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December 2009
12/31/2009 A Message for the New Year from the President
12/30/2009 U.S. Marines turn donations into Christmas smiles
12/29/2009 Library of Congress puts thousands of historic books online
12/28/2009 U.S. Senate confirms Ambassador Nelson to Uruguay
12/24/2009 Winter celebrations mirror America's diversity
12/23/2009 The foundations for sustainable growth in Latin America
12/22/2009 Building High-Impact Businesses [Endeavor expands through 11 emerging market countries around the world]
12/21/2009 Obama calls climate change accord an important milestone
12/18/2009 Obama’s remarks at Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change
12/18/2009 Clinton’s remarks at U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change
12/16/2009 Clinton says election showed Honduran commitment to democracy
12/15/2009 White House Fact Sheet on Clean Energy Technology Announcements
12/15/2009 Clinton lays out Obama administration agenda on human rights
12/14/2009 Clinton urges strengthened democratic institutions in Americas
12/14/2009 Joint Argentina-Uruguay Visit USA Committee launched
12/14/2009 DIPLOMACY BRIEFING: Issues and Challenges of U.S. Relations With Latin America
12/14/2009 FACT SHEET: U.S., Western Hemisphere: Partnership and Shared Responsibility
12/11/2009 Special briefing by Assistant Secretary of State Arturo A. Valenzuela
12/11/2009 Assistant Secretary Arturo Valenzuela to visit Uruguay
12/10/2009 Obama’s acceptance of Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo
12/10/2009 Launching of the Frank and Kathy Baxter Science Corner
12/08/2009 Public Diplomacy web contest open to international, U.S. students
12/07/2009 Buzz Aldrin to participate in video conference with young Uruguayans
12/02/2009 Administration's strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan
12/02/2009 Obama addresses Afghanistan strategy
November 2009
11/30/2009 Clinton cites AIDS as defining health challenge of today
11/30/2009 Honduran elections “necessary but not sufficient,” U.S. says
11/30/2009 Statement on the Uruguayan elections
11/30/2009 Briefing on the Honduran Elections by Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Arturo Valenzuela
11/30/2009 Honduran Election - Statement by State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly
11/30/2009 Presidential Proclamation on World AIDS Day
11/25/2009 Thanksgiving Day a time for reflection, gratitude, sharing
11/25/2009 Global campaign to end violence against women begins
11/24/2009 State Department launches second annual ExchangesConnect Video Contest
11/20/2009 U.S. pledges $3.5 billion to spur agriculture-led economic growth
11/20/2009 Clinton sees Copenhagen climate conference as steppingstone
11/20/2009 Global partnerships speed climate change technology development
11/20/2009 International collaboration key to mitigating climate change
11/16/2009 New Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
11/15/2009 Global Entrepreneurship Week: Unleashing the entrepreneurial energy of the young
11/14/2009 Veterans Day commemoration
11/12/2009 Webchat with Youth Ambassadors
11/11/2009 Veterans Day and the Navajo Code Talkers
11/10/2009 On Veterans Day we honor all who served
11/10/2009 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
11/06/2009 Latin American women entrepreneurs get business development help
11/06/2009 United States bolsters environmental expertise in Latin America
11/05/2009 2010 Youth Ambassador Program announced
11/04/2009 Secretary Clinton endorses Global Entrepreneurship Week
11/03/2009 Secretary Clinton’s address to Sixth Forum for the Future
11/03/2009 Second Annual Democracy Video Challenge
October 2009
10/30/2009 Signing of the U.S.-Colombia Defense Cooperation Agreement
10/30/2009 Secretary Clinton's remarks: Breakthrough in Honduras
10/30/2009 Ambassador Rice’s remarks on U.N. resolution on Cuba
10/29/2009 Pathways envoys inspire women entrepreneurs
10/29/2009 Education, economic opportunity help curb violence against women
10/28/2009 Press freedom group releases annual country rankings
10/27/2009 Freedom of speech and religion must be balanced, Clinton says
10/26/2009 State Department releases International Religious Freedom Report
10/26/2009 Uruguay Segment of 2009 International Religious Freedom Report
10/23/2009 Secretary Clinton at the United States Institute of Peace
10/23/2009 Clinton at Pathways to Prosperity Women Entrepreneurs Conference
10/22/2009 2010 Global Undergraduate Exchange Program
10/21/2009 TOMS Shoes donates one pair of shoes for every pair purchased
10/20/2009 Gates Foundation announces $120 million in grants for agriculture
10/16/2009 Secretary Clinton's statement on World Food Day
10/16/2009 A New Approach to Global Food Security and Hunger (Op-Ed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State)
10/15/2009 Diversity Visa Lottery for 2011 is open until November 30
10/14/2009 Emergency Operations centers inaugurated in Salto and Paysandu
10/09/2009 Nobel Committee awards Peace Prize to President Obama
10/08/2009 David D. Nelson, nominee for Ambassador to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay
10/07/2009 Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Women Entrepreneurs Conference
10/01/2009 2011 Diversity Visa Lottery Program registration begins October 2
10/01/2009 United States and four Latin American countries partner to battle cancer
10/01/2009 "Doors to Diplomacy" 2010 Web project competition
10/01/2009 Agreement on Colombian bases does not increase U.S. presence
10/01/2009 Clinton hails U.N. resolution to protect women against violence
10/01/2009 Third Americas Competitiveness Forum held in Chile
September 2009
09/30/2009 United States calls for restoration of Honduran civil liberties
09/28/2009 U.N. conference calls for sustainable farming to end hunger
09/28/2009 U.S. launches multibillion-dollar effort to fight global hunger
09/24/2009 Economic forum set for Chile
09/24/2009 Winners of Independence Day video contest announced
09/23/2009 Obama challenges United Nations to “new era of engagement”
09/23/2009 President Obama’s address to U.N. General Assembly
09/23/2009 Inter-American network fights region’s poverty, social inequality
09/23/2009 President Obama’s remarks at U.N. Climate Change Summit
09/16/2009 Secretary Clinton's remarks with Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez
09/16/2009 Embassy officials visit northern Uruguay
09/15/2009 Study of the United States Institute for Student Leaders Program 2010
09/12/2009 Chargé Matthewman hosts Interfaith Service Day
09/11/2009 Secretary Clinton's remarks at National Day of Service and Remembrance
09/11/2009 Patriot Day and National Day of Remembrance and Service
09/10/2009 Chargé Matthewman visits Paysandu
09/09/2009 2010 Gus Hart Visiting Fellowship
09/08/2009 World Climate Conference launches global climate services effort
August 2009
08/31/2009 Senate’s liberal lion mourned by political friends and foes
08/28/2009 Media counsel will discuss Obama’s impact on Latin America
08/26/2009 Senator Edward Kennedy dies at age 77
08/26/2009 Chargé Matthewman visits the city of Melo
08/25/2009 Message by Secretary Clinton on Uruguayan Independence Day
08/19/2009 Statement by Secretary Clinton on World Humanitarian Day
08/19/2009 U.S.-Colombia Defense Cooperation Agreement
08/14/2009 Animation artist Manuel Cuchilla conducts workshop in Montevideo
08/12/2009 United States taking broader approach against violent extremism
08/12/2009 Human rights group embraces social media via “The Hub”
08/07/2009 Environmental Video Contest winner announced
08/07/2009 Sotomayor confirmed as newest U.S. Supreme Court Justice
08/04/2009 Less driving, better vehicles: keys to energy, climate causes
08/03/2009 English Immersion Winter Camp for elementary school teachers
08/03/2009 Q & A session with Democracy Video Challenge finalist Anna Israel
08/03/2009 American women's group donates mammogram machine to Uruguayan hospital
July 2009
07/31/2009 E-Teacher Scholarship Program
07/30/2009 Independence Day video contest
07/23/2009 Conductor Alfred Savia visits Montevideo
07/22/2009 Apollo 11: From the Earth to the Moon
07/22/2009 Change specialist will discuss entrepreneurship in the Americas
07/22/2009 Democracy Video Challenge winners will discuss their films
07/18/2009 President Obama's remarks at NAACP convention
07/17/2009 Webchat with astronaut Marsha Ivins
07/15/2009 Speech by Secretary Clinton at the Council on Foreign Relations
07/13/2009 Obama: Ghana shows democracy can thrive in Africa
07/11/2009 President Obama's speech in Ghana
07/10/2009 G8 leaders urge economic action to prevent deeper social crisis
07/06/2009 Fourth of July celebrations
07/04/2009 CDA Matthewman lays wreath at the monument of General Jose Artigas
07/04/2009 Secretary Clinton's 4th of July video message
07/03/2009 President Obama’s Fourth of July message
June 2009
06/30/2009 Military coup in Honduras reminiscent of “dark past,” Obama says
06/26/2009 The Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra in Montevideo
06/26/2009 Montevideana conference
06/23/2009 President Obama addresses the situation in Iran
06/22/2009 U.S. regions experiencing climate change effects now, report says
06/22/2009 Kennedy Center honors Ellis Marsalis, jazz master and educator
06/16/2009 Annual Trafficking in Persons Report released
06/16/2009 Winners of Democracy Video Challenge
06/15/2009 State Dept. to announce winners of Democracy Video Challenge
06/12/2009 Freedom of information is bedrock of free and open societies
06/12/2009 Environmental video contest
06/10/2009 Youth science website builds international ties
06/10/2009 Jazz presentation at BNC's Teatro Alianza
06/08/2009 Regional specialist will discuss Obama and Latin America
06/05/2009 World Environment Day
06/05/2009 United States welcomes OAS resolution on Cuba
06/04/2009 Remarks by President Barack Obama: A New Beginning
06/03/2009 The President's speech from Cairo streamed live
06/02/2009 Obama seeks enhanced engagement with the Middle East, Europe
06/01/2009 Secretary Clinton's remarks at Pathways to Prosperity Ministerial
06/01/2009 U.S. pursues campaign to promote cybersecurity awareness, digital literacy
06/01/2009 President Obama to speak to Muslim world from Cairo June 4
May 2009
05/30/2009 Chargé Matthewman hosts Innovation Forum reception
05/29/2009 Obama administration breaks new ground on the Internet
05/29/2009 Congressional staffer visits Alianza Binational Center in Montevideo
05/29/2009 Delivering on Change: Foreign Policy
05/28/2009 President Obama announces more ambassadorial nominations
05/27/2009 Memorial Day commemoration
05/26/2009 Obama picks Sonia Sotomayor to serve on U.S. Supreme Court
05/22/2009 Chargé Matthewman visits the city of Fray Bentos
05/21/2009 Speech by President Obama on protecting U.S. security, values
05/20/2009 Chargé Matthewman visits Artigas
05/15/2009 Democracy Video Challenge finalists announced: public voting begins
05/15/2009 Clinton’s remarks on global engagement and citizen diplomacy
05/14/2009 Statement by Assistant Secretary-Designate Jeffrey Feltman
05/14/2009 Opening statement by Under Secretary-Designate Judith McHale
05/13/2009 Secretary Clinton's remarks at 39th Washington Conference of the Council of the Americas
05/13/2009 U.S. seeking improved relations with Western Hemisphere nations
05/13/2009 United States wins seat on U.N. Human Rights Council
05/12/2009 Films highlight hundreds of definitions of democracy
05/08/2009 Remarks by President Obama at Latino town hall on H1N1 virus
05/08/2009 Scientists learn more about H1N1 flu; critical questions remain
05/07/2009 New U.S. potato varieties introduced at seminar
05/07/2009 Obama proposes massive global health strategy
05/05/2009 Alternative financial services attract immigrants
05/05/2009 Democratic policing essential to protect individual liberties
05/04/2009 Preparation for avian flu helps nations fight H1N1 pandemic
05/02/2009 Attacking journalists hurts all society, democracy advocates say
05/02/2009 Statement by president Obama to mark World Press Freedom Day
05/02/2009 Climate change “clear and present danger,” secretary Clinton says
05/01/2009 Terrorist attacks fell 18 percent in 2008, report says
05/01/2009 2008 Country Reports on Terrorism
05/01/2009 Key to Obama foreign policy is expanded global engagement
05/01/2009 Obama marks his first 100 days
April 2009
04/29/2009 Obama to seek record levels of research investment
04/28/2009 U.S. commitment to research, innovation and education
04/28/2009 United States supports free, independent, sovereign Lebanon
04/28/2009 World Bank calls for action to prevent global catastrophe
04/28/2009 Youth Ambassadors discuss global challenges
04/28/2009 Swine flu outbreaks mobilize international public health effort
04/27/2009 White House press briefing on swine influenza
04/27/2009 Washington hosts climate change talks with 17 nations
04/24/2009 Statement on World Intellectual Property Day 2009
04/24/2009 United States will push for increased trade liberalization
04/24/2009 Clinton discusses wide-ranging U.S. diplomatic agenda
04/24/2009 National Security Through Diplomacy (Remarks by Secretary Clinton)
04/23/2009 Antarctic Treaty nations tackle tourism, protect native species
04/23/2009 World Digital Library offers cultural treasures from around globe
04/23/2009 International Monetary Fund sees global economic decline in 2009
04/23/2009 A nation of volunteers enters a new era of service
04/22/2009 Proclamation by President Obama on Earth Day
04/22/2009 U.S. launches new Microfinance Growth Fund for Western Hemisphere
04/22/2009 Clinton calls for unity in the Americas
04/22/2009 USNS Comfort starts second humanitarian mission to Caribbean
04/21/2009 Obama says U.S., Cuba taking critical steps toward a new day
04/21/2009 Greenhouse gas cuts now could lessen climate change effects
04/20/2009 Embassy staff give local orphanage a facelift
04/20/2009 Obama praises constructive talks at Summit of the Americas
04/18/2009 President Obama's remarks at opening of Summit of the Americas
04/17/2009 Secretary Clinton's remarks at Digital Town Hall of the Americas
04/17/2009 Clinton remarks with Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez
04/17/2009 Obama supports an inter-American arms treaty
04/16/2009 Digital Town Hall of the Americas
04/16/2009 Obama administration seeks greater involvement with U.N.
04/16/2009 Presidential Proclamation for 2009 Pan American Day, Week
04/14/2009 Obama heads to Mexico, Summit of the Americas April 16–19
04/14/2009 Youth Ambassadors will discuss global challenges
04/14/2009 Clinton travels to Caribbean to attend Summit of the Americas
04/14/2009 Secretary Clinton to conduct Digital Town Hall of the Americas
04/14/2009 Obama to allow more travel, money transfers to Cuba
04/14/2009 U.S. electric system begins long transformation to a smart grid
04/13/2009 Summit aims to advance prosperity in Americas
04/08/2009 Economic crisis top item on Summit of the Americas agenda
04/08/2009 Briefing by Ambassador Davidow on upcoming Summit of the Americas
04/06/2009 Secretary Clinton remarks at 50th Anniversary of Antarctic Treaty
04/06/2009 United States hosts 32nd meeting of Antarctic Treaty nations
04/06/2009 Secretary Clinton remarks with Uruguayan Foreign Minister
04/06/2009 United States to seek membership on U.N. Human Rights Council
04/03/2009 Doubling financial resources for agricultural development
04/03/2009 President Obama’s press conference after G20 meeting in London
04/03/2009 Obama calls G20 Summit a turning point for recovery
04/01/2009 United States official development assistance increases worldwide
04/01/2009 Volunteerism brings Wildwood students to Uruguay
March 2009
03/31/2009 United States seeks collaborative solution to financial crisis
03/30/2009 Biden on a New Day for Partnership in the Americas
03/27/2009 Remarks by President Obama at online town hall meeting
03/27/2009 U.S. Embassy Montevideo hosts video conference on Antarctic research
03/25/2009 Obama news conference on U.S. economy
03/25/2009 USDA implements Lacey Act plant and plant product declaration requirement
03/24/2009 World TB Day highlights work of international partnerships
03/24/2009 Op-ed by President Obama on global economic cooperation
03/24/2009 U.S. Navy carries filters to Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ghana
03/23/2009 “Planetary Skin” tool aims to improve response to climate change
03/20/2009 President Obama interview on NBC's Tonight Show
03/20/2009 Remarks by President Obama in celebration of Nowruz
03/20/2009 Stabilizing Afghanistan common challenge for America and Iran
03/20/2009 U.S. Central Bank moves to pump up economy
03/19/2009 Is the United States headed toward a new Great Depression?
03/18/2009 United States to participate in World Water Forum
03/18/2009 U.S. companies focus on extracting oil from algae
03/18/2009 World TB Day is March 24
03/18/2009 State announces winners of global online video contest
03/17/2009 U.S. institute helps developing nations put climate data to use
03/17/2009 New Guantánamo detainee policy rooted in international law
03/16/2009 Clinton, First Lady salute Women of Courage awardees
03/14/2009 Vice President Biden travels to Latin America March 27–30
03/13/2009 U.N. secretary-general says violence against women must stop
03/13/2009 U.S.-supported foreign broadcasting adapts to digital age
03/13/2009 12 Fulbright scholarships awarded to Uruguayan students and educators
03/12/2009 Economy seen as overarching issue for Americas Summit
03/12/2009 Summit of the Americas expected to focus on economic crisis
03/11/2009 Obama's new media campaign director visits Uruguay
03/11/2009 President Obama's address on education
03/09/2009 Obama lifts ban on government-funded stem cell research
03/09/2009 Statement by President Obama on International Women’s Day
03/09/2009 United States recognizes women of courage
03/08/2009 Secretary Clinton's Op-Ed Celebrating International Women's Day
03/08/2009 Statement by Secretary Clinton on International Women’s Day
03/04/2009 Peace Corps volunteers stories online
03/03/2009 Presidential Proclamation on Women’s History Month
03/03/2009 Singer/composer Stevie Wonder honored at White House ceremony
03/01/2009 U.S. celebrates women’s contributions to the world every March
February 2009
02/28/2009 Democracy Video Challenge: you select the winners
02/27/2009 Illegal drug trade takes lives, ruins societies
02/27/2009 Uruguay segment of the 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
02/27/2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report released
02/27/2009 Obama submits U.S. Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2010
02/27/2009 Human rights report sees worldwide demand for greater freedom
02/26/2009 Record number of farmers growing biotech crops
02/26/2009 Language-immersion program focuses on teaching through play
02/26/2009 Youth worldwide join in call to stop use of child soldiers
02/25/2009 Uruguay segment of the 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights
02/25/2009 State Department releases 2008 Human Rights Reports
02/25/2009 Obama administration imposes tough lobbying restrictions
02/25/2009 Remittances bring hope to many Latin American families
02/25/2009 President Obama’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress
02/19/2009 Local business delegation to attend Graphics of the Americas Show in Miami
02/18/2009 Abraham Lincoln and the World (Op-Ed by U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, Robin Matthewman)
02/15/2009 Americans celebrate Presidents' Day
02/14/2009 Abraham Lincoln “made my own story possible,” Obama says
02/12/2009 U.S. Government donates equipment and supplies for dental health program in Uruguay
02/11/2009 Website contest welcomes American, international students
02/11/2009 U.S. agencies plan National Climate Service structure, products
02/10/2009 President Obama's first prime-time press conference
02/09/2009 University partnership aims to fight HIV/AIDS more effectively
02/07/2009 Secretary Clinton addresses town hall meeting
02/07/2009 Navy ships offer training, deliver supplies to the Americas
02/06/2009 National Wear Red Day
02/04/2009 World Cancer Day targets growing burden of disease
02/03/2009 House passes economic bill with huge boost for education
January 2009
01/30/2009 Black History Month honors legacy of struggle and triumph
01/28/2009 Obama speaks to Muslim world on Arabic TV
01/28/2009 Secretary Clinton’s remarks with reporters on U.S. foreign policy
01/28/2009 Obama makes climate change a national priority
01/28/2009 Restrictions lifted on U.S. funding of family planning services
01/28/2009 Immigration and entrepreneurship will be focus of Webchat
01/28/2009 Immigration and entrepreneurship will be focus of Webchat
01/23/2009 Challenges ahead for New White House Web team
01/23/2009 U.S. foreign policy shifts with lightning-like speed
01/22/2009 Obama orders Guantánamo shut down
01/22/2009 Secretary Clinton’s remarks to State Department employees
01/22/2009 Senate confirms group of Obama’s Cabinet picks
01/22/2009 Uruguayan Young Political Leaders travel to the U.S.
01/21/2009 Obama’s inauguration evokes global celebration
01/21/2009 Crowds pack Washington for Obama’s inauguration
01/20/2009 President Obama’s Inaugural Address
01/20/2009 Barack Obama becomes 44th President of the United States
01/20/2009 Americans heed Barack Obama’s call to service
01/19/2009 Martin Luther King's dream of racial equality
01/18/2009 Washington prepares to host record-sized inaugural crowd
01/18/2009 Americans urged to do volunteer work on Martin Luther King Day
01/18/2009 Americans urged to do volunteer work on Martin Luther King Day
01/16/2009 Religious Freedom Day marks American tradition of good will
01/15/2009 Ambassador Frank Baxter's message on his departure from Uruguay
01/14/2009 Chat with Ambassador Baxter
01/14/2009 Presidential Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day, 2009
01/13/2009 Bush’s successful HIV/AIDS program looks to next five years
01/12/2009 U.S. donates firefighting equipment to Uruguayan Air Force
01/12/2009 President Bush, ex-Presidents welcome President-elect Obama to the White House
01/08/2009 Road to the White House: transition to the Obama administration
01/07/2009 Obama inauguration will honor black Civil War volunteers
01/07/2009 United States proposes three elements in a Gaza cease-fire plan
01/05/2009 United States leading diplomatic efforts for a meaningful cease-fire in Gaza
01/05/2009 ESTA authorization required for all Visa Waiver Program countries beginning January 12
01/05/2009 Alaskans celebrate 50 years of statehood
01/02/2009 Filmmaker, economist to chair Democracy Video Challenge competition
01/02/2009 Presidential Message on New Year’s Day

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