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December 2008
12/31/2008 Barack Obama’s Cabinet selections complete
12/31/2008 Future of U.S. diplomacy in the Americas
12/24/2008 Ambassador and Mrs. Baxter wish everyone a happy Holiday Season
12/24/2008 Presidential Message on Christmas 2008
12/24/2008 Inauguration celebrates continuity of American democracy
12/24/2008 Obama to expand volunteerism to meet global, domestic challenges
12/24/2008 Immigrants from 23 nations become citizens at National Archives
12/23/2008 American foundations pledge continued international giving
12/23/2008 International struggle against piracy
12/23/2008 U.S. fosters strong relationships in Latin America: Secretary Rice
12/23/2008 Staying true to the promotion of democracy (Rice interview with Robert McMahon of Council on Foreign Relations)
12/23/2008 Americans celebrate Christmas with many traditions
12/22/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits Santa's Village
12/22/2008 Embassy delegation visits SOS Children's Village near Montevideo
12/19/2008 U.S. launched deliberate, comprehensive plan against terrorism
12/19/2008 Obama will have to work with Congress to implement proposals
12/18/2008 U.S. college students offer innovations in global sustainability
12/18/2008 Youth Ambassador wins laptop in State Alumni draw
12/18/2008 The U.S. embassies' role in disaster relief
12/17/2008 Kennedy Center Awards recognize excellence in performing arts
12/17/2008 Advisers and the U.S. Presidency
12/16/2008 U.S. official will discuss Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas
12/16/2008 Diversifying U.S. energy supply and confronting climate change
12/15/2008 Senate report examines detainee abuses
12/15/2008 Compassionate Activism: An American Legacy (Essay by Andrew Bobo, Grade 12, Grace Preparatory Academy)
12/15/2008 Obama team, congressional leaders work on economic recovery plan
12/15/2008 Secretary Rice discusses Free Trade
12/15/2008 Countries that give to poor urged to monitor global economy
12/15/2008 Missouri State Representative Rachel Storch vists Uruguay
12/15/2008 Louisiana Republican to be first Vietnamese American in Congress
12/15/2008 The many faces and facets of Abraham Lincoln
12/12/2008 Nations plan more than $1 trillion in stimulus spending
12/11/2008 Gates discusses security challenges facing Obama
12/11/2008 Awards to cyberdissidents highlight problem of censorship
12/11/2008 Announcement of Pathways to Prosperity Education Initiative
12/11/2008 Summit of the Americas highlights U.S. commitment to hemisphere
12/11/2008 Rice remarks at Pathways to Prosperity meeting in Panama
12/11/2008 2009 Presidential Inauguration - Preliminary schedule of official events
12/11/2008 New U.S. coin series to honor American Indians
12/10/2008 International community focuses on combating piracy
12/10/2008 Statement on International Human Rights Day
12/10/2008 Kids celebrate diversity and tolerance by “mixing it up” at lunch
12/10/2008 United States committed to worldwide cultural preservation
12/09/2008 International Human Rights Day Awards
12/09/2008 Common economic concerns connect Western Hemispheric nations
12/09/2008 Ministers will meet in Panama to promote trade initiative
12/09/2008 Statement on Secretary Rice’s trip to Panama December 9–10
12/09/2008 World economy turns on U.S. consumer behavior, and it is changing
12/09/2008 Nations work to develop safeguards for traditional medicine
12/08/2008 Maryland children use their skills to help children worldwide
12/08/2008 Road to the White House (Transition to the Obama administration)
12/08/2008 Scripps research vessel Roger Revelle visits Montevideo
12/05/2008 Ambassador Baxter participates in interactive online discussion
12/05/2008 Shannon: New U.S. Partnership in the Americas Is Bush Legacy to Obama
12/04/2008 Habitat for Humanity: U.S. volunteerism addressing global poverty
12/04/2008 Bill Richardson selected as Obama’s Commerce Secretary
12/04/2008 December 11 webchat: scholar will discuss citizen action in the fight for human rights
12/04/2008 Biological terrorism threat is increasing, report says
12/03/2008 Media awards put spotlight on human rights
12/03/2008 Doctors, engineers deliver aid on three-month tour in Americas
12/03/2008 People use social networking to fight violence, extremism
12/03/2008 Young people mobilize against violence and oppression
12/03/2008 Obama announces his choice for U.S. Attorney General
12/02/2008 ExchangesConnect online video contest
12/02/2008 Hillary Clinton is Obama’s pick to head State Department
12/01/2008 Western Hemisphere ambassadors will participate in forum
12/01/2008 National Security Team announced by Obama
12/01/2008 U.S. leaders celebrate life on World AIDS Day
November 2008
11/28/2008 President-elect Obama forms new Economic Advisory Board
11/27/2008 Annual White House Turkey Ceremony
11/26/2008 Thanksgiving Day a time for reflection, gratitude, sharing
11/26/2008 Mrs. Baxter invited on Uruguayan national TV to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey
11/26/2008 Briefing 2.0: November 20, 2008
11/26/2008 Online higher education gets high marks from educators
11/26/2008 College known for welcoming immigrants, new students
11/26/2008 Office of Management and Budget Director-designate Peter R. Orszag
11/26/2008 President-elect Obama selects Federal Budget director
11/25/2008 Secretary of Treasury-designate Timothy F. Geithner
11/25/2008 Bush optimistic about overcoming global financial problems
11/25/2008 President-elect Obama announces top economic advisers
11/25/2008 Domestic violence seen as worldwide problem
11/24/2008 Presidential Proclamation on Thanksgiving Day
11/24/2008 Fact sheet on the APEC Leaders Meeting
11/24/2008 Dean of Haas School of Business Tom Campbell visits Uruguay
11/24/2008 Webchat will explore ways youth can end violence using technology
11/24/2008 Press reporting cabinet picks without official confirmations
11/21/2008 New website provides info on intercountry adoption of children
11/21/2008 Announcement on Alliance of Youth Movements Summit, December 3-5
11/20/2008 Deputy Chief of Mission Matthewman visits Rivera
11/20/2008 Cornell College, University of Montevideo sign cooperation agreement
11/19/2008 Corporate volunteerism benefits the most needy
11/19/2008 CNN's Gabriela Frias launches Entrepreneurship Week in Uruguay
11/18/2008 Economist discusses causes of global economic downturn
11/18/2008 International student enrollment at U.S. colleges breaks records
11/18/2008 Dozens of advisers will guide next U.S. president
11/18/2008 Obama will appoint thousands to government positions
11/18/2008 Obama team severely restricts role of lobbyists in transition
11/17/2008 Asia-Pacific Summit to focus on global economic recovery
11/17/2008 Large world economies agree to boost growth, tackle crisis
11/17/2008 Flipping burgers for a good cause on McHappy Day
11/15/2008 President-elect and Mrs. Obama visit the White House
11/14/2008 Transitioning to the next American Presidency
11/14/2008 Ambassador Baxter attends Capitan Miranda's arrival to home port
11/14/2008 Washington to host international neuroscience meeting
11/13/2008 2009 Youth Ambassador Program
11/12/2008 State Department announces “Doors to Diplomacy” 2009 Web project competition
11/12/2008 Uruguayan scientist wins international neurobiology prize
11/12/2008 Honoring all who served the cause of peace and security
11/10/2008 On Veterans Day we honor all who served the cause of freedom
11/08/2008 President Bush discusses the presidential transition
11/07/2008 Obama foreign policy may be rooted in multilateral diplomacy
11/07/2008 Barack Obama - An American Life
11/07/2008 Paez Vilaro donates 9/11 painting to NYC Fire Department
11/07/2008 U.S. lumber company helps boost safety standards in Uruguay
11/06/2008 Gus Hart Fellowship November 28 deadline approaching
11/06/2008 U.S. Fulbright recipients present research and teaching projects
11/05/2008 World celebrates Barack Obama’s historic win
11/05/2008 Hemispheric agenda aims to employ youth, engage civil society
11/05/2008 U.S. honors contributions of American Indians, Alaska Natives
11/05/2008 Presidential Proclamation on Veterans Day 2008
11/05/2008 Barack Obama wins historic election victory
11/04/2008 Election Day coverage from the Ambassador's Residence
11/03/2008 What to expect as Americans head to the polls November 4
11/03/2008 MBA scholarships in the United States
October 2008
10/31/2008 Children, adults celebrate Halloween
10/28/2008 U.S. democracy has “come a long way,” State’s Glassman says
10/28/2008 Law careers in human rights are growing, trial attorney says
10/27/2008 Business administration students travel to the U.S.
10/27/2008 Librarians discuss library services for youth audiences
10/23/2008 Hall of the Americas inaugurated at Colegio José Pedro Varela
10/23/2008 Obama, McCain advisers discuss nominees' views on Latin America
10/22/2008 McGovern, Dole honored for feeding the hungry
10/22/2008 White House conference to showcase successes in development aid
10/21/2008 World looking to America for leadership, Colin Powell says
10/21/2008 Russian overtures to Venezuela not a threat, U.S. official says
10/21/2008 CA Current
10/20/2008 Ambassador Baxter's book review: What’s Your Brand?
10/20/2008 Major countries consider new global financial order
10/20/2008 President Bush discusses the Visa Waiver Program
10/17/2008 2009 Global Undergraduate Exchange Program
10/17/2008 Fulbright announces awardees of 2009 Teacher Exchange Program
10/16/2008 Ambassador Baxter joins blueberry harvest celebration in Salto
10/15/2008 Ambassador Baxter participates in softball event with San Luis Cardenales
10/14/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits La Amarilla public school in Salto
10/14/2008 Latin America adjusting to world financial turmoil
10/10/2008 2009 Gus Hart Visiting Fellowship
10/10/2008 Columbus Day commemorates explorer’s arrival in New World
10/10/2008 Promotion of Democracy
10/09/2008 2008 Virtual Enterprise contest winners announced
10/09/2008 Increase in American soccer players bolsters professional league
10/09/2008 Guests discuss impact of U.S. electoral process on Latin America
10/03/2008 Policy researchers support financial plan, with reservations
10/03/2008 Presidential candidates' positions regarding overseas Americans
10/02/2008 United States and Uruguay further advance bilateral trade relations
10/02/2008 Widespread hunger poses national security threat
10/01/2008 Diversity Visa applicants must meet eligibility requirements
10/01/2008 U.S., Uruguay sign energy cooperation agreement
10/01/2008 Venezuelan president further silencing dissent
10/01/2008 Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce hosts Ambassador Baxter
10/01/2008 2010 Diversity Visa Lottery program registration opens October 2
September 2008
09/30/2008 Study of the United States Institute for Student Leaders 2009 program
09/30/2008 CalArts' Frank Terry visits Uruguay
09/30/2008 Corruption worldwide remains high despite reforms
09/30/2008 U.S. officials brief on Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas initiative
09/29/2008 Uruguay Minister of Foreign Affairs Gonzalo Fernandez, rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell
09/29/2008 Presidential Message on Rosh Hashanah
09/29/2008 No clear winner in first presidential debate
09/26/2008 Large audiences expected for televised presidential debates
09/25/2008 Uruguay, U.S. sign narcotics control agreement
09/25/2008 United States boosts aid for Haiti storm relief to $29 million
09/25/2008 U.S., 11 other Western Hemisphere nations launch trade initiative
09/24/2008 Bush discusses free trade with Western Hemisphere leaders
09/23/2008 Bush makes eighth and final U.N. appearance
09/23/2008 U.S.-funded cancer research program in Uruguay
09/23/2008 Major drug transit or illicit drug producing countries
09/22/2008 U.S. religious freedom owes debt to colonists’ radical document
09/22/2008 State Department releases International Religious Freedom Report
09/19/2008 Rice speech on U.S.-Russia relations
09/19/2008 Kids help design International Children’s Digital Library
09/19/2008 Minnesota group donates seeds for vegetable gardens
09/18/2008 Deputy Chief of Mission Matthewman visits Colonia
09/18/2008 Announcement on additional $9 million in aid to Haiti
09/17/2008 Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen
09/17/2008 Your Voice. Your video. Democracy Video Challenge
09/17/2008 U.S. Embassy Montevideo hosts alternative energy expert
09/16/2008 Uruguay hosts peacekeeping operations exercise
09/16/2008 U.S. provides $19.5 million to help Haiti recover from storms
09/16/2008 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
09/15/2008 Latin Jazz stamp brightens up Hispanic Heritage Month
09/15/2008 Presidential Proclamation on National Hispanic Heritage Month
09/15/2008 World to observe first International Day of Democracy
09/12/2008 Ambassador Baxter praises U.S. disaster relief in the Caribbean
09/12/2008 Expulsion of U.S. Ambassadors to Venezuela and Bolivia
09/12/2008 State Department Iftaar Dinner
09/11/2008 Victims of 9/11 attacks remembered at Pentagon
09/10/2008 Western Hemisphere nations consider disaster response
09/10/2008 United States aids Caribbean victims of natural disasters
09/09/2008 The embassy participates in San Jose book fair
09/09/2008 Remarks by U.S. Attorney General at National Conference on Human Trafficking
09/09/2008 Memorial to September 11 victims graces Pentagon landscape
09/09/2008 Presidential Proclamation on 2008 Patriot Day
09/09/2008 United States helps fight HIV/AIDS in Latin America
09/08/2008 Ambassador Baxter welcomes U.S. congressional delegation to Uruguay
09/08/2008 Obama, McCain offer stark contrasts on Latin America policy
09/06/2008 Summit promotes security, prosperity, democracy, say officials
09/05/2008 John McCain formally accepts Republican Presidential Nomination
09/05/2008 Weyerhaeuser Uruguay named finalist for Corporate Excellence Award
09/04/2008 Republicans nominate John McCain for President
09/04/2008 Political spirit returns to Republican National Convention
09/04/2008 United States pledges $1 billion to rebuild Georgia
09/04/2008 Democracy Video Challenge
09/04/2008 NASDAQ director Hernan Lopez visits Uruguay
09/02/2008 Republican Party quietly opens national convention
09/02/2008 Western Hemisphere nations gather to discuss regional security
09/02/2008 U.S. Muslims mark the beginning of Ramadan
August 2008
08/29/2008 Competitiveness forum raises Uruguay's profile in the Americas
08/29/2008 Barack Obama accepts presidential nomination
08/28/2008 U.S. election helping America’s image worldwide
08/28/2008 Democrats formally nominate Barack Obama for U.S. Presidency
08/28/2008 Hillary Clinton encourages supporters to back Barack Obama
08/28/2008 Former president helps Democratic Party unite behind Obama
08/28/2008 Major medical nonprofit grew from response to Minnesota disaster
08/27/2008 Ambassador Baxter Accompanies Uruguay Delegation to Atlanta Forum
08/27/2008 Opening night of Democratic Convention celebrates Obama’s story
08/27/2008 Ambassador and Mrs. Baxter visit the Alianza Binational Center in Salto
08/26/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits Paysandu
08/22/2008 Next U.S. president unlikely to alter U.S. Latin America policy
08/22/2008 Harnessing creativity vital to economic growth
08/22/2008 International students getting more graduate program offers
08/22/2008 Immigration remains important campaign issue in United States
08/21/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits Salto
08/20/2008 Forum encourages Latin American colleges to add business courses
08/20/2008 Obama, McCain compete in wooing Hispanic voters
08/19/2008 Public-private partnerships maximize development assistance
08/19/2008 More U.S. relief headed for victims of Georgia conflict
08/18/2008 U.S. minorities will be the majority by 2042, Census Bureau says
08/15/2008 Free trade boosts Americas’ competitiveness in global market
08/12/2008 University of Richmond professor Jennifer Pribble visits Uruguay
08/11/2008 Globe-trotting Doo-wop singers from California visit Uruguay
08/11/2008 U.S. Olympic team reflects America’s global roots
08/08/2008 Remarks by U.S. Congressman Gregory Meeks at the 2008 Latin American Cities Conference in Montevideo
08/07/2008 Tenth anniversary of the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
08/07/2008 United States offers no refuge for human rights violators
08/05/2008 Fellowships at the National Endowment for Democracy
08/05/2008 Tobacco use a deadly choice for millions worldwide
08/05/2008 Roles of civil and military agencies in foreign assistance
08/05/2008 United States at “turning point” as voters go to polls November 4
08/05/2008 The blind can now use the Web from anywhere
08/04/2008 Public Affairs officer Robert Zimmerman discusses educational programs and exchanges
08/04/2008 U.S. team participates in regional youth soccer tournament
08/01/2008 PEPFAR reauthorization to combat global HIV/AIDS
08/01/2008 English language specialist visits Uruguay
July 2008
07/31/2008 Donation of books on honing debate and language skills
07/31/2008 Ambassador Baxter addresses Uruguay Marketing Association
07/29/2008 Thunderbird’s “MBA On-Demand” provides a global classroom
07/29/2008 Record number of overseas visitors coming to United States
07/25/2008 America must continue to stand for freedom, Bush says
07/25/2008 Clean-energy fuels create buzz on Capitol Hill
07/25/2008 New Emergency Operations Center inaugurated in Durazno
07/25/2008 Increased global trade depends on individual governments
07/24/2008 Worlwide Caution
07/24/2008 U.S. Fourth Fleet reborn to provide maritime security in Latin America
07/24/2008 U.S. humanitarian aid focuses on saving lives, not politics
07/24/2008 United States seeks improved relations with Venezuela
07/17/2008 Rice launches new Civilian Response Corps
07/14/2008 Undersecretary of State Paula Dobriansky visits Uruguay
07/11/2008 Innovative outreach to Spanish-speaking voters
07/10/2008 Special envoy on anti-Semitism visits Uruguay
07/10/2008 Soccer gaining mass following in the United States
07/10/2008 Watching soccer: a popular U.S. pastime
07/10/2008 Small Arms Destruction Day 2008
07/09/2008 Fulbright teaching assistants gather for regional seminar
07/09/2008 G8 Toyako Declaration on Environment and Climate Change
07/04/2008 Ambassador and Mrs. Baxter host Independence Day celebration
07/04/2008 Celebrating Independence Day
07/03/2008 Ambassador Baxter's Fourth of July message
07/03/2008 United States “delighted” by successful Colombian rescue mission
07/02/2008 Presidential message on Independence Day 2008
07/02/2008 Ambassador Baxter hosts Fourth of July concert
07/02/2008 More Americans are taking vacations that combine service with sightseeing
07/02/2008 Farmer-soldiers from Missouri help Afghan farmers modernize
June 2008
06/30/2008 Economists cite six factors for oil, food price hikes
06/30/2008 Hospital ship offers treatment in Southeast Asia, Pacific
06/30/2008 New book showcases writings of Afro-Uruguayan poet Jacinto Ventura de Molina
06/30/2008 U.S. Kingpin Act lowers global threat of drug traffickers
06/26/2008 World’s hungry fed through U.S. government programs
06/25/2008 Virtual enterprise competition for senior public high school students
06/24/2008 Chile, California strengthen ties in education, trade
06/24/2008 United States, European Union share similar policies for Cuba
06/20/2008 United States saves lives, improves livelihoods
06/20/2008 Protecting refugees a high U.S. priority
06/20/2008 U.S. statement on World Refugee Day
06/20/2008 U.S. Diplomacy in the Americas (Remarks by Thomas A. Shannon at Center for Hemispheric Policy)
06/20/2008 Exhibit showcases love-hate relationship between FBI and press
06/18/2008 Gay and Lesbian Pride Month celebrates diversity, liberty
06/18/2008 U.S. supports ambitious U.N. plan to combat global food crisis
06/18/2008 Convergence of food and fuel is “historic opportunity”
06/18/2008 Two former U.S. senators named 2008 World Food Prize recipients
06/18/2008 Reintegration a major issue for former child soldiers
06/18/2008 USA History in Brief: The Cold War, Korean Conflict, and Vietnam
06/17/2008 US Television producers meet with Ambassador Baxter
06/17/2008 Follow-up visit to Uruguay by sports physician Dr. Anthony Hackney
06/17/2008 College wins award for internationalization efforts
06/17/2008 Under Secretary Glassman reviews Pew survey of Global Attitudes
06/13/2008 Guantanamo detainees win right to challenge their detention
06/13/2008 Embassy's Pol-Econ Counselor receives Superior Honor Award
06/12/2008 U.S. statement on World Day Against Child Labor
06/12/2008 Europe 60 years after Marshall Plan
06/12/2008 Reports on America's International Image (The Decline in America's Reputation: Why?)
06/11/2008 How will candidates explain stances on meeting hostile leaders?
06/11/2008 Famine early warning system can predict food shortages
06/11/2008 Article: Free Markets and Democracy: The Cuban Experience
06/11/2008 2008 U.S.-European Union Summit Declaration
06/11/2008 Western Hemisphere meeting showcases progress in Colombia
06/10/2008 More weak economic growth lies ahead, economic forum predicts
06/10/2008 71 nations join to prevent nuclear terror attack
06/10/2008 New pre-travel authorization program for U.S.-bound visa-free travelers
06/06/2008 Uruguayan students participate in Global UGrad Program
06/06/2008 Actor Harrison Ford speaks out against wildlife trafficking
06/06/2008 Markets and Democracy article: The Role of Social Trust
06/05/2008 World Environment Day urges “Kick the Carbon Habit”
06/05/2008 World leaders debate on crop use for biofuels, food
06/05/2008 Reducing demand is key to curbing human trafficking, U.S. says
06/04/2008 Uruguay segment of the Trafficking in Persons Report 2008
06/04/2008 State Department releases 2008 Trafficking in Persons Report
06/04/2008 Presidential campaign enters new phase as primaries end
06/04/2008 Peacekeeping initiative aims to meet growing demand
06/03/2008 Deputy Secretary of State at the Organization of American States
06/03/2008 U.S. citizen donates 20 Alianza scholarships
06/03/2008 Election fraud difficult to detect, measure
06/02/2008 Press conference by State's Negroponte in Colombia
06/02/2008 Inter-American assembly aims to build democracy, reduce poverty
06/02/2008 Freedom’s Watchdog: The Press in the United States
May 2008
05/30/2008 Guide for new U.S. immigrants comes in 13 languages
05/29/2008 Nations endorse strengthened effort on containing weapons’ spread
05/29/2008 Weapons partnership has solid record of success, says Bush
05/28/2008 2008 Doors to Diplomacy award winners announced
05/28/2008 “Ethical” brands allow U.S. consumers to fight global poverty
05/21/2008 Democracy and Solidarity with the People of Cuba (Op-ed by Ambassador Frank E. Baxter)
05/21/2008 Remarks by President Bush on Cuba, marks Day of Solidarity
05/21/2008 Award-winning websites offer American History lessons
05/21/2008 Cuba Solidarity Day
05/21/2008 Memorial Day holiday honors American war dead
05/13/2008 First U.S. disaster aid shipment arrives in Burma
05/13/2008 Ellis Island honors immigrants to United States
05/12/2008 Earth Day celebration fosters students' awareness
05/12/2008 Latin American countries should develop new business sectors
05/09/2008 USS Farragut sailors participate in community relations activities while in Montevideo
05/09/2008 Democracy transforming the Americas, says Rice
05/09/2008 Burma aid is about saving lives, not politics, Rice says
05/08/2008 U.S. seeks social justice and security in the Americas, says Bush
05/08/2008 Education summit advances U.S. commitment to global development
05/08/2008 No Joke! Stand-up comedians battle intolerance
05/08/2008 Terrorism, crime often linked, says report
05/07/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits Treinta y Tres
05/06/2008 Citizen involvement in Summit of the Americas process expanding
05/06/2008 Bush asks Congress to approve $770 million more in food aid
05/06/2008 World population growth poses security challenges
05/05/2008 Cinco de Mayo shows the Americanization of a Mexican holiday
05/05/2008 Dozens of countries sign up for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008
05/05/2008 New exhibition resurrects legacy of groundbreaking photographer
05/02/2008 World Press Freedom Day supports journalists facing threats
05/02/2008 U.S. legal permanent residents Annual Flow Report
05/02/2008 New intercountry adoption standards implemented in United States
05/02/2008 Meeting of the U.S.-Uruguay Trade and Investment Council
April 2008
04/29/2008 2007 Country Reports on Terrorism released
04/29/2008 Ambassador Baxter's visit to Rocha
04/29/2008 The United States and Uruguay sign a Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement
04/29/2008 Public-private partnerships foster innovative solutions
04/28/2008 CalArts professors visit Uruguay
04/25/2008 Global killer malaria can be prevented, treated, cured
04/25/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits the Alianza Binational Center in Chuy
04/25/2008 Countries mount global campaign to combat product counterfeiting
04/25/2008 U.S. adopters of foreign orphans undergo tough scrutiny
04/24/2008 Intendant Esquerra greets Ambassador Baxter during brief stopover in Tacuarembo
04/24/2008 Trademarks -- not counterfeits -- create jobs, experts say
04/21/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits Artigas and Rivera in northern Uruguay
04/18/2008 25th anniversary of the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut
04/18/2008 Ambassador Baxter congratulates the 2008 Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program
04/17/2008 Pope Benedict’s first U.S. visit draws large, lively crowds
04/17/2008 Prepare for health effects of climate change, world experts urge
04/17/2008 Bush orders $200 million for emergency food relief
04/14/2008 NOAA ship Ronald H. Brown visits Montevideo
04/11/2008 Proclamation on Pan American Day, Pan American Week 2008
04/11/2008 Bush administration seeks $37 billion to bolster diplomacy
04/11/2008 Washington’s “Newseum” promotes free flow of information
04/11/2008 Newspaperman Ben Bradlee says good reporters dig for truth
04/11/2008 Former child soldier a beacon of hope to conflict survivors
04/10/2008 Alliance for a Drug-Free Uruguay unveils new ad campaign
04/09/2008 Child soldiers a national and global security issue, expert says
04/08/2008 Uruguayan scientists share Nobel Prize for research on climate change
04/08/2008 Op-ed by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Proposed U.S.-Colombia Trade Agreement
04/08/2008 State’s Shannon’s speech to Council of the Americas in New York
04/07/2008 World Health Day targets human effects of climate change
04/04/2008 Martin Luther King’s dream lives on 40 years after his death
04/04/2008 U.S. funding helps fight one of the “worst forms of child labor”
04/04/2008 Killing of journalists threatens global press freedom
04/03/2008 iPod and Podcasting in Education
04/02/2008 U.S. sees Uruguay as “Safe” country for investments (Newspaper interview with under secretary Christopher Padilla)
04/01/2008 U.S. officials show leadership at the Americas Innovation Forum
04/01/2008 Under Secretary of Commerce Christopher Padilla Visits Uruguay
04/01/2008 Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption enters into force
04/01/2008 Latina women expand political involvement in the United States
March 2008
03/28/2008 English teaching assistants ready to work and study in Uruguay
03/27/2008 Teen rockers reap benefits of online copyright protections
03/27/2008 Business experts call for intellectual property protection
03/27/2008 Main religious affiliations in the United States
03/26/2008 U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte visits Uruguay
03/25/2008 Wildwood students to work with Uruguayan school children
03/24/2008 Right to dissent a cherished American freedom
03/24/2008 Ambassador Baxter hosts Easter Egg Hunt
03/22/2008 Presidential Message for Easter
03/18/2008 Information Builders CEO Gerald Cohen visits Uruguay
03/18/2008 Speech by president Bush to U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
03/17/2008 Secretary Rice comments on regional issues, including Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia
03/17/2008 Rugby team from California visits Uruguay
03/14/2008 Innovation will safeguard Uruguay’s future (Op-ed by Ambassador Frank E. Baxter)
03/13/2008 Release of report on Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism
03/13/2008 Ambassador Baxter encourages participation in Americas Innovation Forum
03/12/2008 United States honors eight female champions of human rights
03/11/2008 2007 Annual Reports on Human Rights released
03/11/2008 Presidential Proclamation on Women’s History Month, 2008
03/11/2008 Uruguay segment of the 2007 Country Reports on Human Rights
03/10/2008 Ambassador Baxter enjoys visit to Patria Gaucha Festival in Tacuarembo
03/10/2008 The path to the 2008 presidential nomination
03/10/2008 State’s Shannon remarks at House Hearing on the Americas
03/07/2008 Children with facial deformities aided by volunteer group
03/05/2008 First language immersion camp for English teachers
03/05/2008 Trafficking, health top U.S. agenda at meeting on women’s status
03/04/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits site for new airport facility in Montevideo
03/03/2008 Women’s history, accomplishments celebrated every March
03/03/2008 Rice looks at U.S. diplomacy in the 21st century
03/03/2008 Uruguay segment of the 2008 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
03/03/2008 Release of International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
February 2008
02/29/2008 Secrets of innovation
02/29/2008 Remarks by president Bush on free trade agreements
02/28/2008 President Bush's press conference
02/28/2008 Cuba: neither changes nor democracy seen in near future [Radio interview with professor Javier Corrales]
02/28/2008 “Cow Power” program converts animal waste into electricity
02/28/2008 Washington International Renewable Energy Conference
02/27/2008 Ambassador Baxter attends British Ambassador's farewell reception
02/26/2008 2009 Ford Motor Company International Fellowship
02/26/2008 International partners create database for renewable energy
02/26/2008 Celebrated editor Ben Bradlee says newspapers here to stay
02/25/2008 Drastic decrease predicted in number of major U.S. newspapers
02/25/2008 Rice urges Cuban government to begin a process of peaceful, democratic change
02/21/2008 U.S. Elections: “There is Tremendous Interest” [Radio interview with professor Javier Corrales]
02/20/2008 New Deputy Chief of Mission Robin Matthewman assumes post
02/20/2008 United States ready to help Cubans realize liberty, Bush says
02/19/2008 Uruguay Must “Open Itself to the World and Not Just to the Region” (Ambassador Baxter's interview with Busqueda)
02/19/2008 Youth Ambassadors from Latin America explore the United States
02/19/2008 Humanitarian aid key component of Navy’s new maritime strategy
02/14/2008 Strong motivation evident at the polls in Potomac primaries
02/14/2008 Minnesota steps up development of renewable energy technologies
02/14/2008 Secretary Rice discusses foreign aid, departmental changes, Iraq, Afghanistan
02/12/2008 Microsoft founder urges "creative capitalism" to fight poverty
02/12/2008 Videos show al-Qaida in Iraq recruiting children for terrorism
02/11/2008 Ambassador Baxter pleased to see Santa Catalina clinic "up and running"
02/11/2008 Ambassador Baxter visits Uruguay's national soccer team
02/11/2008 Programs help child soldiers return home
02/11/2008 Bangladeshi American is first Muslim Chaplain in Marine Corps
02/07/2008 Bush submits U.S. Budget for Fiscal Year 2009
02/06/2008 No presidential nominees after 24 states vote on Super Tuesday
02/06/2008 Youth Ambassadors meet State's Shannon during Washington visit
02/04/2008 Passage of high-stakes U.S. trade deals likely in 2008
02/01/2008 National Wear Red Day: Mrs. Bush's Radio Address to the Nation on American Heart Month
02/01/2008 Presidential Proclamation on National African American History Month
January 2008
01/30/2008 Increases to U.S. passport fees
01/30/2008 Innovative use of online networks transforming society
01/30/2008 University channels on YouTube offer educational videos
01/30/2008 Freest economies most likely to generate development, prosperity
01/29/2008 President Bush delivers State of the Union Address
01/28/2008 Innovation transfers benefit public and private sectors
01/24/2008 Candidates for Study of the U.S. Institute to begin program
01/24/2008 Trafficking in Persons: U.S. Policy and Issues for Congress
01/24/2008 Without profits, innovation goes nowhere in corporate world
01/23/2008 Assistant Secretary Shannon's briefing at the Washington Foreign Press Center
01/23/2008 Authors of leading cell biology textbook visit Uruguay
01/18/2008 Ambassador Baxter welcomes U.S. tourists to Uruguay
01/18/2008 Presidential Proclamation for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01/18/2008 Terrorist group list highlights why terrorism is unacceptable
01/18/2008 Nongovernmental group making personal philanthropy easy
01/17/2008 Youth Ambassadors prepare for U.S. trip
01/17/2008 2008 Maria Moors Cabot Journalism Awards: call for nominations
01/16/2008 Presidential Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day 2008
01/16/2008 Ambassador and Mrs. Baxter celebrate the new year in Punta del Este
01/11/2008 U.S. Marines deliver toys for tots
01/09/2008 Hillary Clinton, John McCain score victories in New Hampshire
01/07/2008 Venture capital is key to making innovative ideas succeed
01/07/2008 Small business plays a big role in innovation
01/04/2008 United States and international development, partnering for growth
01/04/2008 Voters turn out in record numbers to participate in Iowa caucuses
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