to discuss counterfeit detection and deterrence
07/15/2005 Deadlines for 2006 Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program approaching
07/15/2005 State Department announces new worldwide Business Visa Center
0711/2005 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein departs Uruguay
07/09/2005 State Department website provides comprehensive coverage of G8
07/08/2005 Americans Show Support for British After Attacks in London
07/07/2005 Bush condemns terrorist attacks in London, offered "heartfelt condolences" to Great Britain from the American people
07/07/2005 Moving ceremony marks the departure of Ambassador Silverstein
07/07/2005 Ambassador and Mrs. Silverstein host Independence Day Celebration
07/07/2005 Winners of the Drawing and Essay Contest receive prizes
07/05/2005 Ambassador Silverstein honors General Artigas during Fourth of July celebration
07/04/2005 Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein's Fourth of July message
07/04/2005 Embassy celebrates 4th of July, Ambassador Silverstein inaugurates new Marine House
07/03/2005 Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra presents 4th of July "U.S. Concert"
07/02/2005 LIVE 8 to span globe with nine different concerts
07/02/2005 President's 4th of July Radio Address
07/02/2005 President's 4th of July Proclamation
07/02/2005 Photo feature: An overhead view of Montevideo's Plaza Independencia
07/01/2005 President Bush discusses G8 Summit, progress in Africa
07/01/2005 Defense Attaché Colonel Brian Butcher awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal
07/01/2005 Uruguayan cable network VTV to broadcast series on bilateral relations between Uruguay and United States
June 2005
06/30/2005 United States welcomes new citizens during July 4 ceremonies
06/29/2005 Celebrating Independence Day
06/29/2005 President addresses nation
06/28/2005 U.S. aid to Africa hits record levels
06/28/2005 U.S. donates US$2 million in medicines to the Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health
06/26/2005 Bush commemorates International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
06/25/2005 U.S.-Uruguayan Bilateral Relations in Transition (by Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein)
06/25/2005 Bush welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari to the White House
06/25/2005 Smithsonian Festival celebrates folklife around the globe
06/24/2005 Plans under way for South American natural gas pipeline
06/24/2005 Uruguayan ballet teacher, Ethel Goldman, to attend Summer Dance Course in the U.S.
06/24/2005 Additional U.S. funds released for tsunami reconstruction projects
06/23/2005 U.S. Southern Command General John Craddock visits Uruguay
06/22/2005 Sports physician Dr. Anthony Hackney visits Uruguay
06/22/2005 New program aims to prevent tobacco use in public schools
06/22/2005 The outstanding composer and improvisor Wade Matthews visits Uruguay
06/22/2005 Rice calls on all nations to back Iraqi government's goals
06/21/2005 Secretary Rice urges democratic change in the Middle East
06/21/2005 The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Wynton Marsalis delighted a packed audience in Montevideo
06/21/2005 Deadlines for Visa Waiver travelers fast approaching
06/19/2005 Rice hails agreement on disengagement from West Bank
06/18/2005 Status of U.S. Embassy operations in Nigeria
06/18/2005 Rice says Israeli-Palestinian coordination key to Gaza disengagement
06/17/2005 Father's Day, 2005 - A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
06/17/2005 Rice previews Middle East trip
06/17/2005 Secretary Rice travels to Middle East, Europe
06/17/2005 Rice, EU officials prepare for upcoming U.S.- EU Summit
06/17/2005 Refugees build new lives in the United States
06/17/2005 High-level U.S. delegation to attend Global Summit of Women
06/16/2005 President Bush attends National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast
06/16/2005 Rice at World Refugee Day ceremony hails refugees' courage
06/15/2005 U.S. mandates digital photo on Visa Waiver passport
06/13/2005 Flag Day and National Flag Week, 2005
06/13/2005 Hispanic population in the U.S. passes 40 million, Census Bureau reports
06/13/2005 Drawing and Essay Contest deadline is June 17
06/9/2005 Fellowship competition for mid-career print journalists
06/9/2005 Wynton Marsalis appearing in Montevideo
06/9/2005 Declaration of Florida: The Benefits of Democracy
06/9/2005 Jeb Bush Jr., son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, visits Uruguay
06/8/2005 State's Noriega, Maisto call Inter-American Ministers' Meeting a success
06/7/2005 Leaders state importance of Inter-American Democratic Charter
06/7/2005 Georgetown University professor outlines democratic stability in the Americas
06/6/2005 Bush Says Democracy Is Route to Prosperity in the Americas
06/6/2005 Rice Urges Accountability for Undemocratic Hemispheric Leaders
06/6/2005 United States to host June 5-7 inter-American meeting in Florida
06/3/2005 New Jersey to Hold Primary Election on June 7, 2005
06/3/2005 Global Network Providing Resources on Study in United States
06/3/2005 Rice condemns human trafficking as modern slavery
06/3/2005 Uruguay segment of the 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report
06/3/2005 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report released
06/3/2005 "PSI at Two Years: Counter-Proliferation Practice Makes Perfect" (By Condoleezza Rice)
06/2/2005 Florida International University speaker, Dr. Gregory Wolfe, visits Uruguay to participate in economic seminar
06/2/2005 Jesse Helms Free Enterprise Leadership Conference 2005
06/2/2005 U.S. Armed Forces Day celebrated
06/1/2005 Rice says Proliferation Security Initiative is yielding results
May 2005
05/31/2005 Penn Glee Club visits Uruguay
05/31/2005 International Monetary Fund chief urges reform in Latin America
05/29/2005 Bush commemorates war dead in weekly radio address
05/29/2005 Memorial Day honors fallen
05/27/2005 The embassy commemorates Memorial Day
05/27/2005 United States "Opening a Path for the March of Freedom," Rice says
05/27/2005 Countering misperceptions of U.S. requires dialogue, Rice says
05/26/2005 Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day, 2005
05/26/2005 4th of July Drawing and Essay Contest for public schools announced
05/26/2005 United States promotes rule of law, transparency in the Americas
05/26/2005 Poor governance a threat to democracy in Latin America, U.S. says
05/25/2005 New web tool available to monitor natural hazards worldwide
05/24/2005 OPIC Small Business Center manager visits Uruguay
05/24/2005 Ambassador Silverstein visits the city of Melo
05/18/2005 State Department announces new publication on ending abusive child labor
05/18/2005 Negroponte sworn in as the first director of national intelligence
05/18/2005 U.S. Entry-Exit System Hailed for "Unprecedented Results"
05/17/2005 Portman sworn in as USTR
05/13/2005 Machine-readable passport requirements to take effect at U.S. borders on June 26
05/13/2005 Fighting human trafficking called priority for Western Hemisphere
05/11/2005 Western Hemisphere Affairs official Mike Matera visits Uruguay
05/11/2005 Cochran Fellowship Program certificates presented to Uruguayan veterinary officials
05/11/2005 U.S. Congressional staff delegation visit natural cattle farm in Uruguay
05/11/2005 U.S. recaps strategy to stop spread of weapons of mass destruction
05/10/2005 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of America are now part of the Uruguayan American School
05/09/2005 U.S. assistance to Uruguay in 2004 valued at nearly US$ 6 million
05/09/2005 Inter-American Foundation representative visits Uruguay
05/07/2005 U.S. statement at meeting on the Stockholm Convention in Punta del Este
05/07/2005 "Power of freedom" prevailed in World War II, Bush says
05/07/2005 State Department releases latest volume of the 1969-1976 U.S. foreign policy record
05/06/2005 VE Day 60th Anniversary paper show at Tres Cruces shopping center
05/05/2005 Students from the "Estados Unidos de America" elementary school visit the Embassy
05/05/2005 Journalists worldwide hailed for courage and professionalism in dangerous conditions
05/05/2005 VE Day celebration in Montevideo. Ambassador Silverstein congratulates war vets.
05/04/2005 Bush's Europe trip to celebrate common values, defeat of fascism
05/04/2005 U.S. providing $91 million to feed children in 15 developing nations
05/04/2005 United States gives $72 million to U.N. refugee agency
05/03/2005 National Observance of the 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II, 2005
05/03/2005 Freedom of religion honored by recognizing National Day of Prayer
05/03/2005 Democracy in Latin America is part of global trend, Rice says
05/03/2005 Noriega: United States supports democratic reform in Americas
05/03/2005 U.S. congratulates Chile's Insulza, elected to lead Organization of American States
05/03/2005 Uruguayan law students score high at international law moot competition
05/02/2005 60th Anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe
April 2005
04/29/2005 Embassy team participates in commemorative run
04/29/2005 U.S. officials participating in Uruguay Conference on Hazardous Chemicals
04/29/2005 Declassified documents from Vietnam War era released
04/29/2005 Secretary of State addresses Community of Democracies' opening plenary in Chile
04/29/2005 Western Hemisphere has democratic future, Rice says
04/29/2005 Rice outlines U.S. vision for Western Hemisphere
04/28/2005 Department of State releases Country Reports on Terrorism 2004
04/27/2005 Jazz Appreciation Month culminates with panel discussion at National Museum of American History
04/27/2005 Vermont bovine trade mission visits Uruguay
04/27/2005 State's senior biotech advisor Madelyn Spirnak visited Uruguay
04/27/2005 U.S. Embassy, APHIS generate interest at ExpoActiva Ag-Fair in Soriano
04/27/2005 APHIS and U.S. Seed Potato Board meet with Uruguayan plant health officials
04/25/2005 Bush commemorates Armenian Remembrance Day
04/23/2005 Ambassador Silverstein welcomed in Mercedes by Soriano's governor Lapaz
04/22/2005 Independent Libraries Project for Cuba director Ramon Colás visited Uruguay
04/21/2005 Uruguay among countries to experience highest economic growth in region
04/20/2005 Mobile Library Project inaugurated in the city of Mercedes
04/20/2005 Banks may be improperly identifying genuine U.S. currency as counterfeit
04/20/2005 Maisto urges anti-corruption agenda for Western Hemisphere nations
04/20/2005 Inter-American Commission cites progress on human rights in Western Hemisphere
04/19/2005 April 22 is Earth Day
04/19/2005 Ambassador Silverstein visits Alianza Binational Center in Fray Bentos
04/19/2005 Rio Negro governor Francisco Centurion welcomes U.S. Embassy delegation
04/16/2005 U.S. Embassy delegation visits BNC Alianza in Artigas
04/15/2005 Noriega encourages continued legal reform in Latin America
04/15/2005 Western Hemisphere must focus on delivering democracy's benefits, remarks Maisto
04/12/2005 U.S. continues to lead in foreign aid giving, according to OECD report
04/12/2005 After repeated vote tie OAS fails to elect new Secretary General
04/11/2005 Strong leadership credited for improved economies in Latin America
04/8/2005 President Bush attends Pope's funeral
04/8/2005 Latin American, Caribbean growth in 2004 strongest in 24 years
04/7/2005 China seeks more influence in Latin America, Noriega says
04/7/2005 Oil prices pose risk to global economy, IMF says
04/6/2005 U.S. citizens and other Western Hemisphere travelers will need passports to enter the U.S.
04/5/2005 U.S. Embassy promotes upcoming Chicago foodservices tradeshow
04/5/2005 White House announces U.S. Papal Funeral Delegation
04/5/2005 U.S. Embassy to participate in 2005 ExpoActiva Fair
04/5/2005 U.S. pleased by meetings with Cairns Group nations
04/4/2005 U.S. attorney Prof. Carlos Martinez presents course at University of Montevideo
04/2/2005 President's Statement on the Death of Pope John Paul II
04/2/2005 Americans mourn the death of His Holiness John Paul II
04/1/2005 Uruguayan youths to attend PRIDE World Drug Conference in Cincinnati
March 2005
03/31/2005 Commission report on WMD intelligence released
03/31/2005 President Bush extends condolences to Terri Schiavo's families
03/31/2005 Report to the Congress on the Extension of Trade Promotion Authority
03/31/2005 U.S. efforts to support police reform in the Americas cited
03/31/2005 Ambassador Silverstein visits Uruguayan Antarctic base
03/30/2005 Columbia University announces 2005 Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism
03/28/2005 Promoting freedom, democracy cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy
03/28/2005 Report on actions taken by U.S. to encourage respect for human rights released
03/28/2005 Students from Duke and N.Y. universities visit the U.S. Embassy Montevideo
03/25/2005 Maisto outlines Summit of the Americas preparations
03/25/2005 White House to hold Annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday, March 28
03/24/2005 U.S. launches new web resource for World TB Day, March 24
03/22/2005 Summit of the Americas In Focus: live webcast on Friday, March 25
03/21/2005 March 22 is World Water Day
03/21/2005 Uruguayan journalist Erika Hoffman will participate in seminar at Columbia University
03/21/2005 Information Resource Officer Stephen Perry visits Uruguay
03/17/2005 Worldwide journalist death toll for 2004 was highest in a decade
03/17/2005 Latin American students participate in Fulbright seminar
03/16/2005 Foreign direct investment in Latin America and the Caribbean rises
03/16/2005 New Hampshire delegation explores trade opportunities in Uruguay
03/15/2005 U.S. Ambassador to the OAS John Maisto completes visit to Uruguay
03/15/2005 Human rights gains reported in Western Hemisphere
03/15/2005 Karen Hughes selected to head Public Diplomacy, Rice announces
03/15/2005 Fulbright students examine U.S. society in seminar series
03/11/2005 Condoleezza Rice congratulates Minister Gargano on recent appointment
03/10/2005 Noriega outlines key to successful democracy in the Americas
03/9/2005 VOA launches journalist training program on health and environmental reporting
03/8/2005 First Lady says advancing women's human rights a policy priority
03/8/2005 Students from the University of Michigan meet with Ambassador Silverstein
03/7/2005 Back to school movie night at the Embassy
03/7/2005 Uruguay "continues to make counternarcotics policy a priority," report says
03/7/2005 Uruguay among major money laundering countries, report says
03/7/2005 Women's empowerment key to building democracies, Rice says
03/3/2005 Chertoff sworn-in as Secretary of Homeland Security
03/3/2005 Bush declares March 2005 Women's History Month
03/2/2005 Noriega outlines priorities for Western Hemisphere
03/2/2005 Specialist Nancy DePlatchett holds conference on education programs offered by the Kennedy Center
03/2/2005 USAID assistant administrator addresses challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean
03/2/2005 Secretary Chao meets with key Uruguayan political and economic leaders
03/2/2005 U.S. delegation visits President Tabare Vazquez
03/1/2005 U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao attends Uruguay's Presidential Inauguration
03/1/2005 Labor Secretary Chao visits center for homeless mothers and children
February 2005
02/28/2005 The people and government of the United States congratulate President-elect Tabare Vazquez
02/28/2005 Elaine Chao and Marilyn Ware meet with President Batlle
02/28/2005 State Department releases 2004 Human Rights Country Reports
02/24/2005 U.S. Congressional Delegation meets with President-elect Tabare Vazquez
02/24/2005 President Jorge Batlle meets U.S. Congressional Delegation
02/24/2005 VOA marks 63rd Anniversary
02/23/2005 Elaine Chao heads U.S. delegation at Uruguayan presidential inauguration
02/21/2005 Rice celebrates African American History Month
02/18/2005 Better rural investment needed to reduce poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean, says the World Bank
02/18/2005 Economic outlook brighter for Latin America, Caribbean, says the IDB
02/17/2005 Noriega: U.S. policy in the Americas based on four "Strategic Pillars"
02/17/2005 U.S. Embassy hosts videoconference on the Role of Women in Government
02/16/2005 Senators laud Deputy Secretary of State nominee Zoellick at Confirmation Hearing
02/16/2005 Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism meets in Trinidad and Tobago
02/15/2005 U.S. will invest nearly $5.8 billion on climate-change programs, initiatives in 2005
02/15/2005 Gonzales becomes first hispanic Attorney General
02/15/2005 Taylor praises Uruguay's sound economic policies
02/15/2005 Afro-Latinos of Latin America, Caribbean, subject of seminar
02/14/2005 The third Monday in February is Presidents' Day
02/10/2005 2006 Diversity Visa Lottery receives 6.3 million entries
02/10/2005 Department of State announces new schedule of fees for consular services
02/9/2005 Living Colour musician Will Calhoun visits Uruguay to study candombe
02/8/2005 President Bush celebrates African American History Month
02/4/2005 Senate voted to confirm Gonzales as Attorney General
02/3/2005 2005 State of the Union address
02/3/2005 World Economic Forum: 2005 may turn out to be the “year of change”
02/2/2005 Agricultural Marketing Services reviews Uruguay's Certified Natural Beef Program
02/2/2005 U.S. meat importers satisfied with visit to Uruguay
02/2/2005 February is African American History Month
02/1/2005 President Bush proclaims February as American Heart Month
January 2005
01/28/2005 Agricultural Counselor Bob Hoff visits Tacuarembo, Rivera, and La Estanzuela
01/28/2005 Holocaust showed evil is real, must be confronted
01/28/2005 World Wetlands Day celebrates the vital importance of wetlands to the world’s ecological health
01/28/2005 Jimmy Carter’s call for democratic stability in the region
01/28/2005 Uruguayan economists travel to the U.S. to participate in regional economic integration program
01/28/2005 New website instructs visitors in reporting suspected child exploitation
01/26/2005 Condoleezza Rice sworn-in as Secretary of State
01/25/2005 Upcoming Miami conference to focus on fighting money laundering
01/25/2005 "Translating" the Bush inaugural address
01/20/2005 Bush sworn-in to second term as President of the United States
01/20/2005 Presidential Inauguration: Bush set to take Oath for second term.
01/19/2005 U.S. Senate panel approves Rice nomination for Secretary of State
01/18/2005 Events under way for President Bush's Inauguration
01/18/2005 Rice: Latin America, Western Hemisphere, "obviously extremely critical to our agenda"
01/18/2005 Senate confirmation hearings open for Secretary of State nominee Condoleezza Rice
01/14/2005 Dr. Martin Luther King Day: honoring a great American
01/12/2005 NASA helps students learn about climate change
01/12/2005 Applications for the 2005-2006 Nieman Fellowship Program for journalists available online
01/11/2005 Federal Appeals Judge Michael Chertoff nominated as Homeland Security Secretary

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