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December 2006
12/29/2006 America mourns Gerald Ford
12/24/2006 Americans celebrate Christmas in diverse ways
12/23/2006 U.S. intensifies efforts for worldwide Internet freedom
12/23/2006 United States looks to work with new Latin American governments
12/20/2006 Youth Ambassadors 2007 named
12/20/2006 Uruguayan Agriculture visit to Argentina fumigation plants for blueberries
12/20/2006 USDA-APHIS participates in a simulation exercise of Avian Influenza in Uruguay
12/20/2006 Ambassador Baxter congratulates school staff and students on a successful year
12/19/2006 Alianza Binational Center graduates new English teachers
12/19/2006 State Department gets 6.4 million entries for 2008 Visa Lottery
12/19/2006 Foreign Language Teaching Assistants share impressions of U.S.
12/14/2006 Top U.S. official cites progress in human trafficking battle
12/13/2006 Ambassador Frank E. Baxter presents credentials to Uruguay President Tabare Vazquez
12/13/2006 Fighting corruption a collective effort, U.S. officials say
12/12/2006 Conference to review international efforts to fight corruption
12/11/2006 U.S. Ambassador Frank Baxter addresses Chamber of Commerce Uruguay-USA
12/11/2006 State Department marks International Human Rights Day
12/07/2006 Online materials broadening global access to education
12/06/2006 Iraq Study Group Report: Executive Summary
12/06/2006 U.S. Treasury targets Hizballah fundraising network in the Tri-Border Area
12/06/2006 YMCA delegation visits Uruguay
12/06/2006 Uruguayan researcher Esther Ruiz travels to the U.S.
12/05/2006 U.S. seeks to boost competitiveness of Latin America, Caribbean
12/05/2006 President Bush accepts resignation of U.N. envoy Bolton
12/04/2006 Bush Administration seeks reforms for Visa Waiver Program
12/04/2006 Tribute to Rosa Parks marks anniversary of Montevideo's Public School No.178
12/01/2006 U.S. intensifies fight against counterfeit drugs
November 2006
11/30/2006 Fighting corruption seen as key to cutting poverty in Americas
11/30/2006 Training in the U.S.A. Program for public high school English teachers
11/30/2006 Incoming U.S. Congress seen not changing trade agenda
11/30/2006 U.S. Congress Delegation (Goodlatte) Visits Uruguay
11/30/2006 Embassy staff meets new Ambassador
11/30/2006 Trafficking In Persons presentation in Punta del Este
11/30/2006 This year's English Teaching Assistants say farewell
11/29/2006 New training programs will help fight trafficking in persons
11/28/2006 Ambassador Frank Baxter arrives in Uruguay
11/27/2006 The embassy hosts International Education Week celebration
11/27/2006 Abilene Christian University students visit the embassy
11/27/2006 Dr. Bright M. Dornblaser visits Uruguay
11/24/2006 Air travelers to U.S. need passports as of January 23, 2007
11/22/2006 National Thanksgiving Turkey Ceremony
11/22/2006 Storybook reading, a big hit in public schools
11/21/2006 Thanksgiving Day, 2006 - A Proclamation by the President
11/21/2006 United States votes in favor of international loan for Uruguay pulpmill project
11/20/2006 U.S. committed to increasing trade, particularly with the Americas, official says
11/20/2006 Florida Travel Workshop
11/17/2006 The President's Message on International Education Week
11/17/2006 Counterfeit drugs seen as growing problem
11/17/2006 Embassy volunteers dish out Big Macs on McHappy Day
11/16/2006 Fulbright Educational Exchange Program marks 60th Anniversary
11/16/2006 Sharp hike reported in volunteering by U.S. university students
11/16/2006 International effort needed to combat trade in counterfeit goods
11/16/2006 Applications for Youth Ambassador flood in
11/15/2006 Fine art photographers Ken Rosenthal and Lisa Robinson visit Uruguay
11/13/2006 Fallen veterans remembered
11/13/2006 Midterm elections show America's strength, Bush says
11/09/2006 Veterans Day Proclamation
11/09/2006 LEST WE FORGET: On Veterans Day we honor all who served the cause of freedom
11/08/2006 Bush to seek common ground with Democrats following election
11/08/2006 IMF welcomes Uruguay's decision to repay early its outstanding obligations
11/08/2006 Frank Baxter sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay
11/08/2006 International Education Week
11/08/2006 United States respects Indian tribes' right to self-determination
11/08/2006 Public school No.201 celebrates Junior Achievement
11/07/2006 Democracy development long-term task, Rice says
11/07/2006 Three U.S. firms win awards for work in Latin America
11/06/2006 University presidents to mark International Education Week
11/06/2006 Public school No.178 'Martin Luther King' celebrates Junior Achievement
11/04/2006 U.S. Election Day a celebration of political activism
11/04/2006 International enrollment in U.S. graduate schools rising
11/02/2006 National American Indian Heritage Month
11/02/2006 Money transfers from United States to Latin America increasing significantly
11/01/2006 American museums offer online resources for teachers
11/01/2006 2006 elections reflect American diversity
October 2006
10/31/2006 Trick or Treat! Embassy staff celebrate Halloween
10/31/2006 Fulbright scholar Cara Grayer visits Uruguay
10/30/2006 President Bush signs Secure Fence Act
10/30/2006 Most Visa Waiver Program nations meet electronic passport deadline
10/27/2006 Students invited to enter "Doors to Diplomacy" Web site contest
10/26/2006 Closing event of 2006 Junior Achievement program at Public School No.163
10/25/2006 High use, low counterfeiting of U.S. currency abroad, report says
10/24/2006 U.S. foreign assistance reaches record level
10/23/2006 Closing event of 2006 Junior Achievement program at Public School No.70
10/20/2006 Author David L. Holmes visits Uruguay
10/20/2006 American composer and improviser Wade Matthews visits Montevideo
10/20/2006 Arizona student recalls her experience as an AMIGOS volunteer in Uruguay
10/18/2006 U.S. pledges $34.5 million for renewable energy technologies
10/16/2006 United States pledges $3 million to protect intellectual property
10/16/2006 The embassy launches Youth Ambassador Program in Uruguay
10/13/2006 Dialogue among faiths key to understanding, State's Hughes says
10/13/2006 Islamic Society director challenges extremist views
10/12/2006 Biotech conference held in Montevideo
10/12/2006 Acceptance of biotechnology growing, U.S. official says
10/11/2006 Winners of embassy's journalist competition travel to the U.S.
10/10/2006 President Bush honors Hispanic Americans at White House ceremony
10/09/2006 Young entrepreneurs visit the U.S. Embassy Montevideo
10/07/2006 Americans honor bold spirits of Columbus, Erikson
10/06/2006 Soprano Maria Jose Siri visits U.S. Embassy Montevideo
10/06/2006 Teros, Eagles meet in pre-World Cup championship game
10/05/2006 Healthcare professionals attend course in Montevideo on infectious threats
10/05/2006 U.S. global pandemic assistance nears $400 million
10/04/2006 U.S. population to reach 300 million this month
10/03/2006 U.S.-Uruguay Trade and Investment Commission meets in Montevideo
10/02/2006 Fighting terrorism does not create terrorism, Bush says
10/02/2006 Ambassador Frank Baxter confirmed by Senate
September 2006
09/30/2006 Spring Forward: local time advances one hour
09/29/2006 U.S. Embassy joins school's celebration of Chinese Republic's 57th Anniversary
09/28/2006 Presidential Message: Yom Kippur, 5767
09/27/2006 Ambassador-nominee Frank Baxter appears before Senate Committee
09/27/2006 Entertainer Ricky Martin urges effort against human trafficking
09/26/2006 Embassy awards winners of journalist competition
09/26/2006 State Department launches Global Cultural Initiative
09/25/2006 Montevideo Emergency Operations Center inaugurated
09/22/2006 Visit by Public Diplomacy Director reaffirms embassy's commitment to education
09/22/2006 Presidential Message: Ramadan, 2006
09/22/2006 U.S. First Lady, Liberian President receive Freedom awards
09/22/2006 Presidential Message: Rosh Hashanah, 5767
09/20/2006 2008 Diversity Visa Lottery Program registration opens October 4
09/20/2006 President Bush addresses U.N. General Assembly
09/20/2006 First lady announces $1 million contribution to UNESCO reading program
09/20/2006 Uruguayan television series features exchanges with the U.S.
09/20/2006 Travel Channel to produce show on Uruguay
09/20/2006 Uruguayan prison experts travel to the U.S.
09/19/2006 New Junior Achievement programs inaugurated in public schools
09/19/2006 Hispanic Americans contributing to the American mosaic
09/19/2006 The U.S. Embassy participates in drug conference
09/19/2006 Conductor Richard Rosenberg visits U.S. Embassy Montevideo
09/18/2006 West Side Story opens in Montevideo
09/18/2006 Thousands visit the U.S. stand at Expo-Prado Fair
09/18/2006 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
09/16/2006 National Hispanic Heritage Month - A Proclamation by the President
09/16/2006 Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, Constitution Week
09/16/2006 Bush says CIA interrogation program has saved lives worldwide
09/16/2006 Free trade vital to Latin American economies, says USTR's Eissenstat
09/15/2006 Time of opportunity for Latin America, says U.S. Commerce Secretary
09/15/2006 Uruguay segment of the 2006 International Religious Freedom Report
09/15/2006 State Department releases 2006 International Religious Freedom Report
09/15/2006 Frank Baxter's nomination sent to the Senate
09/15/2006 Agreement signed to support English language instruction in public schools
09/14/2006 United States Senate approves U.S.-Uruguay Bilateral Investment Treaty
09/14/2006 After U.S. primaries, focus on November midterm elections
09/13/2006 Registration, Absentee Ballot Request deadlines approaching
09/12/2006 Frank Baxter to be named U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay
09/12/2006 State's Hughes calls for a united world to condemn terror
09/12/2006 President Bush addresses Nation on a day of remembrance
09/11/2006 9/11 remembrance honors victims from more than 90 countries
09/11/2006 Remembering 9/11
09/09/2006 Secretary Rice to honor foreigners killed in 9/11 attacks
09/09/2006 President Bush's radio address on the fifth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001
09/08/2006 Patriot Day, 2006 - A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
09/08/2006 U.S. Treasury designation targets Hizballah's bank
09/07/2006 World Trade Center reconstruction reaffirms life in the aftermath of tragedy
09/07/2006 Bush says U.S. security has improved since September 11, 2001
09/07/2006 Fact Sheet: Bringing Terrorists To Justice
09/07/2006 Bush says high-level detainees will face military trials
09/07/2006 President's speech on the Global War on Terror
09/07/2006 Uruguayan Atlanta Hawks player Esteban Batista visits U.S. Embassy Montevideo
09/07/2006 JFK School visited
09/06/2006 Streamlined program makes getting a U.S. visa more efficient
09/06/2006 "Speech of Hope" 60 years ago set stage for Marshall Plan
09/06/2006 Second of a scheduled series of five speeches by president Bush leading up to the fifth anniversary of 9/11
09/05/2006 President Tabare Vazquez in exclusive interview with The New York Times
09/05/2006 Public Diplomacy director Mary Deane Conners visits U.S. Embassy Montevideo
09/05/2006 New York artist Jose Morales participates in Visual Sensation of Sound Exhibit
09/01/2006 U.S. Foreign Assistance director outlines aid to Lebanon
09/01/2006 U.S. must reform farm policy, U.S. Agriculture Secretary says
09/01/2006 State Department International Visitor Program participants travel to the U.S.
August 2006
08/31/2006 Labor Day marks appreciation of U.S. workers
08/31/2006 War on Terror the "decisive" 21st century struggle, Bush says
08/31/2006 State Department announces new land mine detection tool
08/29/2006 Uruguayan public schools welcome U.S. English teaching assistants
08/29/2006 Dean Luis Negron Portillo visits U.S. Embassy Montevideo
08/24/2006 Uruguay Celebrates Declaration of Independence Day
08/24/2006 U.S. "pleased" by creation of South American intelligence center for Tri-border area
08/24/2006 State Department's Shannon briefs foreign media on U.S. policy toward Cuba
08/23/2006 Uruguayan writer Rafael Courtoisie to join literary residency at University of Iowa
08/22/2006 Assistant secretary Shannon holds video conference with Uruguayan press
08/21/2006 Bush pledges $230 million in U.S. aid to Lebanon
08/21/2006 Chargé Nealon hosts ACYPL Reunion Breakfast for Uruguayan political leaders
08/21/2006 Uruguay in solid recovery, but work to reduce vulnerabilities should continue, IMF says
08/21/2006 DESEM junior achievers put their new enterprises to the test
08/21/2006 New York Times correspondent Larry Rohter visits U.S. Embassy Montevideo
08/21/2006 U.S. professor Gilbert Valverde conducts conference at Montevideo's Universidad Catolica
08/17/2006 Uruguayan television miniseries to explore U.S.-Uruguay cultural and commercial ties
08/16/2006 Pop icon Elvis Presley remembered on anniversary of death
08/16/2006 U.N. resolution charts path to peace in Lebanon, Rice says
08/15/2006 Initiatives, referendums important in 2006 U.S. elections
08/15/2006 President Bush discusses foreign policy during visit to State Department
08/14/2006 Department of State begins issuing electronic passports
08/11/2006 Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative documents proposed
08/10/2006 Fact Sheet: Guideline For Airline Passengers
08/10/2006 United States raises security threat level in wake of U.K. exposure of terror plot
08/10/2006 USTR's Eissenstat visits Uruguay
08/07/2006 U.S. Senate votes to ratify Cybercrime Convention
08/07/2006 Embassy staff pay tribute to Ann Michelle O'Connor, former co-worker killed in Nairobi terrorist attack
08/05/2006 Bush says border security, immigration reform are mutually reinforcing
08/05/2006 Rice reaches out to Cuban people via Radio and TV Marti
08/04/2006 President Bush urges Cuban people to work for democratic change
08/03/2006 U.S. humanitarian aid flowing to Lebanese villages
08/03/2006 United States prepared to support democratic transition in Cuba
08/03/2006 U.S. expert on Corporate Social Responsibility conducts seminars in Uruguay
08/03/2006 Commerce Secretary Gutierrez reviews Latin American trade agenda
08/03/2006 U.S. professor Ken Roberts teaches course to PhD students in Uruguay
08/02/2006 New U.S. Treasury Secretary criticizes protectionism
08/02/2006 U.S. reiterates welcome to foreign students as "back to school" season approaches
08/02/2006 Rice sees Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire in "days, not weeks"
08/02/2006 MTV brings world music to Americans
08/02/2006 U.S. officials discuss health of Cuba's Fidel Castro
08/01/2006 AMIGOS program concludes successful pilot project in Uruguay
08/01/2006 IMF cites economic growth in Uruguay
July 2006
07/31/2006 Rice says settlement of Israel-Hizballah conflict taking form
07/31/2006 Uruguay halfs its obligations to the IMF
07/28/2006 Fulbrighters welcomed
07/28/2006 Elements of American identity, culture examined
07/28/2006 Economic integration key to Latin American growth, say U.S. officials
07/27/2006 Economic growth continues in Latin America, Caribbean, U.N. says
07/26/2006 One Laptop per Child Association aims to revolutionize education
07/26/2006 U.S. humanitarian aid headed for Lebanon
07/25/2006 U.S. visa process should be streamlined, official says
07/24/2006 Secretary Rice visits Israel, Lebanon
07/24/2006 U.S. to offer humanitarian assistance to the Lebanese Government
07/24/2006 President Bush attends naturalization ceremony for immigrant service members
07/19/2006 OSCE nations adopt U.S.-sponsored resolution on child pornography
07/19/2006 Diversity Visa process selects 82,000 applicants
07/19/2006 1964-1968 Foreign Relations Volume released
07/18/2006 "Junior 8" tell G8 leaders education is key to solving problems
07/18/2006 Secretary Rice calls for Mideast cease-fire
07/17/2006 Bush, Brazilian leader discuss ways to advance WTO talks
07/17/2006 G8 issues statement on situation in Middle East
07/14/2006 U.S. calls for restraint and positive efforts in Middle East
07/14/2006 Minority groups now one-third of U.S. population
07/13/2006 U.S. military humanitarian efforts planned for 99 nations
07/12/2006 Smithsonian Folklife Festival shows importance of tradition, change
07/12/2006 U.S. Commerce Secretary urges Senate to adopt immigration reform
07/11/2006 Geneva Conventions will apply to detainees, U.S. official says
07/11/2006 U.S. professors lecture at Montevideana International Colloquium
07/10/2006 Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. sworn into office
07/10/2006 Fellowships at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
07/10/2006 Sharing a vision of peace, justice, and democracy for the world
07/10/2006 2007 Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships
07/10/2006 2007 New York International Ballet Competition
07/07/2006 U.S. Commerce Secretary urges adoption of immigration reforms
07/07/2006 Seattle students refurbish and install 200 donated computers in Uruguay
07/06/2006 President Bush turns 60
07/05/2006 U.S.-Latin American initiative focuses on terrorist financing
07/05/2006 The Embassy celebrates Independence Day
07/04/2006 Special Fourth of July Supplement published by "El Pais"
June 2006
06/30/2006 U.S. Independence Day a civic and social event
06/30/2006 Supreme Court finds military commissions unconstitutional
06/30/2006 International students find friendship through sports, arts
06/30/2006 Intellectual property laws benefit all nations, U.S. experts say
06/30/2006 Uruguay's economic outlook for 2006 remains strong, IMF official says
06/29/2006 President's Proclamation on Independence Day, 2006
06/29/2006 U.S. to issue redesigned $5 note in 2008
06/28/2006 State of Illinois hosts trade and investment meetings in Montevideo
06/28/2006 International bodies and local courts hold war crimes trials
06/28/2006 Driven by strong determination, legless serviceman sees promise come true
06/26/2006 Mini World Cup Soccer Tournament for kids 6 to 11
06/26/2006 Uruguayan students to participate in World Scholar-Athlete Games in Rhode Island
06/22/2006 Student exchange in Uruguay "a life-changing experience"
06/21/2006 2006 U.S.-EU Summit: Bush, European leaders united on Iran
06/21/2006 Connecticut State Partnership Program Senior Leaders Visit
06/20/2006 World Refugee Day
06/20/2006 Deputy Secretary of State Zoellick steps down
06/20/2006 Murder of journalist in Venezuela draws global concern
06/20/2006 Photo Op: State Partnership Program Conference 2006
06/16/2006 Hearing on Uruguay Bilateral Investment Treaty
06/16/2006 Free Trade essential for global poverty reduction, Bush says
06/16/2006 U.S. must consolidate trade ties with Uruguay, research group advises
06/16/2006 Young political leaders depart to U.S.
06/15/2006 Blood donor from Uruguay among Health Organization honorees
06/14/2006 Democracy Dialogues: Judicial Ethics
06/14/2006 Democracy Dialogues: Judicial Independence in the U.S.
06/14/2006 President Bush discusses Iraq in today's press conference
06/14/2006 President Bush welcomes Colombian president Uribe to White House
06/14/2006 Information Resource Officer Jean Cavanaugh visits Montevideo
06/13/2006 Embassy Welcomes Brown University Chorus
06/12/2006 Public diplomacy must stress common values, State's Hughes says
06/12/2006 Global press groups condemn attacks on journalists in Americas
06/12/2006 U.S. Chargé D'Affaires talks to press about free trade agreements
06/12/2006 Uruguayan Navy Sea Forces Commander awarded U.S. military decoration
06/10/2006 Bush, Chilean President Bachelet discuss regional relations
06/09/2006 Professor of Law David Frisch visits Montevideo
06/09/2006 House passes $21.3 billion fiscal 2007 Foreign Aid spending bill
06/09/2006 U.S. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative seeks to boost security
06/09/2006 Schoolchildren celebrate U.S.–Uruguay Friendship Day
06/09/2006 United States set for start of 2006 World Cup of soccer
06/09/2006 Embassy welcomes U.S. exchange students
06/08/2006 U.S. Marine Corps establishes its first Islamic Prayer Center
06/07/2006 Trinidad and Tobago selected to host Fifth Summit of the Americas
06/07/2006 Expert Helena Curtain energizes English immersion teachers
06/07/2006 Afro Uruguayan community learns from American anti discrimination effort
06/06/2006 U.S. State Department releases Trafficking in Persons Report 2006
06/06/2006 Latin America must deepen democracy, State's Zoellick says
06/06/2006 Schoolchildren celebrate World Environmental Day
06/05/2006 Inter-American Assembly seeks to advance common regional agenda
06/05/2006 Photo Op: Fatimih Davila, Miss Uruguay 2006
06/01/2006 Washington Opera celebrates 50 years of drama, passion, artistry
06/01/2006 New development initiative set for Latin America, Caribbean
06/01/2006 United States working to expand trade in Western Hemisphere
06/01/2006 United States offers to join European-Iranian nuclear talks
May 2006
05/31/2006 New U.S. commemorative stamps honor distinguished diplomats
05/30/2006 President Bush nominates Henry Paulson as Treasury Secretary
05/29/2006 President Bush honors Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery
05/29/2006 University of Pittsburgh Students Visit U.S. Embassy
05/27/2006 U.S. military committed to freedom and liberty throughout world
05/27/2006 Memorial Day holiday honors American war dead
05/27/2006 U.S. Senate passes comprehensive immigration reform bill
05/26/2006 Western Hemisphere business leaders to meet in Dominican Republic
05/26/2006 Talented, dedicated students can access top U.S. schools
05/25/2006 Money laundering having a corrosive effect on economies worldwide, particularly in Latin America
05/24/2006 Brown University Chorus to visit Montevideo
05/24/2006 Education cited as basis for development, economic growth
05/24/2006 EducationUSA advisers launch multilanguage online inquiry service
05/24/2006 Progress reported on freedom of expression in the Americas
05/24/2006 U.S. concerned with irresponsible governance in Latin America
05/24/2006 National Guard to support, not supplant, Border Patrol
05/23/2006 2006 Doors to Diplomacy award winners announced
05/22/2006 Humanitarian Assistance Program Workshop in Montevideo
05/22/2006 U.S. authorities arrest suspect wanted in Uruguay for bank fraud
05/20/2006 Immigration plan represents "rational middle ground," Bush says
05/20/2006 $21 billion in U.S. foreign aid voted by House Subcommittee
05/20/2006 U.S. Ambassador to OAS John Maisto visits Uruguay
05/16/2006 Americas Facing "Struggle" Between Two Competing Visions
05/16/2006 Designation ends all U.S. arms sales and retransfers to Venezuela
05/16/2006 Latin American radio managers attend VOA workshop
05/15/2006 President Bush addresses the nation on immigration reform
05/15/2006 Fallen law enforcement officers honored at U.S. Capitol
05/15/2006 U.S. restores diplomatic relations with Libya
05/15/2006 Southern Cone Defense Conference hosted in Montevideo
05/12/2006 President Bush proclaims Mother's Day, May 14
05/12/2006 Hip-Hop Culture Crosses Social Barriers
05/12/2006 U.N. Human Rights Council Members Elected
05/11/2006 Yale World Fellows Program seeking nominees for 2007
05/11/2006 Iran can have a civil nuclear program or face isolation, says United States
05/10/2006 Photo Op: Alianza students receive Competency in English cerificates
05/10/2006 U.S. diversity increasing, census data show
05/10/2006 Meeting in Brazil calls for "decade of decent work in the Americas"
05/10/2006 EU, Latin American leaders urged to protect press in Americas
05/09/2006 Uruguay: only Latin American country not on USTR Watch List
05/09/2006 President Bush announces additional food aid for Darfur
05/09/2006 IDB announces 2006 Inter-American microenterprise development contest
05/09/2006 Communities in Durazno to receive computers donated by U.S. NGO
05/08/2006 103 American troops court-martialed for abuse under U.S. law
05/08/2006 Child labor declining most quickly in Latin America, Caribbean
05/08/2006 Bush picks National Security Agency's Michael Hayden to head CIA
05/08/2006 U.S. works with Latin American governments to boost democracy, opportunity
05/06/2006 VOA interview with President Vazquez following White House meeting
05/05/2006 Cinco de Mayo shows the Americanization of a Mexican Holiday
05/05/2006 United States presents report to U.N. Anti-Torture Committee
05/05/2006 U.S. hosts Western Hemisphere Anti-Corruption Meeting in Miami
05/05/2006 Photo gallery: President Tabare Vazquez's visit to Washington
05/04/2006 President Bush Welcomes President Vazquez of Uruguay to the White House
05/04/2006 Rice says U.S. will work with all free nations of the Americas
05/04/2006 U.S. State Department's Shannon says democracy must deliver to citizens
05/03/2006 Secretary Rice addresses the Washington Conference of the Council of the Americas
05/03/2006 Uruguayan President Vazquez addresses Council of the Americas Conference
05/03/2006 President Vazquez of Uruguay and Secretary of State Rice open Council of the Americas Conference (pdf)
05/03/2006 Legendary broadcaster Edward R. Murrow's impact still felt today
05/02/2006 OAS denounces rights policies of Venezuela, Cuba
05/02/2006 Democratic governance gauge for U.S.-Latin America relations
05/02/2006 Alianza Binational Center announces new theatre season
05/01/2006 Uruguayan President Vazquez to address Council of the Americas Conference
April 2006
04/29/2006 Impersonator joins president Bush at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
04/28/2006 USTR removes Uruguay from Special 301 Watch List
04/28/2006 Photo Op: Science students travel to Indianapolis
04/28/2006 Journalist's role more important than ever, expert says
04/28/2006 World Press Freedom Day Builds on Tradition of Independent Media
04/28/2006 Report finds terror threat generally low in Western Hemisphere
04/28/2006 State releases 2005 Country Reports on Terrorism
04/27/2006 U.N. report projects favorable outlook for economies of Latin America, Caribbean
04/27/2006 State's Hughes hosts "Three Faiths, One God" screening and discussion
04/27/2006 Interactive webcast with Jazz Appreciation Month founder John Hasse
04/27/2006 Student exchange group from Texas visits U.S. Embassy in Montevideo
04/26/2006 Bush names journalist Tony Snow as new Press Secretary
04/26/2006 Tourism industry urged to act against child sexual exploitation
04/26/2006 Censorship and online filtering on the Internet
04/26/2006 Bush observes Armenian Remembrance Day, calls for dialogue
04/25/2006 Fund of the Americas awards grants for social and environmental projects in Uruguay
04/25/2006 Law enforcement in Americas requires coordination, says Gonzales
04/25/2006 Human trafficking a global problem, U.N. report says
04/25/2006 Law enforcement, industry team up to fight Internet crime
04/25/2006 Enforcement of "insult" laws declining in Western Hemisphere
04/25/2006 IMF reports find strong economic growth in Latin America, Caribbean
04/25/2006 Remittances by U.S. immigrants fuel local economies in their home countries
04/24/2006 Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez to visit White House May 4
04/24/2006 OAS launches new website against human trafficking in the Americas
04/24/2006 Senior Counselors inspire Junior Achievers
03/24/2006 U.S. law professor Keith Hey lectures at Montevideo University
03/24/2006 Murrow program journalists see American media in action
04/21/2006 April 22 is Earth Day 2006
04/21/2006 Uruguayan family gardens receive seeds from Minnesota
04/21/2006 U.S. reaches out to young democracies in Latin America, Rice says
04/21/2006 United States steps up enforcement of immigration laws
04/20/2006 President Bush welcomes Chinese President Hu Jintao to the White House
04/19/2006 DAO Operations Assistant Brian Shanley awarded Joint Service Commendation Medal
04/19/2006 State Department releases January 1969-July 1970 Foreign Relations volume
04/18/2006 Bush announces changes for Trade Representative, Budget Director
04/18/2006 Pulitzer Prizes honor achievement in journalism, creative arts
04/13/2006 Peru, United States sign comprehensive Free Trade Agreement
04/11/2006 American private giving outpaces U.S. government aid, report says
04/10/2006 Tens of thousands demonstrate across the U.S. over immigration reform
04/08/2006 Immigration is "the sign of a confident and successful nation," Bush says
04/07/2006 Sesame Street educates and entertains internationally
04/06/2006 U.S. launches major fight against immigration document fraud
04/06/2006 U.S.-Uruguay Trade and Investment Commission set goals for 2006
04/05/2006 U.S. support for Latin America democracy, human rights detailed
04/05/2006 New Human Rights and Democracy report highlights U.S. efforts
04/05/2006 President Bush urges Senate to pass U.S.-Uruguay Bilateral Investment Treaty
04/04/2006 International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
04/04/2006 U.S. Attorney General calls law enforcement key to immigration reform
04/04/2006 Poverty reduction, jobs key for Latin America, official says
04/04/2006 Private sector a priority for Inter-American Bank, says U.S.
04/01/2006 Secretary Rice interviewed by BBC, Lancashire Evening Telegraph in Great Britain
March 2006
03/31/2006 U.S. Treasury official to explore poverty-reduction in Latin America
03/30/2006 State's Hughes outlines public diplomacy initiatives
03/30/2006 The Peace Corps, 45 and growing, plans to serve more nations
03/29/2006 Caspar Weinberger dead at 88
03/29/2006 Wildwood students to work with Uruguayan volunteer organization
03/27/2006 University of North Carolina delegation visits Uruguay
03/27/2006 Fact sheet: Immigration Reform Proposal
03/27/2006 Bush urges civil, dignified debate on immigration reform
03/27/2006 North American officials reiterate commitment to NAFTA, affirm support for FTAA
03/27/2006 Religious freedom at core of democratic development, Rice says
03/27/2006 Immigration reform: America a nation of immigrants and of laws, Bush says
03/27/2006 English Teaching Assistants ready to lend a helping hand
03/24/2006 American support for soccer steadily growing
03/23/2006 Rice calls upon Afghan leaders to embrace principles of freedom
03/23/2006 Securing America through immigration reform
03/22/2006 Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico visits Uruguay
03/21/2006 President Bush's White House Press Conference
03/21/2006 Rumsfeld describes achievements in Iraq
03/21/2006 35 Uruguayan teachers conclude Fulbright exchange visit to the U.S.
03/21/2006 Minnesota Partners delegation visits "Free Butterflies" project
03/20/2006 Uruguayan journalist to attend workshop at Columbia University
03/20/2006 Fact sheet: Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI)
03/20/2006 Fact sheet: 2006 National Security Strategy
03/17/2006 United States advocates major expansion of nuclear energy
03/16/2006 Inter-American Defense Board becomes OAS agency
03/16/2006 U.S. professors to participate in University of Montevideo's U.S. Law Program
03/15/2006 Minnesota prison experts host seminar on inmate rehabilitation
03/14/2006 U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay set effort on financial crimes
03/14/2006 U.N.-Canada agreement adds to U.S. effort to fund reform of Haiti's justice system
03/13/2006 President Bush discusses freedom and democracy in Iraq
03/13/2006 Photo feature: Sunbathers in Playa Ramirez enjoy last days of summer as local time falls back one hour
03/11/2006 Photo Op: Uruguay President Tabare Vazquez and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met in Santiago
03/11/2006 Secretary Rice attends inauguration of Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet
03/11/2006 U.S.-Uruguay panel on Trade and Investment to meet April 3-4
03/10/2006 Photo feature: Sunbathers in Playa Ramirez enjoy last days of summer
03/10/2006 America goes green for St. Patrick's Day
03/09/2006 Gordon Parks dead at 93
03/08/2006 State Department releases 2005 Human Rights Country Reports
03/08/2006 U.S. Celebrates 95th Anniversary of International Women's Day
03/08/2006 200 English language scholarships for public high school students announced
03/07/2006 State's Dobriansky welcomes delegates on eve of International Women's Day
03/06/2006 Under Secretary Karen Hughes to travel to Latin America
03/06/2006 State Department to release annual human rights report
03/06/2006 President Bush proclaims March 2006 Women's History Month
03/06/2006 Uruguay experiencing continued economic upturn
03/04/2006 Draft U.N report on Guantanamo unfounded, Rumsfeld says
03/03/2006 Americans breaking out of their English-only shells
03/03/2006 Peace Corps celebrates 45 years of service to developing nations
03/02/2006 Redesigned $10 note entered circulation today
03/02/2006 Nuclear proliferation second only to terrorism as danger to United States
03/02/2006 Secretary Rice to attend President Michelle Bachelet's inauguration
03/02/2006 Report on global narcotics trade issued
03/01/2006 United States issuing new electronic passports in pilot program
03/01/2006 Inter-American group says half of world's migrants are women
03/01/2006 March 2006 proclaimed Irish American Heritage Month
February 2006
02/28/2006 African, Native American cultures mix in New Orleans Mardi Gras
02/27/2006 U.S. announces completion of Free-Trade Agreement with Colombia
02/24/2006 80th celebration of African American History Month
02/24/2006 U.S., Japan, and Puerto Rico to host world baseball event
02/24/2006 Latino contributions to Major League Baseball exhibited in U.S.
02/24/2006 U.S. wants zero tolerance for sexual abuse in U.N. missions
02/24/2006 Federal Response to Katrina: Lessons Learned
02/23/2006 Uruguayan Flag Found In Rubble of 9/11 Terrorist Attack
02/23/2006 State's Hughes says Guantanamo detainees treated humanely
02/23/2006 U.S. officials to attend anti-money laundering conference
02/21/2006 Americans increasingly opposed to smoking in public places
02/21/2006 English Teaching Specialist Motivates Uruguayan Public School Teachers
02/21/2006 U.S. Embassy's naval officer receives Joint Service Achievement medal
02/21/2006 Copyright protection vital to promoting cultural diversity
02/17/2006 Presidents' Day and Washington's Birthday
02/17/2006 Photo feature: The U.S. Embassy Montevideo under the watchful eye of president George Washington's statue
02/17/2006 Photo feature: The U.S. Embassy Montevideo seen from Belloni's Nuevos Rumbos monument
02/17/2006 Americans fearlessly communicate with their Head of State
02/17/2006 State's Hughes praises "Citizen Diplomats"
02/17/2006 World Bank calls for more aggressive Latin America poverty fight
02/17/2006 U.S. has prosecuted Abu Ghraib abuses shown in newly published photos
02/17/2006 U.S. professors work to help create awareness of Afro Uruguayan culture
02/16/2006 Secretary Rice testifies before U.S. Congress on State Department's budget
02/15/2006 Internal Revenue Service taxpayer assistant to visit Montevideo
02/15/2006 U.S. to issue student visas 120 days ahead of start of classes
02/15/2006 Secretary of State establishes Global Internet Freedom Task Force
02/15/2006 Campaign spreads awareness of cardiovascular disease in women
02/14/2006 U.S. sugar program hurting consumers and foreign producers, report says
02/11/2006 Mrs. Bush, heading Olympic delegation, spreads message of goodwill
02/10/2006 United States, Europe share common vision for the Americas, Shannon says
02/10/2006 U.S. national soccer team preparing for World Cup tournament
02/09/2006 United Nations, United States aiding Bolivian flood victims
02/09/2006 U.S.-backed HIV/AIDS prevention activities reach 42 million
02/08/2006 Bush, Jordan's King Abdullah reject violence over cartoons
02/08/2006 Fulbright exchange teachers to visit schools in the U.S.
02/08/2006 Coretta King praised for "the wisdom and goodness of a life well lived"
02/07/2006 United States provides humanitarian relief to Bolivia
02/07/2006 Ben Bernanke takes Oath as Chairman of Federal Reserve Board
02/07/2006 Bush orders flags to half staff to honor Coretta Scott King
02/07/2006 New Orleans to host forum on investment in Latin America
02/07/2006 White House honors Dance Theatre of Harlem
02/03/2006 Super Bowl Sunday an "Unofficial Holiday for Millions"
02/02/2006 2006 Fulbright foreign student seminars to begin in nine U.S. cities
02/02/2006 Corruption taints health care, costs lives, study finds
02/01/2006 Americans celebrate Black History Month
02/01/2006 American Heart Month, 2006
02/01/2006 Fact sheet outlines main ideas of State of the Union speech
02/01/2006 Latin America said in best economic growth cycle in decades
02/01/2006 President Bush delivers State of the Union Address
January 2006
01/31/2006 Senate votes to confirm Judge Alito to Supreme Court
01/31/2006 Coretta Scott King dies at 78
01/30/2006 President Bush declares African American History Month
01/27/2006 Call for international documentaries for U.S. television
01/27/2006 "Plan Balboa" not a U.S. plan to invade Venezuela
01/25/2006 Photo feature: Tourism in Uruguay
01/25/2006 Photo feature: Tourism in Uruguay
01/25/2006 U.S. hails international partnership in migration management
01/24/2006 State of the Union Address scheduled for January 31
01/24/2006 Miami ICE nabs five in counterfeit goods scheme
01/23/2006 United States planning more free-trade negotiations in 2006
01/23/2006 English teachers from Uruguayan public schools to attend training Institute in Texas
01/23/2006 United States to participate in anti-money-laundering conference
01/23/2006 Equal Protection essential component of Rule of Law
01/23/2006 Robert Menendez takes oath as U.S. Senator
01/20/2006 U.S. will not release detainees in response to terrorists' demands
01/20/2006 United States to begin issuing new, secure passport cards in 2006
01/20/2006 Legendary performer Wilson Pickett dead at 64
01/19/2006 IMF gives positive assessment to the economy of Uruguay
01/19/2006 Randall Tobias named as new director of foreign assistance
01/19/2006 Student visas called "Top Priority"
01/19/2006 New challenges call for new diplomatic strategies, Rice says
01/18/2006 The Rule of Law Provides Foundation for Democracy
01/18/2006 U.N. meeting in Chile aims at promoting foreign investment in the Americas
01/18/2006 United States ready to work with all Latin American democracies
01/18/2006 Pursuing Free Trade Agreements
01/18/2006 Protecting Innovation in the Americas - Intellectual property fuels global economic growth, Wayne says
01/18/2006 U.S. agency awards funds for grassroots development in Uruguay
01/17/2006 U.S. congratulates Bachelet for winning Chilean Presidency
01/17/2006 New initiatives unveiled to ensure secure borders, open doors
01/17/2006 Bush honors civil rights activists on U.S. national holiday
01/16/2006 Bush proclaims January 16 Religious Freedom Day
01/16/2006 President Bush issues Martin Luther King Day Proclamation
01/13/2006 Americans celebrate achievements of Martin Luther King Jr.
01/13/2006 State's Shannon completes successful visit to Argentina
01/13/2006 Call for nominations in journalism awards for women
01/12/2006 Statements by U.S. Senator Mel Martinez made reference to investment treaty, not free trade agreement
01/11/2006 U.S. determined to fight human trafficking, Bush says, signing new law
01/11/2006 U.S. law enforcement steps up hunt for human traffickers
01/10/2006 U.S. teens wow fans at Punta del Este Jazz Festival
01/09/2006 Photo feature: Tourist Season Opens in Uruguay (Colonia's cobblestone streets)
01/09/2006 Photo feature: Tourist Season Opens in Uruguay (Ferry arriving to Colonia from Buenos Aires)
01/09/2006 U.S. eager to attract more foreign students, Rice says
01/09/2006 Laura Bush, State's Hughes announce student exchange initiatives
01/09/2006 University Presidents Summit on International Education underlines importance of education across boundaries
01/09/2006 Uruguayan Navy War College receives donation of computers
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