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December 2010
12/15/2010 Ambassador Holbrooke Remembered as Diplomat and Statesman
12/14/2010 COP-16 Renews Hope for Global Climate Treaty
12/14/2010 Statement of Administration Policy on the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM)
12/13/2010 Release of the 2010 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom
12/09/2010 “Watergate” Reporter Stresses Patience, Accuracy, Fact-Gathering
12/09/2010 Free Press Essential to Democracy, Latin American Journalists Say
12/06/2010 New Explosives Detection Training Underscores Interoperability
12/06/2010 Top Navy Dog Handlers Share Latest Training Methods with Uruguayan Peacekeepers
November 2010
11/29/2010 Secretary Clinton on Wikileaks’ Release of Confidential Documents
11/29/2010 White House on Wikileaks’ Disclosure of Classified Documents
11/29/2010 Cancún Climate Summit Can Yield Successes, U.S. Negotiator Says
11/23/2010 Proclamation by President Obama on Thanksgiving Day 2010
11/16/2010 Readout of the President's Meeting with Representatives of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus
11/15/2010 "Postcards from Home" Photo Contest
11/15/2010 U.S. Announcement on Fourth Americas Competitiveness Forum
11/10/2010 Assistant Secretary Valenzuela's Visit to Uruguay
11/09/2010 No Major Foreign Policy Shift After U.S. Midterm Election
11/09/2010 United States Examines Its Own Human Rights Record
11/05/2010 Midterms Show Voters Still Worried About Economy, Obama Says
11/05/2010 Midterm Elections Reduce but Retain Democratic Majority in Senate
11/04/2010 U.S. Honors American Indians, Alaska Natives
11/04/2010 State Department's Program Welcomes Foreign Journalists
October 2010
10/28/2010 U.S. Committing $44 Million to Women’s Empowerment Initiatives
10/27/2010 Midterm Elections Determine Control of U.S. Congress
10/27/2010 Democracy in Latin America: a Focus on Challenges Ahead
10/25/2010 2011 SUSI Program for Scholars and Secondary Educators
10/19/2010 2011 “Doors to Diplomacy” Web Competition for Students
10/19/2010 Americas Competitiveness Forum 2010
10/19/2010 U.S. Dengue Virus Discovery Might Lead to New Treatments
10/15/2010 World Food Day Marks Its 30th Year of Fighting Hunger
10/08/2010 Clinton: Mobile Phone Access Key to Opportunity for Women
10/08/2010 United States Committed to 2020 Emissions Target
10/04/2010 U.S. Trade Policy Extremely Open, World Trade Organization Finds
10/04/2010 U.S. Lawmakers, Officials Focus on Human Trafficking
September 2010
09/30/2010 Diversity Visa Lottery Aims to Widen U.S. Immigrant Pool
09/24/2010 President Obama’s Global Development Policy
09/24/2010 President Obama’s Address to U.N. General Assembly
09/24/2010 Obama Promotes Middle East Peace in U.N. Address
August 2010
08/05/2010 Cell Phone Technology Can Empower the World's Poorest
July 2010
07/30/2010 Tech@State workshop: Mobile Money & Financial Inclusion
07/29/2010 AIDS 2010 calls for resources, ends with strong science findings
07/27/2010 U.S. government bets on electric cars
07/27/2010 Feed the Future: A U.S. commitment against poverty and hunger
07/27/2010 Climate collaboration in the Americas deepens
07/26/2010 Americans with Disabilities Act turns 20
07/23/2010 Ambassador Nelson visits Schreiber Foods' newest investment in Uruguay
07/20/2010 Foosball Challenge adds new "spin" to diplomacy
07/19/2010 Clean Energy Ministerial to help accelerate green economy
07/16/2010 Obama offers redoubled U.S. support for Africa against terror
07/16/2010 U.S. says attacks in Uganda are “real concern”
07/16/2010 In Haiti, U.S. works to improve lives, livelihoods
07/13/2010 Photographers challenged to capture the meaning of democracy
07/13/2010 U.S. condemns “cowardly” bomb attacks in Uganda
07/12/2010 SportsUnited programs engage youths worldwide
07/09/2010 Clinton: release of Cuban political prisoners a positive sign
07/08/2010 State Department using Meetup to tap tech expertise
07/07/2010 Update on United States’ response to the Haiti earthquake
07/03/2010 Fourth of July 2010 - Celebrating Independence Day
07/02/2010 President Obama’s speech on comprehensive immigration reform
07/02/2010 Obama calls for comprehensive immigration reform
June 2010
06/30/2010 Democracy makes unprecedented gains in Latin America
06/30/2010 U.S. Independence Day a civic and social event
06/29/2010 Message by Secretary Clinton on the passing of Senator Byrd
06/28/2010 Message by Secretary Clinton on America’s Independence Day
06/22/2010 Online voters select winners of Second Democracy Video Challenge
06/18/2010 Brave individuals cast a spotlight on human trafficking
06/17/2010 U.N. rights body rebukes Iran on human rights
06/16/2010 Children exploited for cheap labor worldwide
06/16/2010 More women ensnared in human slavery
06/16/2010 Trafficking in Persons: Ten Years of Partnering to Combat Modern Slavery
06/16/2010 President Obama’s address to the nation on BP oil spill
06/14/2010 Secretary Clinton announces the release of the 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report
06/14/2010 Rollout of 2010 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report
06/14/2010 Flag Day: The Birthday of the Stars and Stripes
06/11/2010 Soccer more than just a sport, groups say
06/10/2010 Catching and convicting human traffickers still a tough job
06/09/2010 Secretary Clinton’s policy address on Opportunity in the Americas
06/08/2010 Clinton calls for reforms at OAS meeting in Peru
06/08/2010 Secretary Clinton’s speech to the OAS General Assembly in Peru
06/07/2010 Secretary Clinton travels to South America, Caribbean
06/04/2010 Secretary Clinton travels to Latin America June 6–10
May 2010
05/31/2010 Memorial Day holiday honors American war dead
05/28/2010 Obama seeks security through peace, cooperation
05/26/2010 Secretary Clinton’s message on Argentina’s 200th National Day
05/20/2010 Michelle Obama welcomes her Mexican counterpart to Washington
05/20/2010 Joint statement by President Obama and Mexican President Calderón
05/19/2010 Major powers agree on Iran sanctions
05/13/2010 Clinton: Americas’ focus is on trade, security, inequality
05/12/2010 40th Washington Conference on the Americas: Secretary Hillary Clinton's remarks
05/12/2010 Clinton pledges long-term U.S. commitment to Afghanistan
05/11/2010 Ambassador Nelson visits Cristalpet
05/05/2010 United States reveals size of nuclear arsenal
April 2010
04/28/2010 Obama summit boosts spirit of entrepreneurs
04/28/2010 Entrepreneurs share aspirations, experiences at Obama summit
04/28/2010 Secretary Clinton's remarks at Summit on Entrepreneurship
04/28/2010 President Obama’s remarks at Summit on Entrepreneurship
04/21/2010 New design for the $100 note unveiled
04/20/2010 What is Earth Day?
04/20/2010 Statement by Secretary Clinton to mark the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
04/20/2010 Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship
04/20/2010 The Americas move forward on clean energy
04/16/2010 Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) ministerial meeting
04/15/2010 Preview of the Energy and Climate Ministerial of the Americas
04/15/2010 Summit achieves commitments to prevent nuclear terror
04/14/2010 Global leaders endorse securing of all nuclear material by 2014
04/14/2010 President Obamas's closing remarks at nuclear summit press conference
04/13/2010 U.S.- Brazil Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA)
04/13/2010 President Obama’s opening remarks at Nuclear Security Summit
04/13/2010 Energy ministers meet to partner on climate change
04/13/2010 Analysis: U.S. Nuclear Strategy Redefines Deterrence
04/12/2010 Obama Proclamation on Pan American Day, Week 2010
04/12/2010 Nuclear Security Summit opens
04/09/2010 U.S., Russia sign new disarmament treaty
04/08/2010 President Obama at New START Treaty Signing Ceremony
04/07/2010 Health Day focuses on helping cities weather climate change
04/06/2010 Obama administration unveils revamped nuclear policy
March 2010
03/31/2010 U.S. offers $1.15 billion for Haitian recovery
03/30/2010 "Year of the Bicentennial" in the Americas
03/29/2010 World forum in Brazil tackles effects of rapid urbanization
03/26/2010 The Advance of Human Rights in the Americas (Blog entry by Ambassador Michael Kozak)
03/26/2010 Obama seeks $2.8 billion for Haiti
03/26/2010 Secretary Clinton at 30th Anniversary of Women’s History Project
03/26/2010 Women's Progress is Human Progress and Human Progress is Women's Progress (Op-Ed by Hillary Rodham Clinton)
03/25/2010 Ambassador and Mrs. Nelson visit the city of Colonia
03/25/2010 Ambassador Nelson visits ExpoActiva Trade Fair in Soriano
03/25/2010 Ambassador Nelson travels to Mercedes
03/24/2010 World Health Organization marks World TB Day
03/24/2010 Uruguayan baked goods manufacturer to invest in U.S. plant
03/24/2010 Carl Vinson partners with Uruguay for Southern Seas 2010
03/23/2010 Under Secretary Otero's Statement on World Water Day
03/23/2010 Secretary Clinton's Remarks on World Water Day
03/23/2010 Dwindling water rises to top U.S. priority
03/23/2010 President Obama donates Nobel Prize money to charity
03/23/2010 Cooperation crucial to Western Hemisphere nations’ success
03/23/2010 U.S. policy toward the Americas in 2010 and beyond (State’s Valenzuela Remarks)
03/18/2010 Ambassador Nelson visits Salto
03/12/2010 Follow the U.S. delegation at the meeting of the CITES Conference of the Parties in Doha
03/12/2010 Obama pledges long-term U.S. commitment to Haiti
03/12/2010 Earthquake in Chile: Resources in English and Spanish
03/11/2010 Briefing on the release of the 2009 Human Rights Report
03/11/2010 Release of the 2009 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
03/11/2010 Uruguay segment of the 2009 Country Reports on Human Rights
03/11/2010 Women of courage honored at State Department
03/10/2010 Secretary Hillary Clinton's remarks with Haitian President Rene Preval
03/08/2010 Statement by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on International Women’s Day
03/05/2010 Remarks by Secretary Clinton at Pathways to Prosperity Meeting
03/03/2010 Haitians receive emergency housing assistance
03/03/2010 Secretary Clinton delivers communications equipment to Chile
03/03/2010 Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton praises Uruguayan transition of power
03/01/2010 Secretary Hillary Clinton remarks with Uruguayan President-elect Jose Mujica
03/01/2010 Secretary Clinton's visit to Uruguay
February 2010
02/28/2010 Secretary Clinton on earthquake in Chile
02/28/2010 President Obama on earthquake in Chile
02/28/2010 U.S. stands with Chile in wake of devastating quake
02/27/2010 State’s Valenzuela briefs on Clinton’s travel to Latin America
02/27/2010 Clinton to expand U.S. engagement with Latin America
02/25/2010 Obama announces Presidential Delegation to Montevideo, Uruguay
02/25/2010 Uruguay inaugurates experimental irradiation facility
02/24/2010 Secretary Clinton travel to Latin America
02/23/2010 Emergency response in Haiti transitions to relief
02/19/2010 Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas (Fact sheet)
02/19/2010 Secretary Clinton on Day of the Women of the Americas
02/19/2010 Nearly 100 nations to reduce emissions under Copenhagen Accord
02/18/2010 USAID chief on Haiti’s humanitarian crisis, one month later
02/17/2010 Language immersion camp for English teachers a big hit
02/17/2010 Proposed consular fee changes
02/12/2010 Ambassador Nelson hosts press conference for Uruguayan media
02/12/2010 Updated USAID Fact Sheet: Response to Haiti Earthquake
02/09/2010 Ambassador Nelson presents credentials
02/02/2010 2011 U.S. budget would increase security and development aid
02/01/2010 Updated USAID Fact Sheet: Response to Haiti Earthquake
02/01/2010 U.S. intensifies efforts to prevent human trafficking in Haiti
02/01/2010 Association with the Copenhagen Accord
02/01/2010 Black History Month honors legacy of struggle and triumph
January 2010
01/29/2010 Honduran leader’s inauguration helps end political turmoil
01/28/2010 President Obama’s State of the Union Address
01/27/2010 Live webcast of the State of the Union Address
01/27/2010 Ambassador David D. Nelson arrives in Uruguay
01/27/2010 USAID Fact Sheet on Haiti disaster assistance
01/25/2010 U.S., other nations coordinating massive relief effort in Haiti
01/25/2010 USAID Fact Sheet: Response to Haiti Earthquake
01/22/2010 Bill Clinton to lead U.N. program on jobs for Haitian youth
01/22/2010 2010 WHA Chief of Missions Conference
01/21/2010 Secretary Clinton remarks on Internet Freedom
01/21/2010 USNS Comfort begins treating Haiti earthquake patients
01/20/2010 Internet Freedom: Secretary Clinton to deliver major policy address
01/19/2010 Military provides humanitarian, security assistance in Haiti
01/19/2010 President Obama honors Martin Luther King's legacy and ideals
01/17/2010 U.S. response to Haiti earthquake
01/17/2010 Hospital ship Comfort sails for Haiti
01/17/2010 Clinton reassures Haitians of U.S. support
01/17/2010 Haiti relief efforts widen amid devastation
01/16/2010 Former U.S. presidents team up for Haiti Relief Fund
01/16/2010 Joint communique of governments of Haiti and the United States
01/15/2010 Americans celebrate achievements of Martin Luther King Jr.
01/15/2010 Air bridge opened at Port-au-Prince airport for relief efforts
01/14/2010 Haiti disaster relief is top U.S. priority right now, Obama says
01/14/2010 Briefing by Secretary Clinton on Haiti earthquake response
01/14/2010 President Obama urges Americans to donate assistance for Haiti
01/14/2010 U.S. search-and-rescue teams are arriving in Haiti
01/13/2010 Message from President Obama on the earthquake in Haiti
01/13/2010 Secretary Clinton's remarks on the situation in Haiti
01/13/2010 United States providing search-and-rescue assistance to Haiti
01/13/2010 Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the earthquake in Haiti
01/13/2010 Statement by President Obama on the earthquake in Haiti
01/11/2010 New USAID chief sees U.S. forging deeper partnerships overseas
01/08/2010 State Dept. launches global “Democracy Is” Twitter Contest
01/08/2010 Obama on National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
01/08/2010 Clinton sees U.S. aid based on “partnership, not patronage”
01/04/2010 Special ceremony welcomes newest U.S. citizens
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