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Vince Alongi
Web Manager / Staff Photographer

Vince Alongi is the Web Manager and Staff Photographer for the U.S. Embassy Montevideo.

Vince graduated from the Canadian Police College in 1991 as a Forensic Photographer and Evidence Technician. He worked for the Ident Section of the Delta Police Department in British Columbia and later embarked on a career as an Internet consultant in the private sector prior to joining the U.S. Foreign Service in August, 2004.

Over the years, he developed a wide variety of photographic interests, including journalism and portraiture, which he continues to study under the tutorship of award-winning photographer David Roberts A.R.P.S.

During his service with the U.S. Embassy Montevideo, he has earned three State Department Meritorious Honor awards for "outstanding service and continued excellence" as well as "innovation in reaching a wider Internet audience," and for producing "memorable photographic images" to help deliver the embassy's message with a "clear and positive view of the USG policies and American culture." He also received a Franklin Award one Superior Honor Award for his work with social media.

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