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December 2007
12/31/2007 Presidential Message on New Year’s Day, 2008
12/21/2007 Presidential Message on Christmas 2007
12/20/2007 Presidential Message on Eid al-Adha 2007
12/19/2007 Machine readable visa fee increase
12/19/2007 The embassy congratulates Fulbright awardees at 2007 closing ceremony
12/18/2007 Ambassador Frank Baxter congratulates Uruguay-U.S. Fulbright scholarship program
12/13/2007 Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao visits Uruguay
12/12/2007 Three Venezuelans and an Uruguayan national arrested in Miami
12/10/2007 Admiral James Stavridis to visit Uruguay
12/10/2007 State Department links violence against women, human rights
12/10/2007 Religious leaders condemn terrorist acts
12/10/2007 Presidential Proclamation on Human Rights Day
12/07/2007 Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao to visit Uruguay
12/06/2007 Presidential Message for Hanukkah 2007
12/05/2007 Trade pacts seen helping all sectors of Latin America, Caribbean
12/04/2007 Senate passage of the Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
12/04/2007 Fact Sheet: Free Trade Agreements and the Environment
12/04/2007 On-the-record briefing: Foreign Policy and Its Impact on the American Voter
12/04/2007 Public school students complete stay-in-school program
12/03/2007 2008 Diversity Visa Lottery winners announced
12/03/2007 National referendums do not always go the government’s way
12/03/2007 AIDS experts see hope, concerns in confronting virus
November 2007
11/30/2007 Democracy network created for the Americas
11/30/2007 Ambassador Baxter hosts International Education Week celebration
11/29/2007 Medical equipment donated to two major hospitals in Uruguay
11/28/2007 Time for Mideast peace is now, Bush tells Annapolis Conference
11/27/2007 Dozens of countries sign up for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008
11/26/2007 Ambassador Baxter rides for Uruguay's children
11/23/2007 U.S. photographer exhibits in Montevideo
11/21/2007 Ambassador Baxter's Thanksgiving Message
11/21/2007 Students host neighborhood Thanksgiving celebration
11/21/2007 World benefits from expansion of democracy
11/21/2007 Breast cancer fundraiser held at Ambassador’s residence
11/21/2007 Ohio to hold special election for Representative in Congress from 5th District
11/20/2007 Presidential Proclamation for Thanksgiving Day 2007
11/20/2007 U.S. student visas reach record numbers in 2007
11/20/2007 Ambassador Baxter presents new Public Affairs Officer
11/20/2007 Ambassador Baxter joins World Cup fever
11/20/2007 Ambassador Baxter's Op-Ed: U.S. Immigration Policy, Balanced and Fair
11/16/2007 McHappy Day: Big Macs for a good cause
11/15/2007 Ambassador Baxter discusses educational exchanges on live chat
11/16/2007 International Education Week Fact Sheet
11/16/2007 Rice remarks on International Education Week 2007
11/16/2007 Education Secretary Spellings on International Education Week
11/14/2007 Ambassador Baxter hosts Fulbright breakfast meeting
11/14/2007 2008 Global Undergraduate Exchange Program
11/13/2007 Ambassador Baxter's Op-Ed: International Education Week and Opportunities for Young People
11/13/2007 Operation Smile celebrates 25 years of changing lives
11/12/2007 Veterans Day honors those who served in U.S. military
11/12/2007 LEST WE FORGET: On Veterans Day we honor all who served the cause of freedom
11/08/2007 House of Representatives approves free trade pact with Peru
11/08/2007 Remarks by President Bush and Secretary Rice on House passage of U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
11/07/2007 Only best foreign students get U.S. scholarships, educator says
11/07/2007 International graduate enrollment increases at U.S. universities
11/07/2007 International students attracted to diplomacy website contest
11/05/2007 Award-winning website offers global collaboration on educational resources
11/05/2007 Ambassador Baxter participates in online interactive forum
11/05/2007 U.S. Navy still battles pirates on the high seas
11/01/2007 Microfinance group transforms lives of Latin American women
October 2007
10/31/2007 President Vazquez visits California
10/30/2007 State Department announces “Doors to Diplomacy” 2008 Web project competition
10/27/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the city of Melo
10/24/2007 President Bush discusses Cuba policy
10/24/2007 Youth Ambassador Program 2008 announced
10/19/2007 Ambassador Baxter attends opening of blueberry plant in Salto
10/17/2007 Ambassador Baxter hosts Southern Cone Chiefs of Mission Retreat
10/16/2007 President Bush seeks approval of free trade accords with Latin America
10/12/2007 Nobel Prize for Al Gore highlights new environmental awareness
10/12/2007 Nuclear threat, armed conflict reduction highest U.S. priority
10/12/2007 Hispanic Americans’ political clout expected to increase
10/12/2007 Hispanic Americans honored in Washington ceremony
10/11/2007 United States welcomes the outcome of the CAFTA referendum
10/10/2007 Commerce Secretary Gutierrez wraps up two-day visit to Uruguay
10/10/2007 Joint press conference by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez and Minister Lepra
10/10/2007 Remarks by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the Organization of American States
10/10/2007 Remarks by Commerce Secretary Gutierrez at Uruguayan-American Chamber of Commerce
10/09/2007 U.S.-Uruguay sign Letter of Intent on Innovation and Competitiveness
10/08/2007 U.S. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez visits Uruguay
10/08/2007 Three-part series about women serving their first terms in the Maryland General Assembly
10/04/2007 Diversity Visa applicants must meet eligibility requirements
10/04/2007 U.S. House passes historic Ramadan resolution
10/04/2007 Uruguay goes for third consecutive Silver Bowl victory
10/03/2007 Commerce Secretary Gutierrez to travel to Uruguay
10/03/2007 United States, international community must focus on climate change, Rice says
10/02/2007 One Laptop Per Child program has successful start in Florida
10/02/2007 Ambassador Baxter welcomes U.S. artists Jessica Snow and Anya Spielman
10/02/2007 U.S. artists Jessica Snow and Anya Spielman visit Uruguay
10/01/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the city of Florida
September 2007
09/29/2007 Ambassador Baxter's Op-Ed: Addressing the Generational Challenge of Global Climate Change
09/29/2007 TV series on Uruguay-U.S. bilateral trade launches its third season
09/27/2007 Students from Soriano win virtual enterprise contest
09/27/2007 2009 Diversity Visa Lottery registration to start October 3
09/27/2007 2008 Presidential Candidates
09/26/2007 President Bush’s speech to U.N. General Assembly
09/26/2007 2009 Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Instructions
09/25/2007 Freedom from violence, tyranny tops U.S. agenda for U.N. meeting
09/24/2007 USTDA grant to assist clean coal technology in Uruguay
09/24/2007 Remarks by Assistant Secretary Shannon at Conference on Dynamic Change in the 21st Century
09/21/2007 Circulation of new $5 bill scheduled for early '08
09/21/2007 Ambassador Baxter addresses FocoUruguay conference
09/20/2007 Many reporters worldwide face prison for criticizing leaders
09/20/2007 Remarks by State's Negroponte at American Chambers of Commerce Association Meeting
09/20/2007 Work is changing as U.S. companies go global
09/20/2007 United States promotes religious freedom worldwide
09/18/2007 Presidential Proclamation on National Hispanic Heritage Month
09/18/2007 Introduction to State Department’s Religious Freedom Report 2007
09/17/2007 Specialist on domestic violence Mary Beth Buchanan praises Uruguayan laws
09/14/2007 Ambassador Baxter announces opening of U.S. market for Uruguayan blueberries
09/14/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits blueberry growers stand at ExpoPrado 2007
09/12/2007 Fund of the Americas donation brings electricity to rural schools
09/11/2007 Partnerships help U.S., developing nations promote clean energy
09/11/2007 Victims of 9/11 tragedy remembered
09/07/2007 Study of the United States Institute for Student Leaders Program
09/06/2007 University of Oklahoma seeking reciprocal exchange partners in Uruguay
09/05/2007 U.S. political parties enjoy rich history
09/05/2007 U.S. YMCA representatives visit Uruguay
09/04/2007 YouTube redefines terms of presidential debates
09/04/2007 Youth programs NGO director meets with Ambassador Baxter
09/04/2007 BNC Mobile Library receives cash donation
August 2007
08/31/2007 English language teachers hone their skills
08/31/2007 Journalists gain allies in battle against “insult” laws
08/31/2007 Immigration seen adding 105 million to U.S. population by 2060
08/31/2007 Freedom of information laws burgeoning worldwide
08/31/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits Binational Center in Durazno
08/30/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits Uruguay’s largest frozen bakery products manufacturer
08/28/2007 U.S., Brazil continue advancing cooperation on biofuels
08/28/2007 World community condemns Iranian journalists' death sentences
08/28/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits Binational Center in Trinidad
08/24/2007 Immigrants infuse English language with dynamism
08/24/2007 Spanglish offers stepping-stone to English, professor says
08/24/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the Dr. Rodolfo Talice Nature and Wildlife Reserve
08/24/2007 Ambassador Baxter hosts luncheon for top Uruguayan importers of U.S. goods
08/23/2007 Virginia firefighters respond to Peruvian earthquake crisis
08/23/2007 American Indian regalia dazzles at National Powwow
08/17/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the city of Durazno
08/16/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the city of Trinidad
08/15/2007 Baseball icon Cal Ripken using sports to bridge cultures
08/10/2007 My Fair Lady opens at the Alianza Binational Center
08/09/2007 Journalism contest winners will travel to the U.S.
08/08/2007 Corporate social responsibility seen as smart business move
08/06/2007 U.S. Fulbright exchange teachers visit Uruguay
July 2007
07/31/2007 American Dream still alive and well for immigrants, report says
07/31/2007 Ambassador Baxter addresses conference on Afro-descendants in Latin America
07/30/2007 Press freedom in the Americas under attack
07/30/2007 ATSC Digital TV Forum in Montevideo
07/27/2007 B'nai B'rith officials meet with Ambassador Baxter
07/27/2007 "Virtual Enterprise" program kicks-off in Montevideo
07/25/2007 Religious freedom, economic opportunities among reasons for immigration
07/19/2007 Secretary Rice on democratic development in the Americas
07/17/2007 New toll-free access to Visa Information Service from anywhere in the U.S.
07/17/2007 U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson visits Uruguay
07/17/2007 Secretary Paulson's press availability with regional finance ministers
07/17/2007 Secretary Paulson's press roundtable in Montevideo
07/13/2007 Visit of Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns and Assistant Secretary Thomas Shannon
07/13/2007 Shannon meets with members of Uruguayan Senate and Foreign Relations Committee
07/12/2007 U.S. commits 120 thousand dollars to English language teaching in Uruguay
07/11/2007 Press briefing by Under Secretary Burns in Montevideo
07/10/2007 Secretary Rice delivers closing remarks at White House Conference on the Americas
07/09/2007 Healthy, educated, prosperous Americas in U.S. interests
07/09/2007 Fact Sheet: White House Conference on the Americas
07/09/2007 President Bush addresses White House Conference on the Americas
07/09/2007 State Department official to take questions on Western Hemisphere
07/06/2007 Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns to travel to Uruguay
07/06/2007 Paulson announces new Latin American and Caribbean initiative
07/05/2007 Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships
07/05/2007 International students welcome in America, officials say
07/04/2007 Celebrating Independence Day
07/04/2007 Ambassador and Mrs. Baxter host Independence Day celebration
07/03/2007 Ambassador Frank E. Baxter's Fourth of July Message
07/02/2007 Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to visit Uruguay
07/02/2007 U.S. students work and learn Spanish in Uruguay
June 2007
06/29/2007 U.S. professors lecture at Montevideana International Colloquium
06/29/2007 Ambassador Baxter honors Uruguay's founding father
06/29/2007 Ambassador Baxter joins Canada Day celebration
06/28/2007 CalArts president delivers conference at Uruguay's public university
06/27/2007 Islamic Center of Washington boasts a rich history
06/26/2007 Legion of Merit awarded to Uruguayan Air Force Colonel Francisco Alonso
06/22/2007 Ambassador Baxter participates in meeting of Uruguayan business managers
06/21/2007 U.S. law officers take new approach to combat prostitution
06/20/2007 President and Mrs. Bush to host White House Conference on the Americas
06/20/2007 Foreign players help San Antonio win basketball championship
06/18/2007 Bush orders deployment of USNS comfort to Western Hemisphere
06/18/2007 Science fair participants receive recognition awards
06/18/2007 Economic opportunity makes social justice possible, Gutierrez says
06/15/2007 New loan program for Latin America targets small businesses
06/15/2007 U.S. allies urged to move decisively against terrorism financing
06/15/2007 Nongovernmental groups key in battle against human trafficking
06/14/2007 U.S. condemns assassination of Lebanese Parliamentarian Walid Eido
06/13/2007 Flag Day and National Flag Week, 2007
06/13/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the city of Montevideo, Minnesota
06/13/2007 U.S. Department of State and mtvU unveil the first Fulbright-mtvU Fellowships
06/13/2007 Remarks by Treasury Secretary Paulson on supporting small business in the Americas
06/13/2007 U.S. Treasury proposal to expand small business lending in Latin America
06/13/2007 New U.S. Web site helps legal immigrants assimilate
06/13/2007 Bush dedicates memorial to victims of Communism
06/12/2007 Secretary Rice's remarks on release of Trafficking in Persons Report
06/12/2007 Heroes acting to end modern-day slavery
06/12/2007 2007 Trafficking in Persons Report released
06/12/2007 Argentine woman fights trafficking with indomitable hope
06/11/2007 U.S. commander addresses U.S. partnership with Latin America
06/11/2007 Bush urges broad support for immigration reform
06/08/2007 New U.S. anti-trafficking chief emphasizes partnerships
06/08/2007 State Department offers film program on trafficking in persons
06/08/2007 Free trade, aid help states transform themselves, Rice says
06/08/2007 G8 countries agree on process to address global warming
06/08/2007 Temporary travel flexibility within Western Hemisphere announced
06/08/2007 Legal adviser affirms U.S. commitment to international law
06/07/2007 American football is a growing sport in Uruguay
06/07/2007 Rice praises cooperation from "tri-border" nations in terrorism fight
06/07/2007 Transparency International issues new report on global corruption
06/07/2007 Renewable energy powers local economies in South America
06/07/2007 Students from 51 countries compete in science fair
06/06/2007 Uruguayan students awarded prize at Intel's science fair
06/05/2007 Proposed rule for importation of blueberries from Uruguay published
06/05/2007 Guantanamo detainees afforded constitutional rights under U.S. Law, spokesman says
06/05/2007 Young political leaders from the U.S. visit Uruguay
06/05/2007 Softball keeps youngsters motivated and off the streets
06/05/2007 U.S. urges probe of Venezuela press restrictions
06/04/2007 Democracies must speak out for democratic practices, Rice says
06/01/2007 Candidates sought for 2007 Gus Hart Visiting Fellowship
06/01/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the city of Mercedes
06/01/2007 President Bush seeks new international framework on climate change
06/01/2007 President Bush outlines U.S. development agenda
May 2007
05/31/2007 President Bush announces billions for HIV/AIDS plan
05/31/2007 New State Department journal explores terrorist psychology
05/30/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits the city of Minas
05/30/2007 U.S., others critical of shutdown of Venezuelan TV station
05/29/2007 U.S. concerned about freedom of expression in Venezuela
05/29/2007 2007 Doors to Diplomacy award winners announced
05/29/2007 Officials urge Congress to modernize, expand Visa Waiver Program
05/29/2007 United States fights global decline in political freedom
05/29/2007 Teaching civil-military relations enhances democracy
05/29/2007 President Bush honors U.S. war dead at Memorial Day ceremony
05/29/2007 U.S. groups donate bicycles to aid poor in other nations
05/24/2007 Presidential Proclamation for Memorial Day, Prayer for Peace 2007
05/24/2007 Bush urges support for immigration reform plan
05/24/2007 United States is largest donor of foreign aid, report says
05/23/2007 UNESCO can spread good governance, State’s Negroponte says
05/23/2007 Marshall Plan seen as model for well-run, short-lived program
05/22/2007 Marshall Plan placed Europe on path toward unity
05/21/2007 Marshall Plan for rebuilding Europe still echoes after 60 years
05/19/2007 Bush praises compromise agreement on immigration reform
05/19/2007 Proposed immigration reform would change U.S. visa system
05/17/2007 Key U.S. senators reach bipartisan agreement on immigration
05/15/2007 Governments, private groups work to end child slavery
05/14/2007 U.S. draft law would toughen penalties against counterfeit goods
05/14/2007 Ambassador Baxter announces $50,000 disaster assistance for Uruguay
05/14/2007 Jamestown laid foundations for American democracy, Bush says
05/14/2007 President Bush supports comprehensive immigration reform
05/14/2007 Deal with Congress likely to advance free trade agreements
05/11/2007 Uruguay-U.S. sign DNA investigation agreement
05/10/2007 Queen Elizabeth II honored at White House State Dinner
05/10/2007 Free-Trade deals help Latin American nations boost democracy
05/09/2007 U.S. Government presence grows in Second Life online world
05/09/2007 20 nations confirmed to participate in Americas Competitiveness Forum
05/09/2007 Ambassador Baxter hosts presentation by Prof. Andrew Hargreaves
05/09/2007 Cochran Fellows reception
05/08/2007 President Bush welcomes Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to White House
05/08/2007 National Parks DVC
05/08/2007 Threats increasing to free speech on the Internet
05/08/2007 Abilene Christian University visit
05/07/2007 English teacher training specialist visits Uruguay
05/02/2007 Threat of major terror attack in Americas remains low
05/02/2007 State Department releases its Country Reports on Terrorism 2006
05/02/2007 Intellectual property violations expanding globally, report says
05/02/2007 U.N. body approves resolution to criminalize child exploitation
05/02/2007 Freedom of the press endangered in many countries
April 2007
04/30/2007 Ambassador and Mrs. Baxter Visit the USS Mitscher
04/30/2007 IMF completes final reviews under Uruguay's Stand-By Arrangement
04/30/2007 All countries can gain from globalization, strong institutions
04/28/2007 USS Mitscher visits Montevideo
04/27/2007 Opera From the Met simulcast: Il Trittico
04/27/2007 Copyright violations threaten cultural diversity
04/27/2007 Citizen’s almanac introduces new Americans to nation’s symbols
04/26/2007 Earth Day International Art Contest winners announced
04/26/2007 United States recognizes "Malaria Awareness Day" April 25
04/26/2007 U.N. Crime Commission seeks to protect children from trafficking
04/26/2007 Resources, better coordination needed to fight human trafficking
04/25/2007 Film portrays gruesome realities of human trafficking
04/25/2007 U.S. seeks to intensify global fight against child exploitation
04/24/2007 Four “Americans by Choice” honored as 50 new citizens sworn in
04/24/2007 U.S. praises Cuban opposition’s call for democracy in Cuba
04/24/2007 President and Mrs. Bush saddened by the death of former Russian president Boris Yeltsin
04/24/2007 Repeal of “Insult” laws crucial for press freedom
04/24/2007 Ambassador Baxter visits Tacuarembo
04/24/2007 Photo Op: Regional English Language Officer Joelle Uzarski
04/20/2007 Earth Day 2007
04/20/2007 Opera From the Met simulcast: Giulio Cesare
04/20/2007 Ambassador Baxter hosts reception for returning Fulbright exchange teachers
04/20/2007 Fulbright Regional Enhancement Seminar
04/19/2007 Virginia Tech victims include international students, scholars
04/19/2007 Democracy and development intrinsically linked, Rice says
04/18/2007 United States mourns shooting deaths at Virginia Tech
04/18/2007 International student applications to U.S. graduate schools rise
04/18/2007 Rotarians visit the Embassy
04/17/2007 Environmental protection vital part of U.S. trade policy
04/16/2007 Blues Concert in Melo
04/12/2007 Opera From the Met simulcast: Turandot
04/12/2007 2nd Annual Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists
04/12/2007 Protectionist trade policies seen as threat to workers
04/12/2007 U.S. satellite images of Earth help countries worldwide
04/11/2007 Secretary Rice cites importance of free press to democracy
04/11/2007 U.S. university students acting to slow climate change
04/09/2007 State Department releases new report on human rights and democracy
04/09/2007 Worldwide impact from climate change predicted
04/04/2007 PHOTO ESSAY: Spring at the Capitol
04/04/2007 Alianza BNC students graduate
04/04/2007 Uruguayan students prepare to lend a helping hand
04/04/2007 USDA-FSIS audits Uruguayan bovine slaughter inspection system
04/04/2007 Anti-corruption drive ensures best return on anti-poverty fund
04/02/2007 Muslims, Arab Americans welcome efforts to protect America
04/02/2007 Uruguayan vets receive free USDA-APHIS courses
March 2007
03/31/2007 Wildwood students ready to volunteer
03/26/2007 More U.S. students use vacations to volunteer in community service
03/24/2007 United States marks World Tuberculosis Day, March 24
03/24/2007 United States has global approach to aiding trafficking victims
03/24/2007 Famed cartoonist Joe Szabo visits Uruguay
03/23/2007 APHIS delegation reviews Uruguayan ovine meat production
03/22/2007 U.S. Treasury commends $3.4 billion debt relief initiative for Latin America’s poorest countries
03/22/2007 "The nations of Latin America and the Caribbean have the capacity to become engines of growth, opportunity, and poverty reduction for their own citizens," Treasury's Paulson says
03/20/2007 The Embassy Announces New Visa Information Service
03/20/2007 Bush sees hopeful signs on fourth anniversary of Iraq mission
03/19/2007 Redesign of State Department Consular Website
03/19/2007 Earth Day Art Contest for youth
03/17/2007 America celebrates St. Patrick's Day
03/16/2007 Opera from the Met on local radio stations
03/16/2007 RSS feature added to Federal Voting Assistance Program Website
03/16/2007 Governments seen flourishing with women included in leadership
03/10/2007 President Bush and President Vázquez participate in joint press availability
03/10/2007 Bush visits Uruguay to discuss importance of education, trade
03/10/2007 President Bush's Trip to Uruguay
03/09/2007 U.S. Commander addresses U.S. partnership with Latin America
03/08/2007 State’s Shannon discusses president Bush's trip to Latin America
03/07/2007 Roundtable interview of president Bush by Latin American journalists
03/07/2007 Strong property rights link to economic well-being, report says
03/06/2007 Humanitarian missions as important as combat for U.S. military
03/06/2007 State Department releases 2006 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
03/06/2007 U.S. committed to social justice in Latin America
03/06/2007 President Bush discusses Western Hemisphere policy
03/05/2007 Press briefing on the President's trip to Latin America
03/02/2007 Eisenhower Fellows visit the embassy
03/02/2007 Uruguay segment of the 2007 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
03/02/2007 State Department issues annual report on global drug trade
03/02/2007 State’s Shannon previews president Bush’s Latin America visit
03/02/2007 Free trade: U.S. Treasury Secretary warns against economic isolationism
03/02/2007 Foundation helps prepare youth for rapidly changing job market
03/01/2007 National Women's History Month
03/01/2007 U.S. climate change policies part of broader development agenda
03/01/2007 Volunteerism is integral part of U.S. culture
February 2007
02/28/2007 The embassy announces new Visa Information Service
02/24/2007 Global task force combats Internet child-sex predators
02/23/2007 New redress system helps travelers to the United States
02/21/2007 President Washington's 275th Birthday
02/21/2007 U.S. Trade Representative's remarks on Fast Track renewal
02/16/2007 Uruguay–Minnesota partnership member elected vice chair of international NGO
02/13/2007 Ending abuses of girl children theme of U.N. conference
02/13/2007 U.S. programs help prevent human trafficking overseas, provide victim services
02/13/2007 U.S. youth soccer team visits Uruguay
02/13/2007 Florida instructors work with Uruguayan police trainees
02/12/2007 State Department seen succeeding in facilitating travel
02/12/2007 Fighting human trafficking a U.S. governmentwide effort
02/12/2007 United States continues support for indigenous people worldwide
02/12/2007 United States honors achievements of naturalized citizens
02/09/2007 U.S. must enhance diplomatic resources to meet global challenges
02/08/2007 President Bush to visit Uruguay
02/08/2007 Bush to visit Latin America March 8–14
02/08/2007 Youth Ambassadors head home
02/06/2007 The President’s FY2008 Budget
02/05/2007 Americans Celebrate Black History Month
02/05/2007 Internet enables millions to watch Congress in action
02/05/2007 National Wear Red Day raises heart disease awareness
02/05/2007 International Visitors Program participants meet Ambassador Baxter
02/02/2007 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services proposes fee increases
02/01/2007 Bush asks Congress for continued trade negotiating authority
02/01/2007 Shannon stresses common concerns of Western Hemisphere nations
02/01/2007 Youth Ambassadors visit the U.S. Supreme Court
January 2007
01/31/2007 State Department nominee will push "Transformational Diplomacy"
01/31/2007 Youth Ambassadors embark on U.S. trip
01/30/2007 Black History Month tells story of determination and triumph
01/29/2007 Youth Ambassadors visit the White House
01/29/2007 Homeland Security’s Chertoff warns of nuclear terror threat
01/26/2007 Nominations open for the 2007 Cabot Prizes in journalism
01/26/2007 U.S. businesses pursue different strategies to fight counterfeiters
01/26/2007 White House outlines emergency plan for AIDS relief
01/25/2007 U.S.-Uruguay sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
01/25/2007 Members of Congress question Iraq plan, seek alternatives
01/24/2007 Bush calls for comprehensive immigration reform
01/24/2007 President Bush plans to strengthen America’s energy security
01/24/2007 Congressional Democrats to push labor issues in free trade talks
01/23/2007 Bush warns failure in Iraq would be “grievious and far reaching”
01/23/2007 2007 State of the Union Address
01/23/2007 State of the Union address outlines President’s agenda
01/23/2007 U.S. State Department reviews nations' anti-trafficking progress
01/23/2007 Biotech crop area jumped 60-fold in last decade, report says
01/23/2007 Job displacement tied to technology, but trade gets more blame
01/23/2007 Resistance to trade liberalization has deep political roots
01/23/2007 Erecting barriers to trade leaves people and countries worse off
01/23/2007 Expedited Appointment Program for business travel visas
01/23/2007 United Airlines promotes Capital Region USA travel
01/22/2007 Consular Leadership Day
01/22/2007 U.S. 2008 presidential election campaigns off to an early start
01/22/2007 First female Speaker to preside at State of the Union
01/19/2007 Congressional black caucus champions issues concerning minorities
01/19/2007 English teachers to attend Training in the U.S.A. program
01/19/2007 U.S. proud of immigrant tradition
01/19/2007 Nongovernmental groups advance humanitarian goals, human rights
01/19/2007 Developing countries benefit by opening markets to each other
01/19/2007 Potential gains from freeing global trade are substantial
01/18/2007 New electronic Journal: Benefits of Trade, Costs of Protectionism
01/17/2007 New free software will help close digital divide in education
01/17/2007 Latin American nationalization trend seen hindering progress
01/16/2007 Religious Freedom Day
01/14/2007 Americans Honor The Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
01/11/2007 Rice announces new public diplomacy award for private sector
01/11/2007 Congressional leaders pledge bipartisan immigration reform effort
01/08/2007 Ambassador Baxter's first visit to the interior
01/08/2007 Bush steadfast on free-trade agenda, Commerce Secretary says
01/08/2007 110th Congress brings new leadership to Senate
01/06/2007 Career diplomat nominated as Deputy Secretary of State
01/06/2007 Trade, energy, agriculture to be focus of Senate economic committees
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